“I Fell In Love”

Trisha* was no stranger to motherhood. When she came to the Center for a pregnancy test she brought her toddler with her. She also had older children at home. Trisha loved being a mother, but when asked about her current pregnancy, Trisha stated, “Honestly, I’m thinking about having an abortion.” She explained that this pregnancy was a surprise. She and her boyfriend had started dating not long before. They had discussed started a family together and were looking forward to having children in the future, but when she told him she was pregnant and thinking about having an abortion he told her that was the right decision for this pregnancy. After more consideration, Trisha became unsure about it.

Though she was still leaning towards having an abortion when she came to the Center, she was reconsidering whether or not that would be the best decision. Trisha’s grandmother, whom she was very close to, had recently passed away. As she talked through her loss Trisha said, “I know she would have wanted me to keep this baby.” She then went on to say she had the support of both her immediate and extended family. As she continued talking to her client advocate, Trisha recounted the story of a stillbirth she had experienced. As she talked about the baby she had lost, Trisha said, “I know how hard it was to go through all of that, and if I had an abortion I would be making the choice to go through all that pain again. And if I did, I would be the one who caused it.” Though her relationship with her boyfriend was not good, Trisha did not think it would survive if she had an abortion. She left the Center rethinking what she wanted to do for her pregnancy.

Once an ultrasound appointment was available, Trisha’s client advocate called her to see if she would be interested in coming in, and Trisha immediately booked the appointment.

Trisha’s ultrasound revealed images of her 9 week old baby. She started smiling the moment she saw her baby on the monitor screen. She asked the ultrasound tech many questions, and took a video of her baby’s tiny beating heart.

Trisha left with pictures of her baby, and with joy in her heart. Before she left, she filled out a survey letting us know how she felt. Her words mean so much to us, and we want to share them with you, so that you can be blessed, too! The handwritten portion below was taken from her post-ultrasound survey. We were so grateful for the opportunity to be there for Trisha when she needed our support!

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality

Board Member Spotlight: Joe Schwenk

Joe Schwenk is the pastor of Baybrook Baptist Church, and is the current Chairman of our Board of Directors. Joe has served on the board since November of 2019, but has been involved in supporting the Center for Pregnancy for many years. His first introduction to the Center for Pregnancy came from a church member telling him about our golf marathon fundraiser. Since 2004, he has golfed in the marathon, held baby bottle drives at his church, and led church groups to the Center to help clean and organize. Joe’s heart is for the unborn, and to be an advocate for life. As Proverbs 31:8a says, “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.” Joe and his wife Kelly have two grown children, and recently welcomed their second precious grandchild. We are grateful for their service and love for the Lord!

Thank You Friendswood Rotary Club!

Our Executive Director had the opportunity to speak to the Friendswood Rotary Club this month. The Friendswood Rotarians have partnered with the Center for Pregnancy in many ways over the years; making layettes for clients filled with items for new babies, providing rugs for client rooms to help create a welcoming environment, and giving financial contributions to the work of the ministry. We are incredibly grateful for their ongoing support and we look forward to continuing to partner with them in the years to come!

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