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A little more than four years ago, I began work on the Nightflowers collection after an epiphany I had on a visit to the Amazon. In March, we had a terrific launch at the Architectural Digest show in New York City. We showed the collection to thousands of guests, gave away 600 pounds of postcards and attracted the attention of prestigious galleries and designers who have decided to represent the work. Thanks to you, Nightflowers is a hit!
Listed below are a few happenings I thought might be interesting to you, including a way for you or your friends and colleagues to receive free gifts! Thanks again for supporting my work!

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NY art critic John Mendelsohn writes
about Nightflowers

In “The Intimate Glamour of Flowers,” John Mendelsohn writes about David Leaser’s latest work, Nightflowers. Mendelsohn points out the similarities in Leaser’s work to the 17th century Dutch masters. Here is how the article begins:
Art has always asked us to pay attention to the world in all its darkness and in all its outrageous beauty. David Leaser’s Nightflowers, a series of striking photographs, confronts us with nature at its most flamboyant. He shows us one individual bloom at a time, enormously enlarged. These giclée images, often frontal and centered on 44" square canvases, present themselves as both objective and poetic. They are highly detailed visual records and an artist’s vision of how he apprehends reality.

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Designer Dominic Fusco features
“The Queen;” now a finalist for the Innovation in Design Awards

The editors of Cottages and Gardens selected designer Dominic Fusco as a finalist for the Innovation in Design Awards contest. His work features “The Queen,” a 46” x 57” botanical image from the Nightflowers Collection. “The Queen” is a green paphiopedilum orchid. These slipper orchids attract insects into their pouch where they become coated with pollen, ensuring their successful reproduction.  Fusco’s work, including photos of “The Queen,” will be featured in the July/August issue of Cottages and Gardens and also in their Westchester magazine in the summer. 

Regarding the artwork he chose from the Nightflowers, collection, Fusco writes, “Thanks again. The room would not look complete without your contribution!”

To see “The Queen,” click here and visit the gallery on the website.

Look for “Tiger’s Eye” in the July issue of
Architectural Digest

Make sure you get the July issue of Architectural Digest. “Tiger’s Eye” will be featured in the Artisan section of the magazine. “Tiger’s Eye” won a strawman vote among Facebook fans for inclusion in the magazine. The image is a closeup view inside an abutilon flower. When you view the flower from this angle – the way a hummingbird would see the flower – you see the labyrinth architecture in the flower.
Tiger’s Eye, 2011. 46" h. x 46" w. framed. Giclée on archival canvas. Limited edition of 12.
Also available 26" h. x 26" w. framed. Limited edition of 100.

To see “Tiger’s Eye,” click here and visit the gallery on the website.

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Every month we have a free drawing for a free gift!  All you need to do is visit our website and sign up!  First, you’ll receive a free set of art postcards, valued at $38. Then, every month, we’ll give away another free gift. This month’s winner will receive an autographed copy of David Leaser’s award-winning coffee table book, “Palm Trees: A Story in Photographs.” The book is like an armchair vacation to some of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world. You can read about the book on our website – click here. So sign up and forward this note to your friends. Go to the website to get on the list!
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How to Buy

David Leaser's works are available online and through select galleries and designers. And the list is growing!  Would you visit our website and see if there is a location nearby where you can view the collection? Please make every effort to patronize the galleries and designers on our list.
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If you are a designer or gallery and would like to feature David’s work in your collection, please let us know by calling 800-928-9098.

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