Hot Box Imperial Smoked Pepper Porter
2015 Release


Kelly Moritz

Marketing, Indeed Brewing Company

Indeed Brewing Company announces the release of its 2015 Hot Box Imperial Smoked Pepper Porter

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, DECEMBER 23, 2014: Indeed Brewing Company announces the release of Hot Box 2015. This Imperial Smoked Pepper Porter is the product of an ongoing collaboration with Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub in South Minneapolis. The recipe was created by Indeed Brewing Company’s Head Brewer Josh Bischoff and Northbound Smokehouse Brewer Jamie Robinson.

Hot Box begins in the Northbound smoker, where a special blend of peppers and malt is cold-smoked, a technique which imparts huge smoky flavor without using heat. These custom-smoked ingredients impart a deep, intense, campfire-quality smokiness not found in the average pepper porter. The varieties of peppers were selected to provide a balance of smokiness, heat, and flavor, spicy enough to tingle the tongue, but mild enough to complement, not compete with, the beer.

The 2015 release of Hot Box Imperial Smoked Pepper Porter will debut at Northbound Smokehouse Brewpub on Tuesday January 6. Following the release at Northbound, Hot Box will be available in the Indeed taproom on draft, in liquor stores in 750 mL bottles, and in select bars and restaurants beginning January 13.

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