September, 2012


Selected Conference Videos
Close to 70 hours of streaming conference videos from the years 2000-2004 are now available on-line for IRVA members to view.

Past Aperture Publications
Each of the IRVA Aperture publications (20 issues) are now available on the IRVA web site for members to read.

CIA Star Gate Archives
IRVA is proud to offer its members the entire contents of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Star Gate Archives in an easy-to-access online format. The Archives are derived from the Remote Viewing Instructional Services, Inc. (RVIS) Guide to the Central Intelligence Agency’s Star Gate Collection Archives, authored by RVIS president, and founding IRVA director and past president, Paul H. Smith, Ph.D., Maj. U.S. Army (ret.). The original Guide’s text has been adapted and edited for this special online edition with the generous permission of RVIS, Inc.
Stargate Archives

All you need to access these new benefits is log-in when requested. Click the "lost password" link if this is your first time logging-in.

IRVA has also added a new section to the IRVA public library that features links to You Tube and other videos related to remote viewing.
RV and Related Videos

APERTURE Spring/Summer Issue Available On-line

IRVA members can download the Spring/Summer issue of Aperture from the IRVA web site. The current issue contains: "Outbounder 2012", "A Physicists View of Psychic Abilities ", "Extended Remote Viewing", "Remote Viewing on the Asymmetric Battlefield", and "An Interview with William (Bill) Ray.


Angela Thompson SmithIRVA would like to welcome back Angela Thompson Smith, Ph.D., to the IRVA Board of Directors. Angela is a founding member of IRVA and has wide experience in research and management. She was a staff member of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Laboratory, a research coordinator with the Bigelow Foundation, and is a published author of several books and research papers. Over the past nine years she has worked as a private business contractor for individuals, businesses, and organizations around the United States and abroad. She currently works as a life coach and remote-viewing trainer in Boulder City, Nevada. For more information about Angela, visit her web site at
Mindwise Consulting.

IRVA Awards the 2012 Warcollier Prize

2012 Warcollier AwardIRVA, in collaboration with IRIS-Psi & Applications, is pleased to announce the winner of the 2012 René Warcollier Prize.The winners of this year's award are James L. King, B.S., principal investigator; and co-investigators , and Jan A. E. Six, Ph.D., Robert F. Price, Ph.D., and Sirley M. Bonham, Ph.D. . In order to conduct a blind study, and not bias participating remote viewers, the title and abstract of the winning submission is being withheld until publication of the results. The results of the study will be published in June 2013.
René Warcollier Prize