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Let's start our 2015 dates with an explanation of the Stepping Stones teaching sequence. The ORIGO Stepping Stones program embeds a unique teaching sequence to help students develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and fluency of skills.


This stage involves the use of concrete materials and pictorial representations. At this first stage, Stepping Stones includes contextual situations to provide meaning.
This stage provides the opportunity to assimilate and internalize the concepts and skills. Pictorial models are used as an additional link between the introductory work and the symbolic.
  This stage aims to develop accuracy and speed of recall. In this stage, a range of different types of written and oral activities is used.  

As the name suggests, this stage extends students’ understanding of the concepts and skills. For example, the "use tens" thinking strategy for multiplication can be extended beyond the number fact range, including computation with decimal fractions.

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