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For me at this time, given the decentralized nature of the movement, "national consensus" (or international) is perhaps not a useful goal.

However I have a sneaking feeling that such an effort would be 1) useful to learn from 2) potentially empower the movement and 3) further show strength to the "center" (the people that want to have faith in us but are waiting to see something.

I believe a consensus exercise on Goals, non violence code of conduct, etc would be a disaster without a lot of practice at consensus, so...

I propose a simple practice round to start the wheels turning and discover where grease is needed.

It's a little confusing because there is a proposal within the proposal, but I know you can figure it out!

Please consider commenting on the proposed process of facilitating national (international) consensus by posting to

i volunteer to act as clerk (facilitator) of the discussion about the Practicing International Consensus proposal and the Gift Giving Day proposal... read on!

[DRAFT, consent, concerns, stand asides, blocks to:]

A Proposal Regarding Practicing International Consensus

Whereas, the Occupy movement is decentralized, with local organizing practicing direct and representative democracy through general assemblies and other forms, and
Whereas, the Occupy movement has shown interconnectedness through organic manifestation of various regional, national, and international communication, and
Whereas, there is power in numbers, an injury to one is an injury to all, and local Occupy groups benefit from support by other groups, and
Whereas, the reliability of the interconnecting systems is unknown and in early development, and
Whereas, the ability to coordinate inter-occupy actions shows tremendous coordination and power,

Proposed is a test of the Occupy movement's discipline and coordination by develop international consensus on a simple statement. To wit:

1) A "proposal clerk" will volunteer to facilitate the process for the single "test proposal", or a team of clerks.
A mail list will be set up (for now a google group or mail chimp list) for the purpose of handling concerns and blocks.

2) Each "local group liaison" will receive a request to read "the test proposal" to the local GA and report back consent if consent is to be had.
The "local group liaison" will also provide instructions for people with concerns or blocks to voice them on the established forum. Local groups will support all participants with the technical assistance to be heard in the discussion.

3) Concerns are addressed by the proposal authors or others who have joined the discussion. Blocks are "worked with" (needs work). Distractors, trolls, provocateurs are also "worked with". As concerns are addressed, and the proposal is re-written, the person with the concern brings the new proposal back to their local group for consensus. If new proposals are generated, this process is replicated for the new proposal.

4) When the time comes that all concerns are addressed, and there are no blocks to the proposal, the proposal becomes an Act.

5) The proposal that has the consensus of all Occupy movements that participated in this process are published along with a roster of consenting groups and the date of publication.

The test proposal, which, once were generally in agreement that we'd like to try this process, will go to all the local GAs we can reach:

[DRAFT proposal, for consensus through GAs hearing the proposal, discussion process, etc comments to: ]

An International Proposal for Sharing Gifts on December 21, 2011

Whereas, the solstice season is a traditional time of gift giving for many cultures, and
Whereas, many people enjoy generosity and also receiving, and
Whereas, the gift giving practice has been co-opted by corporations for the sake of profit, and
Whereas, tremendous inequities exist in the design, production, shipping, retailing, and consumption of gifts,

Proposed is a gift giving action to be held on December 21, 2011. To wit:

1) Each local group would decide in their own way how to proceed.
2) Groups will commit to sharing video, photos, prose, poetry, song, etc, relevant to this action, through their media to the public, in whatever form the group can support.

To express concerns or blocks please join the discussion through


To express concerns about the Test proposal, discuss at:


brief report from Boulder, a home of long time activism versus the production of plutonium at Rocky Flats,
the electorate passed measure 2H asserting that corporations were not people and did not have the rights of people. passed about 18000 out of 24000...

If anyone can get me onto a list or another forum where inter-group consensus process is being discussed please email me direct


let me know your thoughts,

in solidarity,

Andy Rose, Boulder Colorado

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