No Matter What the Future Holds

The political and social landscape ahead is uncertain for the pro-life community. It seems like many protections that once safeguarded the unborn and their advocates are being stripped away. As these rights are taken, it can be difficult to know what to do to continue caring for mothers during unplanned pregnancies, and for the unborn.

We do not know if we will ever live in a society where abortion is illegal. In the meantime, we strive to make it unthinkable. We want to meet women during an unplanned pregnancy with so much compassion and tangible assistance that they do not give abortion a second thought. We desire to empower women so that they know they have the strength and support to continue their pregnancy. We want to educate women about the development of their unborn baby so that they see the dignity, value, and humanity of the tiny person they are carrying. Most of all, we want to show the love of Christ to each woman who walks through our doors. We want her to know that she is valued and loved.

One of the arguments the pro-abortion community uses against pro-life advocates is that we “do not care about babies once they are born.” Nothing could be further from the truth! Choosing life is just the beginning. We offer support to women that continues for a year after birth, to help provide them with essential baby items and education. Mothers receive referrals to other organizations that can continue supporting their family after they graduate from our program. Another accusation is that pro-life advocates “do not care about the rights of the women.” That is also completely false! We believe that women have the right to fully understand the choices facing them. We believe that women have the right to have the support they need during a pregnancy when they are feeling alone. When a woman walks through our doors, our first goal is to let her know that we are there to support and care for her. We take time to hear her story and listen to her concerns. Once we have learned about her situation, we offer information and resources that will be helpful to her and will offer her hope.

We do not know what the future holds, but no matter what lies ahead of us, we plan to continue to be a safe place for women to consider their pregnancy options. We are here as their cheerleaders when they make a life affirming decision, and we hold out the hope of the gospel to them no matter what direction their lives may take. With your help, we can continue doing that. If you are interested in being a bigger part of the work here, please contact us! We would love to partner with you in this important ministry

Thank you Arlene!

For many years now, Arlene has been a generous supporter of the Center for Pregnancy. Each year for her birthday Arlene has asked her friends to make donations to the Center for Pregnancy. Arlene gathers all these donation together before bringing them in to the Center. We cannot begin to express how much joy it gives us to see her when she walks through our doors. Her faithfulness and sweet spirit is such an encouragement to us. We are so grateful for her and for her example over the years. We also want to wish her a Happy Belated Birthday!

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