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For centuries dominoes have been used in many cultures as game tiles. They have a greater use from a mathematics education perspective by providing a novel way to develop fundamental skills such as subitising, matching, and sorting. Sight recognition of quantity in a domino arrangement is the first skill developed when using Flare. Click here to view how to use the Domino Setup before getting started and then try running your own activity like Using a Doubles Fact (Activity 05) below.

Q: We're asking students to explore the double-plus-1 strategy (This activity can be adjusted for the double-plus-2 strategy.)
Start by entering the Setup > Domino Size > Large. Open the Custom Domino palette and use the plus or minus symbols to change the number of dots on the ends of the domino to make a double-six domino. Use the hand tool to click-and-drag two double-six dominoes onto the Work Area. Ask: What doubles number fact is shown on each domino? Invite a student to write 6 + 6 = 12.
Use the pencil tool to draw an extra dot on the right-hand end of the domino. Ask: what two numbers are shown on this domino now? How can you use the doubles number fact to figure out the total? (Double 6 then add 1.) Write the statements in a text box in the Work Area and discuss.

Erase the Work Area and use the Custom Domino Palette to create a different double, repeat and discuss the exercise with students several times.
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