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iERA Growing From Strength To Strength

Assalamu alaykum ,

🚀Our 12-Month Statistics (July 1st 2020 to June 30th 2021)

We record our figures from July to June every year and iERA’s financial year has just come to an end last month and the figures are in!

☝️13,925 SHAHADAS (Last Year 5,729) 📈143% Increase
With the permission of Allah (swt) the total number of people accepting Islam with us has skyrocketed. With our grassroots Dawah focused vision, we hone in on key areas around the world where our iERA Representatives (Duaat) are garnering the greatest interest for Islam.

🧕🏼11,973 NEW MUSLIMS SUPPORTED (Last Year 4,629) 📈158% Increase
Obviously with more shahadas comes more responsibility. The iERA mantra has never been to “parachute in”, get shahadas and then “parachute out” of a location. iERA’s core value has always been to ensure that our iERA Reps (Duaat) teach New Muslim the core tenants of our faith and the prayer to ensure their imaan flourishes, in shaa Allah

🗣️193 iERA REPRESENTATIVES (Last Year 62) 📈209% Increase
As mentioned within the aforementioned Shahada section — we have doubled down on the areas yielding the best results and have been hiring more iERA Reps (Duaat) within these parts of the world. Each iERA Rep’s focus is to training and develop Muslims who are passionate about sharing Islam, develop New Muslims and share Islam with non-Muslims within their region.

📚*207,396 MATERIALS DISTRIBUTED (Last Year 426,631)
Across the globe in multiple languages to thousands of non-Muslims to help better understand the peaceful message of Islam. In the upcoming year, we’ll be placing QR codes on all of our materials to track the analytics and improve engagement. There will be a more meaningful follow up in place — connecting the interested non-Muslim with one of our Duaat.

👥*109 DAWAH TEAMS CREATED (Last Year 125)
empowered to engage non-Muslims and share Islam with them effectively.
Alhamdulillah - the support from the Ummah has been incredible
have accepted Islam with the permission of Allah through our efforts funded by our donors in 2021, and we still have over two months to go.

An online Dawah service which was put together as a campaign at the beginning of the Covid Pandemic early year (April 2020) and now is an integral component of iERA’s Dawah Strategy. This volunteer led chat system allows Duaat from all over the world to volunteer for iERA as long as they complete and pass The GORAP Training Course and New Muslim Mentorship on iERA’s online training platform

Over the upcoming year we will be translating several courses into several languages which will open our training up to hundreds of thousands of Muslims and New Muslims alike on a global stage: Spanish, Tagalog, Bahasa, German, French and Swahili.

*The coronavirus pandemic had a negative impact on some of the statistics above, therefore we did not experience growth in some areas.

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