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Haruki Murakami     $45.00      
Murakami’s writing always takes you to new places. This novel is an unforgettable journey with a vulnerable yet thoughtful protagonist. A mystery, a philosophical conversation, and a layered landscape of music, dreams, melancholy and understated humour.   Stella

HOMETOWN New Zealand    
Derek Smith    $29.99     
This iconic book of photographs is worth having for Derek’s introduction alone. A meter reader for 30 years, his images display a New Zealand we all see, but rarely think of photographing. I love the imaginative way they are grouped by colour. A stimulating gift.     Jan

BUNGALOW: From Heritage to Contemporary          
Patrick Reynolds     $80.00        
New Zealand came of age in a bungalow. Small and utilitarian or rambling and ornate, the houses in this outstanding book characterise the demand for practical, comfortable, well-built homes in a country gaining confidence in its identity. Each reading is a satisfying visit.


TRAMPING: A New Zealand History   
Shaun Barnett & Chris Maclean      $69.99
This excellent new book is attractive and fascinating. It ranges from the foot-travel of Maori and early European arrivals, through the development of the track and hut network to tramping clubs, national parks and the importance of recreational tramping to the national ethos.

TANGATA WHENUA: An Illustrated History    
Atholl Anderson, Judith Binney & Aroha Harris         $99.99   
This long-anticipated and much-needed book achieves the near impossible: a record of the sweep and diversity of Maori history, from the first migrations, through the classical and contact periods, to modern reassertion and transformation.

Richard Flanagan       $24.99     
Flanagan’s pellucid prose gives every sentence in this a book a remarkable immediacy. Concerning the experience of POWs and others forced by the Japanese to build the Thai-Burma railroad during WWII, this indelible book is both devastating and tender.         Thomas      
Man Booker prize winner, 2014

GRAHAME SYDNEY: Paintings, 1974-2014         $99.99   
The definitive collection of the work of this consummate painter whose affinity for spare southern landscapes has earned him a place in the hearts of many. Beautifully produced and slip-cased.      
Also available in a deluxe edition in linen, signed and boxed: $150.00

Jen Campbell        $29.99      
A love letter to bookshops. Not just any old bookshops but bookshops in buses, on boats, in barns and in abandoned railway stations, weird bookshops, fold-out bookshops, undercover bookshops, remarkable bookshops (the world’s oldest, the world’s smallest), bookshops you can’t wait to visit and bookshops you won’t want to leave.


Laurence Fearnley      $30.00
Another gem from a writer who is adept at introducing the reader to new worlds. Quinn and Marcus’s strangely distant relationship is upset when Marcus’s estranged daughter contacts him and Quinn strikes up an acquaintance with Callum, a saturation diver. This is a very good novel. The characters are strong and the writing is beautiful.     Marie

Will Self         $37.00
Shark is a remarkable portrayal of the movement of thought as it skitters across the slippery surfaces of circumstance, often impelled by unacknowledgeable forces. Both terrible and tender, both challenging and fun, Self’s vast, playful, fierce intellectual achievement is informed also by deep compassion.     Thomas

Emma Healey    $37.00      
Elderly Maud is the ultimate unreliable narrator. Sometimes she forgets how she started a sentence by the time she gets to the end. Will she be able to solve the mystery of her friend’s disappearance? This was unlike anything I’ve read before. A completely new kind of narration and very cleverly done.     Holly

David Mitchell   $37.99        
In this genre-bending novel from the author of Cloud Atlas, we see from the perspectives of multiple characters. Part of me wanted to savour the diverse prose styles, another part wanted to race through and find out what happens. As always, Mitchell’s genius shines through on every page.    Holly

Edan Lepucki     $37.99
California focuses on one marriage and explores the difficulties of living in a dystopian future following the breaking down of society. This gripping read is an emotionally complex story about trust, lies, misconceptions, and ultimately about the compromises you make to survive and to protect the ones you love.     Stella

Michel Faber     $35.00
This strange, beautiful and deeply thoughtful novel about a missionary sent to an alien planet exerts a force on the mind long after it is finished. Conveying the subtle shifting of emotional weight in a relationship due to separation and change, it is a frighteningly tender interrogation of love and faith.

Susan Barker    $36.99      
In modern-day Beijing a taxi driver starts receiving letters from someone who claims to have been his soul-mate for hundreds of years. Each letter includes a story that tells of their past lives together. A layered narrative that spans Chinese history. For fans of Cloud Atlas and A Tale for the Time Being.     Holly

Neel Mukherjee         $36.99
Mukherjee's ferocious tale of India is played out through the lives of three generations of the Ghosh family. Politics, superstition, class and cast, the legacies of imperial rule and petty jealousies are drawn with both empathy and brutality. Excellent writing from an insightful author.   Stella

Caitlin Moran    $36.99     
This antidote to Fifty Shades of Grey is snortingly funny and very real, with interesting, flawed characters. The novel is written from the perspective of an overweight teenager living in a council estate. There are strong messages about identity and women, poverty, and how we create who we are.      Sarah

Kirsty Gunn     $32.99
These Mansfield-like stories examine various kinds of infidelity and betrayal: devastating, or so subtle that a mere possibility is enough to change a life’s direction. Gunn is good picking out the tiny irregularities in the knit of relationships at which unravelling will begin, and at presenting small details upon which our understanding turns.    Thomas

Charlotte Randall   $30.00
This tale of four escaped convicts marooned on Snares Island in the early 19th century is excellent. Based on a true story, this is an intriguing and intelligent novel. Randall successfully gets under the skin of these men to give us rich characters with surprisingly formidable abilities and weaknesses.    Stella

Harry Bingham      $39.99
What a great read this is! Fiona Griffiths is unlike any other fictional detective I have come across. She really wants to inhabit ‘Planet Normal’ but is not completely sure how to do it, she’s tiny, smart and gives her bosses as much lip as they can stand. A well-written, gripping read.   Marie

Karen Joy Fowler    $28.99
A unique and surprising read. It’s difficult to sum up without giving anything away, but it has a lot to do with psychology, especially child psychology, identity and family dynamics. This was unlike anything I’ve read before and I’d highly recommend it. Avoid spoilers for maximum effect.      Holly

Ali Smith     $37.00   
Brilliant and cleverly constructed. The lives of two young people - one from 15th century Italy; the other contemporary - intersect across shared experience. Against a backdrop of art, Smith delves into issues of grief, androgyny, love and the messy condition of being human. You won't want to leave the covers of this book.    Stella
2014 Goldsmiths Prize for Fiction

Ian McEwan    $36.99   
Written in an economical, beautiful style, this book delves into individual lives while discussing wider issues. As a crisis in the marriage of a childless family court judge plays out, she deals with cases where religion is impacting on the care of children, such as the provision of a blood transfusion for a Jehovah’s Witness teenager.     Sarah

Hilary Mantel     $34.99        
This sharp, shrewd collection is a gem. The stories gather themselves under a sinister pressure. The reader is waiting, anticipating the force that will come and strike them unexpectedly. Mantel's clarity of observation is matched by the twinkle in the authorial eye.      Stella

Marilynne Robinson     $37.99
Reading Lila is a pleasure. Set in the small town of Gilead and against the poverty of the dustbowl, this is the story of the preacher Ames's young wife, Lila, a lonely woman questioning herself, her suffering and love. Robinson's skill as a writer gives the reader a quiet graceful place in which to reflect. Lila is unforgettable.    Stella

Esther Freud    $40.00          
A poetic and poignant novel set in Suffolk during WWI. The town is on the coast, and its inhabitants are afraid of a German invasion. It follows a boy’s relationship with Scottish Renaissance man, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, as well as his own family’s dramas. Compelling and thought-provoking.    Holly

LUCKY US      
Amy Bloom         $36.99
This is an utterly brilliant book. From the moment Eva is abandoned by her mother at her father’s, the relationship with her sister Iris is a tumultuous but interdependent one. Numerous issues and events in 1930s/40s America are written about in a succinct but clear way, leaving a lasting mark on the reader’s mind.     Sarah

Tina Makereti       $37.99
A thoughtful, intriguing novel exploring and interweaving Moriori, Maori and Pakeha histories and cultures, and setting the 1830s, the 1880s and the present day in parallel (or superimposed) narratives; all set in a recognisable world pressed out of shape by emotion and supernatural forces.

Margaret Atwood   $34.99      
These stories all have a slightly unsettling feeling that I always find with Atwood. Retirement homes come under threat and people may be vampires. My personal favourite is about a woman figuring out how to commit the perfect murder on a cruise ship in the Arctic, but there’s really something for everyone.  Holly

Takashi Hiraide       $24.99      
An exquisite, elegantly written short novel about an emotionally distant young couple in Tokyo who are visited by a cat who brings a new dimension to their lives. Beautifully textured, and full of quiet insights and deep emotion, this book is a delight to read. 

Colm Tóibín    $34.99     
Tóibín's literary expertise shines through in this novel. Set in late 1960s Ireland, and edging into the Troubles of that time, this story of Nora's slow emergence from the grief of widowhood is beautifully detailed, with multi-faceted characters, and crafted by Tóibín into a compelling read.    Lynn

THE BEAT GOES ON: The Complete Rebus Short Stories    
Ian Rankin      $39.99
A cache of excellent stories spanning the beloved fictional detective’s entire career, from young Detective Constable to his dramatic (if impermanent) retirement. DI John Rebus, brilliant, irascible, frustrating, has been the bane of Edinburgh’s criminal underworld for almost 30 years.

Dylan Horrocks       $35.00  
Sam is a comic artist with writer’s block. One day he finds an old comic book set on Mars and tumbles headlong through centuries of comics, stories and imaginary worlds in search of the Magic Pen. This thoughtful graphic novel for grown-ups explores the pleasures, dangers and moral consequences of fantasy.

Howard Jacobson         $36.99
Acclaimed as the Brave New World or 1984 of our time, this clever dystopian novel is set in the ironic idyll of a seaside village in a close future attenuated and distorted by the complete excision from public memory of a social-media-fuelled act of genocidal frenzy. But why are the secret police so intent on the main characters’ relationship?

Francis Plug     $37.00       
New Zealander Paul Ewen’s fictional alter ego, a puerile alcoholic gardener and would-be-author, attended actual events with Booker winners to collect inscriptions (reproduced within). Idiotic, funny and surprisingly insightful, this pathetic satire on aspiration and success is a unique and enjoyable book.   Thomas

Rosetta Allan        $30.00
Purgatory drew me in from the first page and I found it hard to put down. John Finnegan was ten when he was murdered, and his ghost is trapped in the garden. James Slack was born into poverty in Ireland, eventually landing on New Zealand shores, his past shaping his present. This excellent read has a strong sense of history and place.    Sarah

Alan Murray    $29.99     
Luigi grows up in a village in 1930s Italy, under the rise of fascism and impending war. First in the Cycling Corps and then with the partisans fighting the Germans, Luigi dreams of going as far away as he can go and decides that he will cycle to Australia. A wonderful story that I thoroughly enjoyed.    Peter

Peter Carey     $40.00
When a young cyber-activist releases a piece of code that unlocks the prison doors not only of asylum seekers in Australia, but also of prisoners in 5000 institutions across America, the workings of power and secrets of nations are revealed in both their subtlety and crudity. An intellectually engaging and deeply felt novel from this fine writer.

Graeme Simsion    $37.00  
Don’s and Rosie’s lives (especially Don's carefully crafted one) are thrown into turmoil by pregnancy. Miscommunication, hijinks and evil social workers follow as Don tries to prepare for fatherhood. Sharper and more honed than The Rosie Project, the characters are more fleshed out and the humour drier, but it’s just as satisfying.   Lucy


A beautiful linen-covered volume that tempts you to pick it up and start exploring a wide range of poems from New Zealand writers: some you will know well, some that will be new. There are also a good number of local poets included (Cliff Fell, Rae Varcoe, Rachel Bush, Gordon Challis, Lindsay Pope and Jessica Le Bas).    Stella

AMERICAN SMOKE: Journeys to the End of the Light    
Iain Sinclair     $30.00
Sinclair travels the US, ostensibly tracing the spoor of the Beats (Kerouac, Burroughs et al), but also on an inward journey: each observed detail leads to a core sample of history and possibility, unleashing a web of resonance and understanding through his amazing fractal-like prose.     Thomas

THE FLY TRAP: A Book About Summer, Islands and the Freedom of Limits    
Fredrik Sjöberg    $30.00   
Sjöberg, a Swedish entomologist, has a close affinity with the  small island on which he lives, most specifically with its hoverflies, about which he is an expert. Specialisation, limitation and happiness are all themes of this book. It has imagery and ideas I keep returning to.   Sarah

Frederic Gros    $39.99    
This book is like a good long walk, and, like a good walk, when you’ve finished you understand both the world and yourself just a bit better. It delves into the reasons we walk, what can be gained from walking, different kinds of walking and great walkers. It’s for anyone who has walked for either pleasure or purpose.  Sarah

Helen Macdonald    $39.99        
After the death of her father, Macdonald acquires and begins the intense training of a female goshawk. Through developing her relationship with the goshawk, her understanding of herself and her relationship with her father is enhanced. This is an exquisitely observed account of grief and our affinity with nature.  Sarah
Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction, 2014


Vivienne Westwood & Ian Kelly     $49.99
Fashion designer, activist, midwife of punk, global brand. Notoriously private, Westwood has now written a personal memoir to describe the events, people and ideas that have shaped her extraordinary life. Full of surprising information, unexpected perspectives and great photos.

VICTORIA: A Life     
A.N. Wilson         $59.99
Masterful biographer A.N. Wilson shows the extent to which Queen Victoria's vast imperial impact was due to, and yet strangely at odds with, her overwhelmingly rich and creative inner life. This book brings a whole new depth and breadth to our understanding of this pivotal figure.

MAORI BOY: A Memoir of Childhood      
Witi Ihimaera     $39.99
Since the publication of Pounamu Pounamu in 1972, much of Ihimaera’s best writing has drawn on his formative experiences growing up Maori in a small rural community near Gisborne. In this first volume of autobiography, he turns his outstanding narrative skills on his own life.

Elspeth Sandys     $35.00     
This well-written memoir gives insight into what it means to be adopted, to grow up in the shadow of mental illness, to have a parent and to be a parent, and into how our upbringing affects the adults we become. It is an honest, intriguing account of the difficulty of family and belonging.     Stella

SPECIAL DELUXE: A Memoir of Life and Cars      
Neil Young       $55.00
Young’s song-writing is but one expression of his off-the-wall originality. Here he spreads the story of his long music career over the framework of the succession of all the cars he has owned, demonstrating how memories are attached to objects and making a stand for environmental politics.

DAPHNE DU MAURIER AND HER SISTERS: The Hidden Lives of Piffy, Bird and Bing    
Jane Dunn     $24.99
The author of Rebecca was one of three sisters, and this fascinating book tells their story. Angela, a writer, and Jeanne, an artist, were eclipsed by Daphne's fame, but all lived very unconventional lives, which make this an extremely readable biography.    Jan

RICHARD SEDDON: King of God's Own   
Tom Brooking         $65.00   
Another superb biography, about NZ's longest-serving Prime Minister. Brooking claims Seddon knew instinctively what his electorate would tolerate, and remained in step with public opinion. This book is long overdue: a totally absorbing, comprehensive picture of Seddon’s life and times.    Jan

DUMONT d'URVILLE: Explorer and Polymath 
Edward Duyker     $70.00 
A comprehensive, beautifully produced biography of the French explorer. d'Urville voyaged to NZ three times. In 1827 he sailed around in Tasman Bay, botanizing and naming places familiar to us now. Duyker discovered d'Urville had secret orders to search for a site for a penal colony!   Jan

THE DWARF WHO MOVED and Other True Stories From a Life in the Law    
Peter Williams QC      $49.99   
Williams is an outstanding defence barrister and humanist, and this book is a collection of his musings about life and some of his more interesting cases, from Muldoon to Cruden, from Dover Samuels to Arthur Allan Thomas, from J.K. Baxter to Ronald Jorgensen. A great read. Peter

LOVE BECOMES A FUNERAL PYRE: A Biography of the Doors   
Mick Wall    $39.99            
The dark energy and powerful theatrical originality of the Doors carved them an almost archetypal place in rock history. Mick Wall has written a compelling and penetrating account of the four band members and the beautiful monster they made together.

SO, ANYWAY…  The Autobiography   
John Cleese       $37.99    
I laughed my way all through Cleese's wonderfully funny, erudite autobiography. If you're a Fawlty Towers or Monty Python fan, this is THE book for you. He often digresses on his pet hates and passions: cricket, learning history at school, and a very funny chapter on a 1964 tour of NZ. An amusing, intelligent holiday read.   Jan

BORN TO FLY: Three Generations of Kiwi Helicopter Pilots     
Bill Reid     $39.99     
The Reid dynasty of Nelson have been enthroned beneath the rotor blades since John began expanding the chopper’s repertoire after WWII, performing over 300 rescue missions. Bill followed in the hazardous deer recovery years of the 70s, and now Toby runs the family business.


SAISON: A Year at The French Café   
Simon Wright & Creghan Wright    $95.00        
The sumptuous production of this beautiful book matches Simon Wright’s constant search for perfection in his multi-award-winning NZ restaurant. Here is a selection of his finest and most inspiring recipes, epitomising his modern approach to classic French food.

Yotam Ottolenghi    $69.99      
I couldn't resist this book - there are so many delightful recipes. Ottolenghi's books look beautiful, his writing about cooking and his food philosophy is a delight to read, and the recipes are a combination of the easily achievable and the more complex and unusual. Enough to keep any cook happy.    Stella

PARIS PASTRY CLUB: A Collection of Cakes, Tarts, Pastries and Other Indulgent Recipes        
Fanny Zanotti    $39.99       
This book will have you straight into the kitchen, either baking for a party or just for yourself. The recipes are straight-forward, the descriptions personable and the results reliably delicious. Only problem: Madeleines or Babas au gin & tonic? Both!

Emma Galloway   $44.99    
This is a book about real food, full of healthy gluten-free recipes. Every recipe is delicious. I’ve made gluten-free cakes that taste like cakes, and a pizza base even better than its wheat equivalent. The photography makes you want to reach in and steal a piece. It’s the best kind of cookbook.       Sarah

THE EDIBLE ATLAS: Around the World in Thirty-Nine Cuisines      
Mina Holland   $39.99      
Let your tastebuds do the walking! This engaging book will take you on a culinary journey and give you both a deeper and a broader understanding of what people eat and why. Full of anecdote, history, literature and mouth-watering recipes, it is as at home on the bedside table as it is in the kitchen.

PERSIANA: Recipes from the Middle East and Beyond      
Sabrina Ghayour          $49.99       
Immerse yourself in the spices and exotic flavours of middle-eastern cooking. A feast of achievable and authentic recipes for delicious tagines, salads, stews, and mouth-watering sweet treats, this book demystifies a cuisine without reducing the magic.

MEXICO: The Cookbook    
Margarita Carrillo Arronte        $65.00
This book is as full of verve, colour and exciting flavours as Mexico itself. 9000 years of culinary history has been condensed into 700 recipes, all of which can be achieved at home. With guides to ingredients and techniques, and menus from leading chefs, this is the definitive book on a vital cuisine.

MANUKA: The Biography of an Extraordinary Honey   
Cliff Van Eaton      $34.99      
Manuka honey seems to be able to cure just about everything from stomach ulcers, burns, diarrhoea and dysentery to tinea. This marvellously fascinating book also gives us the history of honey bees in New Zealand and looks at their future.    Peter

THE WORLD ATLAS OF COFFEE: From beans to brewing; Coffees explored, explained and enjoyed   
James Hoffmann    $49.99   
Where a coffee comes from, how it is harvested and roasted, and how it is extracted all make a difference to the efficacy of the brown elixir. This book shows everything, and has a country-by-country guide to coffee characteristics.

PLAY IN THE GARDEN: Fun Projects for Kids to Enjoy Outdoors   
Sarah O'Neill    $34.99   
This book is fantastic: all the children in our household found a project just perfect for them. My favourite was the mediaeval bird-scarer made of potatoes and feathers. No matter the garden’s size, from windowsill to vast expanse, there’s a fun project here.   Sarah

Toby Musgrave & Richard Aitken  $100.00
Gardens are not defined by size or location but as places of peace and retreat where we can rejuvenate among growing things. This wonderful book is a collection of gardens of all types from all over the world. An inexhaustible treasure for anyone interested in plants or garden design.

HEIRLOOM VEGETABLES: A Guide to Their History and Varieties   
Simon Rickard    $60.00   
Your garden can provide a satisfying alternative to the ever-shrinking range of bland vegetables available commercially. This book introduces you to an array of tasty, colourful vegetables with great names, and celebrates their histories and diversity.


Florian Bohm & Annahita Kamali   $85.00
This is a wonderful, beautiful book! Reproducing pages from 125 exemplary, beautiful, influential and informative cookbooks from the last 100 years, it is a delight (and an ideal gift) for anyone with an interest in cooking, culinary history or book design. Irresistible.

VOGUE: The Gown    
Jo Ellison      $180.00
We are delighted to be able to offer a limited number of copies of this very desirable and sumptuous boxed limited edition collection of over 300 stunning images from the archives of the world’s most influential fashion magazine.  
Contact us now to secure a copy

Sarah Henshaw      $24.99
A delightfully personable account of how Henshaw’s dream of running a bookshop on a barge became a reality. For five years now she has been plying the waterways of Britain with her cargo of printed words, an exemplar of the delights (and difficulties) of slow living and innovative bookselling.

THE HEART OF HUNTING: Wildness and Hunting in New Zealand   
Greig Caigou & Matt Winter    $49.99
This well-illustrated book captures the unique New Zealand hunting experience and expresses the intimacy with wildlife and landscape felt by hunters of all sorts. Wide coverage.

Sarah Thornton      $39.99     
A fantastic collection of conversations with artists, woven together into the structure of a play. Artists range from big stars like Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst to those with smaller practices who do not make a living from their work. An innovative and accessible way to examine the art world.     Holly

CHINEASY: The New Way to Read Chinese    
ShaoLan Hsueh      $32.99
You will enjoy this wonderful piece of design that is also a unique and useful way to understand written Chinese. By grouping characters according to their building blocks and relating these to their visual and conceptual roots, the door is opened for browsing and for study. Thomas

J.W. Wray    $45.00                 
A magnificent anniversary edition of the classic true sea story. 75 years ago Wray begged, borrowed and stole the materials to build his yacht Ngataki, and then sailed it around the Pacific. A wonderful book for anyone with even the remotest interest in sailing, and a revisited pleasure for those who have read it before.      Jan

A WOMAN'S SHED: Spaces for Women to Create, Write, Make Music, Think, Grow & Escape   
Gill Heriz      $44.99     
Why should men have all the sheds? Last year I had one built in a garden corner, but I wish I had seen this book first!  80 artists, sculptors, writers, farmers, furniture-makers and gardeners have opened their sheds and it's just magical. A real treasure!     Jan

WOMEN IN CLOTHES: Why We Wear What We Wear        
Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits, Leanne Shapton & 623 others    $50.00
I love this book! Packed with ideas, candid discussions, photographic essays, intriguing questions and responses and explorations of personal collections, this book sates your desire for intelligent conversations about clothes, and is a visual gem.    Stella

RETRO CARAVANS: Vantastic Kiwi Collections  
Don Jesson    $39.99    
Find out the stories behind some of the most well-preserved and attractive vintage caravans - some as sleek and chromey as a classic car, some gloriously homey. If you grew up in NZ, this book is bound to tug at some summer memories.   Naomi

CONCRETE CANVAS: How Street Art is Changing the Way Our Cities Look   
Lee Bofkin        $39.99
Full of energy and pertinence, graffiti and street art have broken out of the cultural ghetto and are bringing our cityscapes to life. This is art that is responsive to place and moment, and accessible to a wide public outside the confines of a gallery.

Jan Cleijne         $32.99
A beautiful graphic novel treatment of classic moments in the history of the Tour de France, from Eugene Christof welding his bicycle back together at the foot of the Pyrenees in 1913 to Tommy Simpson’s death on Ventoux in 1967 to Chris Froome’s victories in 2012 and 2013. Very nicely done.


VILLAGE OF SECRETS: Defying the Nazis in Vichy France  
Caroline Moorehead     $39.99    
During the Nazi occupation, the villagers helped 3000 resisters, POWs, communists and Jews escape, and hid 800 Jewish children whose parents had been sent to the death camps. This incredible book is both harrowing and uplifting. I can’t get it out of my mind.  Jan

RAIL: 150 Years of Rail in New Zealand     
Matt Turner        $80.00
For a century and a half, the country has been hung together on iron sinews, and rail transport has been vital to the economy. This is a lavish tribute to the engines that rode the rails, to feats of construction (e.g. the Rimutaka Incline) and to the people who plied the lines.

PING PONG DIPLOMACY: Ivor Montagu and the Astonishing Story Behind the Game That Changed the World     
Nicholas Griffin       $37.00
When China abandoned its solidarity with the USSR and began detente with USA, it was largely due to an aristocratic British spy who shared a love for table tennis with Mao. Unbelievable, if it wasn’t true!

SAPIENS: A Brief History of Humankind   
Yuval Noah Harari     $37.99
70,000 years ago Homo sapiens developed culture and moved from a being a fairly insignificant player in the planet’s ecology to the dominant species. The Cognitive, Agricultural and Scientific Revolutions followed. This thought-provoking, accessible history shows how and why.     Sarah

THE WAR THAT ENDED PEACE: How Europe Abandoned Peace for the First World War     
Margaret MacMillan     $29.99        
I was so riveted that I couldn’t stop reading. Although it seems to treat it lightly to say I enjoyed it, I became totally immersed in it. MacMillan’s descriptions of 'those idiot leaders' are superb and they come vividly to life on the page.     Jan

THE DEAD DUKE, HIS SECRET WIFE AND THE MISSING CORPSE: An Extraordinary Edwardian Case of Deception & Intrigue    
Piu Marie Eatwell       $32.99         
The 1897 Druce-Portland case was one of the strangest in legal history. Anna Maria Druce claimed her father-in-law was none other than the Duke of Portland and had faked his own death. Unbelievable!

THE DIGGERS' STORY: Accounts of the West Coast Gold Rushes    
Julia Bradshaw         $49.99
A remarkably vivid evocation of life in the gold fields in the words of West Coast pioneers. First published in 1914 and long unavailable, this new edition has been thoughtfully expanded and illustrated. Contains a hundred novels.

THE TRIGGER: Hunting the Assassin Who Brought the World to War  
Tim Butcher     $39.99      
Gavrilo Princip’s assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand sparked the first World War. This well written and researched book covers Princip’s life and political convictions, the horrors of the more recent Bosnian War and the origin and outcomes of ethnic cleansing.   Marie

COAL: The Rise and Fall of King Coal in New Zealand    
Matthew Wright      $39.99
Coal was the heroic fuel of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the fuel on which the colony grew, that heated and cooked and powered industry and transport. This book charts the fate of coal (and of those who worked in it) through the boom years to the years of vilification and decline.

Just what was the extent and nature of Princess (later Queen) Victoria’s relationship with Lord Elphinstone? Why was Anthony Blunt detailed to retrieve sensitive letters of hers from Germany in 1945? And how did copies end up in Soviet hands? Gripping.

Peter Fitzsimons       $56.99
The heroic defeat of the ANZAC troops at Gallipoli marked a coming-of-age for the national sensibilities of New Zealand and Australia. Fitzsimons vibrantly recreates the disaster as experienced by its participants and assesses its causes and implications.

THE SECRET MINISTRY OF AG. & FISH: My Life in Churchill's School for Spies     
Noreen Riols       $19.99    
Riols was posted to the secret army unit SOE in 1943. She has written a riveting, witty, often moving account, including interviewing agents returning from behind enemy lines, passing on messages in parks, acting as a decoy and picking up codes in crossword puzzles.    Jan


BEING MORTAL: Ageing, Illness, Medicine, and What Matters in the End    Atul Gawande     $35.00        
Advances in medical science have enabled us to extend our lives, both into very old age and beyond the possibility of cure in illness. But do we value survival over quality of life? In this thoughtful and humane book, Gawande re-evaluates our attitudes to aging and dying.

THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING: Capitalism vs. the Climate    
Naomi Klein    $37.00         
This is an eye-opening, game-changing book. It offers hope for the future. The need to shift the way we think about ourselves and the world around us, and to make radical changes, is a key premise of the book. History has shown us that humanity is capable of such radical change.    Sarah

ON THE HOOF: The Untold Story of Drovers in New Zealand  
Ruth Entwistle Low       $45.00  
The movement ‘on the hoof’ of stock across the country has attracted a special kind of person since colonial times. Using original research and interviews with sixty old-time drovers, this fine heartland history records a unique way of life now lost.

INDONESIA, Etc: Exploring the Improbable Nation       
Elizabeth Pisani    $36.99  
One in thirty people on this planet is Indonesian, and yet this 13,000-island mega-nation of vast diversity and vast discrepancies is far less well known beyond its shores than it deserves. Pisani is the perfect guide, writing with brio about this inexhaustibly surprising place.

HOW TO SPEAK MONEY: What the Money People Say – And What They Really Mean    
John Lanchester     $35.00
A thoroughly enjoyable and informative book. The chapters about economics are illuminating and the A-Z definitions are littered with examples. Lanchester's witty anecdotes give this book a light touch without losing integrity of meaning.   Stella

PLATO AT THE GOOGLEPLEX: Why Philosophy Won't Go Away   
Rebecca Newberger Goldstein      $39.99
If Plato came back to life, what would he make of ‘tiger mothers’, mass media, Freudian psychoanalysis, Google, religious fundamentalism, crowd-sourced knowledge? This enjoyable, original book makes the case for philosophy’s relevance today.

GOING TO EXTREMES: Adventures in Unknown New Zealand   
Derek Grzelewski     $34.99    
The remarkable raconteur of the New Zealand outdoors and its human denizens introduces us to a range of people whose insuppressible personalities have enabled them to overcome extreme conditions or situations, or reach near-inaccessible places. 

MAPPING IT OUT: An Alternative Atlas of Contemporary Cartographies     
Tom McCarthy & Hans-Ulrich Obrist       $65.00   
How can we chart our unique experience of our exterior and interior worlds? 130 practitioners (writers, mathematicians, artists, scientists) and thoughtful text - an endlessly fascinating book.  Thomas

HOW PARIS BECAME PARIS: The Invention of the Modern City
Joan DeJean     $39.99   
The transformation of Paris from medieval muddle to modern capital during the seventeenth century changed the way people thought about cities. This lively, well-illustrated book shows how early urban planning shaped all that came after and established Paris’s unique feel.

FAMILY SECRETS: The Things We Tried to Hide    
Deborah Cohen      $26.00      
Illegitimate children, mental illness, adultery, adoption, homosexuality, institutionalisation. Pervasive elements of human existence have been regarded as shameful, and hidden from society and suppressed from family histories. This lucid, humane and well-written book delves beneath the surfaces of family life.

PARADISE SAVED: The Remarkable Story of New Zealand's Wildlife Sanctuaries and How They are Stemming the Tide of Extinction    
David Butler, Tony Lindsay & Janet Hunt     $55.00  
A remarkable tale of hope for the future, tracing an environmental survival story that could prove a model for the world. Includes local projects.    Naomi

THE KNOWLEDGE: How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch    
Lewis Dartnell     $37.99              
Presented as a guide for rebooting civilisation after a global disaster, this eccentric and fascinating book is really a history of practical ideas. Get the knowledge of how humans have learned to interact with the physical world in ways that make our lives better (or at least viable). Interesting.


THE WANDERING MIND: What the Brain Does When You're Not Looking   Michael Corballis    $34.99   
As a child I was often told to 'stop daydreaming', probably when I was not fulfilling some chore of my family's work ethic. I wish they had read this fascinating little book. Corballis shows that the mind is doing important things when it appears to be just ‘goofing off’.    Jan

LIVING ON SHAKY GROUND: The Science and Story Behind New Zealand's Earthquakes
Matthew Wright      $49.99         
New Zealand surfs on an upwelling of magma, and the very ground we build and walk on is uncertain. This book is a seismic primer, and a guide to many significant or interesting earthquakes in our history.

ZEALANDIA: Our Continent Revealed   
Nick Mortimer & Hamish Campbell   $60.00        
This book convincingly shows New Zealand is part of the world’s 7th continent. How Zealandia formed, its characteristics, how it has changed over time, the forces that act upon it, as well as its unique geography and geology are all covered in this fascinating book.   Sarah

CAT SENSE: The Feline Enigma Revealed      
John Bradshaw     $30.00
Despite millennia of domestication and unparalleled popularity, there is something unknowable about the inner lives of cats (perhaps that’s what attracts us). With affection and scientific insight, Bradshaw both explores and deepens the enigma. You’ll gain new respect for your moggy.

AT THE EDGE OF UNCERTAINTY: 11 Discoveries Taking Science by Surprise    
Michael Brooks        $35.00
Our unshakable truths are being shaken apart by science. Fascinating new discoveries are forcing us to rethink consciousness, genetics, causation, psychology, matter and time. Will we be left with more questions than answers? Here’s hoping!

A STING IN THE TALE: My Adventures with Bumblebees    
Dave Goulson       $27.99    
This is one of the most enjoyable non-fiction books I have read in a long while. Bumblebees are probably the least known 'friendly' insects, and this book goes a long way towards rectifying that. Written with a delightful wit, absolutely absorbing and interesting.   Peter

THE TALE OF THE DUELLING NEUROSURGEONS: The History of the Human Brain as Revealed by True Stories of Trauma, Madness & Recovery    
Sam Kean    $39.99   
For centuries we have depended on aberration, accident, intrusion and misfortune for our knowledge of the workings of the brain. Kean casts an incisive yet sensitive eye back over key examples.

THE SIXTH EXTINCTION: An Unnatural History         
Elizabeth Kolbert      $36.99       
We stand to lose up to half of all plants and animals on earth by the end of this century. There are no prizes for guessing what’s causing the latest wave of mass extinction – us. Kolbert is a brilliant science communicator, and this book is enthralling, informative, and frankly devastating.   Naomi

Dave McCandless      $44.99
Unless we can give a shape to the vast quantity of information that we are immersed in every day, how can we understand it? The infographics in this astounding book do just that: they help us to get a feel for knowledge and to make surprising, dazzling connections.

QUESTION EVERYTHING: 132 Science Questions & Their Unexpected Answers    
New Scientist       $24.99
Why is the night sky black, even though it's full of stars? How do pebbles skim on water? Why doesn't your own snoring wake you up? Why is the Large Hadron Collider so large? All science begins with questions. Accessible, unpredictable, entertaining.

UNDER THE OCEAN: Explore and Discover New Zealand's Sea Life   
Ned Barraud & Gillian Candler    $19.99
A beautifully illustrated children’s guide to what lives in the seas that surround New Zealand, from the sea floor to the open ocean, from small sea creatures such as plankton and krill to the giants of the sea, whales.      Sarah


Katie Scott & Jenny Brook      $49.99     
If I had to name my favourite book this year, this would be it. As soon as it came out of the box I knew I had to have my own copy. Its pages are a natural history museum, one that can be explored at any time. Beautifully produced, with plenty of strange and whimsical creatures.    Sarah




TEDDY ONE-EYE: The Autobiography of a Teddy Bear    
Gavin Bishop      $34.99
Teddy charts his life from 1950, when he lived with Boy, through successive owners, periods of being discarded (the Wardrobe Years), down the generations to 2011. I was gobsmacked by this book, just fell in love with it - it is so full of being a New Zealander. Everyone should read it!    Jan

Rose Lagercrantz & Eva Eriksson    $19.99
Dani is always happy, except when she's not. A delightful story about being sad and happy, best friends and hopefulness. An adorable book from the author and illustrator of My Happy Life. These books are just the best - you will love the characters; the stories are splendid and the drawings charming.   Stella

Lena and Olof Landstrom      $19.99
Pom and Pim go out. The day is warm. The sun is shining. What luck! As they make their way through the alternating ups and downs of everyday life, they gently learn to accept life’s vicissitudes. Is it really bad luck that it’s raining, or is it good luck? Everyone loves Pom and Pim and everyone loves this book.

Ronan Bodel      $24.99
The sloth is so deeply asleep he doesn’t even notice when his tree is cut down and put onto a truck. A great adventure begins. Can his friends bring him safely home before he wakes up? This delightful book will be an enduring favourite.

Fleur Beale    $19.99
This novel and its companion, I Am Not Esther, are about teenagers caught in the world of a closed religious community. The novels are sensitive and thoughtful, yet pull no punches about the devastating destruction of family by community. This is a gripping novel that I read in one sitting.     Stella

MIX IT UP       
Hervé Tullet       $22.99
Follow with eye and finger and learn how colours change when they meet other colours. Lots of fun, and quite simply the best introduction to colour mixing for young children (oh, and adults will love it, too). Have some paints ready for the inevitable next step.

Benedicte Guettier      $19.99
Piece by piece the wolf puts on his clothes. He puts on his trousers, his tee-shirt, his socks, his great big boots, his great big coat. He’s getting ready. What’s he going to do when he’s ready? Well, what do you think! The wolf’s jaws and the book snap shut. We shriek. And start all over again.

Bernardo Carvalho     $19.99 
Two wonderful wordless books in one. Follow the firefly on its search for a flashing light, and then start at the other end of the book for the story of the rabbit's escape. On each page the lively illustrations contain both stories - each moving in the opposite direction!  Thomas

Aaron Becker     $18.99       
A beautifully illustrated story told without words, Journey follows a small girl who escapes her lonely life for an adventure, via the magic of her red pen. Imaginative illustrations draw the reader into a world of love, danger, courage and the ultimate journey.    Lucy

Neil Gaiman & Chris Riddell      $24.99
A darkly reimagined fairy tale. On the eve of her wedding, a young queen sets out to rescue a princess from an enchantment. She casts aside her fine clothes, takes her chain mail and her sword and follows her brave dwarf retainers into the tunnels under the mountain, towards the sleeping kingdom…

Lockwood & Co: THE WHISPERING SKULL     
Jonathan Stroud        $27.99
The new ‘Lockwood & Co’ book has all the originality and excitement of the first, The Screaming Staircase, but is even better. In both books there are ghosts about, and psychic investigators, who are all children, track the ghosts down to their source. Things quickly get very interesting and very scary. Cosmo (11)

David Levithan      $26.00
Levithan strikes the right note again! Written entirely in narrative verse (don't be put off - it's absolutely readable), these are touching and mostly uplifting tales about  the very real emotions that teens, and all of us, come up against in situations where we get close to another.      Stella


THINGS COME APART: A Teardown Manual for Modern Living   
Todd McLellan & Kyle Wiens     $49.95
How could an idea so simple be so interesting? 50 objects (from power drill to toaster to stapler to camera to computer) have been pulled apart and photographed in their component glory. Lawnmowers certainly have a lot of nuts and bolts!   Marie

GREEN MODERN: Eco-Conscious Contemporary New Zealand Homes    Claire McCall      $65.00    
An exemplary selection of stunning ‘smart’ homes in which environmental sensitivity, energy conservation and sustainability complement outstanding aesthetic and functional qualities. Full of inspiration, floor plans and practical advice.

MARAE: A Journey Around New Zealand's Meeting Houses    
Muru Walters, Robin Walters & Sam Walters      $80.00              
A beautifully and thoughtfully photographed record of wharenui throughout the country: large, tiny, ornate, plain, ancient, contemporary. Various though they are, they each form the heart of their community. 

HELLO GIRLS AND BOYS: A New Zealand Toy Story  
David Veart   $65.00
A very nicely presented, beautifully illustrated history of toys in New Zealand, from early Maori to modern times. This is a wonderful book, full of social history, information on NZ toy companies such as Fun-Ho and Lincoln, and several lifetimes’ worth of childhood nostalgia!

Felicity Stockwell & Andrew Perris         $24.99     
This ‘potted history’ brings the animals' personalities and idiosyncrasies alive. The ‘super-model’ photographs of 40 breeds are accompanied by succinct but comprehensive breed information. I found myself happily reliving my goat-farming years with every page.    Lynn

HEART OF THE MACKENZIE: The Glenmore Station Story    
Matt Philp     $49.99        
Sheep have been the excuse for human habitation of this austerely beautiful area in the central South Island highlands since James Mackenzie herded his stolen flocks there over 150 years ago. The Murrays have run Glenmore for most of that time. This book will take you there.

Barry Kraft    $24.99
Split pages allow you to mix and match more than 150,000 insults in the Bard's own words (literally: when Shakespeare needed a word he often made one up). We’ve had lots of fun insulting customers and each other with this book. Try it at home (literature can be very useful)!

TE ARA PUORO: A Journey into the World of Maori Music  
Richard Nunns    $69.99     
This long-awaited account of a lifetime's mission to rescue indigenous musical sounds and instruments is one of the landmark New Zealand publications of the year. Beautifully illustrated and brimming with information, this is an indispensable guide to Maori music.

GRUMPY OLD MEN 2: 48 More Kiwi Blokes, Who’ve Been Around Long Enough to Know, Tell You What’s Wrong With the World         $34.95  They’re all irate about something, sounding off on topics from punctuation to politics, impertinence to impotence. Even more controversial, hard-hitting, funny and just plain grumpy than the first book!

TEAK AND TIDE: The ebbs and eddies of the Edwin Fox   
Nigel Costley     $60.00    
The fascinating history of the last surviving 19th century merchantman sailing ship, from construction on the Ganges to preservation in Picton. The Edwin Fox carried troops to the Crimean War, Chinese coolies to Cuba, convicts to Australia, and immigrants to Nelson.

DAWN CHORUS: The Legendary Voyage to New Zealand of Aesop, the Fabled Teller of Fables   
Raymond Ching      $59.99   
This beautifully illustrated book is a pleasure to view and read. The stunning paintings of native birds are accurate, detailed renditions and the insightful observations reveal the birds’ personalities. This quirky fable of Aesop's visit to Aotearoa and his choral welcome will delight and intrigue.  Stella

HARD COUNTRY: A Golden Bay Life   
Robin Robilliard       $39.99
Apart from doing a large number of other interesting things, Robby and her husband have been farming in the rocky margins of Golden Bay for sixty years. This book is full of personalities and local lore and is a well-written account of determination and changing times.

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