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Newsletter Volume 5, Issue 11

Starting a New Project 


For a lot of people it is really fun to start a new project. There is the excitement of starting something new and the anticipation of the end product. For some projects we even “get” to purchase supplies.  This newsletter talks about how we might approach new projects. 

Step 1 - Decide if it Makes Sense to Embark on a New Project

•Do you have other projects going on? If so, what will happen to these projects?
•Do you have the time and energy for a new project? If you really want/need to do this project you will be adding commitments to your schedule.  Are there things you can subtract from your schedule?
•Do you have the space to start a new project? Some projects require a place to store items in-between work sessions.
• How will the project impact other people you are close to in terms of your time, energy, focus, and money.  
Once you have considered these questions and have decided to proceed, here are a few more questions to consider.

Step 2 - Take a Bit of Time to Plan

• Do you have a sense of how long this project will take?  If not, ask around or do a bit of research on the internet. 
• Do you already have some of the supplies you might need?  Take a look before buying new ones.
• When will you work on the project?  Do you need to consider childcare?
• How will you stay motivated to continue working on the project once the novelty has worn off or once you hit a difficult patch?  (See below for some ideas.)

Step 3 - Start and Follow Through

• When you work on your project stop before the end of your work session in order to put your supplies away.
• Think through or write in your calendar the next time you will work on the project.
• Check-in with the people around you to see how things are going from their perspective.
• Try and enjoy the process. Take a minute to look at what you are creating. 

Ideas to Help with Motivation when it Wanes

• Work with others even if it isn’t on the same project.
•  Have set times to work.
• Remind yourself of why you doing the project. 
• Take pictures to see your progress. 

Final Thoughts

It is Labor Day Weekend….I wonder how many of you are working on a new project. :)

Good Luck,

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