New tanks, new territory
Indeed's 2014-2015 expansion plans


Kelly Moritz

Marketing, Indeed Brewing Company

Indeed Brewing Company announces the completion of its 2014 expansion and plans for 2015, including an increase in capacity and territory

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, NOVEMBER 13, 2014: Indeed Brewing Company announces the completion of a major expansion project at the brewery, and the beginning of a new expansion of territory across the upper Midwest slated for 2015. With new tanks in the brewery, and new distribution beyond, the company is experiencing robust growth.

Brewery capacity grows
A long-anticipated expansion project came to a close yesterday, Wednesday November 12, as a parking-lot sized crane lifted in two 120 BBL tanks in through the ceiling of the brewery’s new cellar. Co-founder and Director of Operations Tom Whisenand explains, “The addition of this new space, and the tanks housed there, has doubled the brewery's production capacity.” By the end of 2014, the brewery will have sold roughly 10,000 barrels. “By next year,” Whisenand says, “we project production to increase to 17,000 or 18,000 barrels.” In order to support this rate of growth, Indeed has added nine new employees to its full-time staff in 2014, including the introduction of a quality control department, bringing the company total to 42 employees.

Distribution territory and beer lineup expand
So, where will all this new beer go? As Indeed ramps up production, the company looks forward to a number of territory expansions in the coming year in which to distribute their product. According to Co-founder and President Nathan Berndt, “As of January, we’ll have our beer in all of Northeastern Minnesota, up to the border and along Superior. We’ll be in the  Red River Valley by spring, and expect to have our beer available statewide and in parts of North and South Dakota by summer of 2015.” He adds, “I’m excited to have our beer in my hometown of Grand Forks!” As a part of the overall expansion, the brewery plans to add two year-round beers to the regular lineup in 2015, including a new IPA and a Pale Lager, which will join Day Tripper and Midnight Ryder as the third Indeed Brewing Company flagship beer.

Indeed Brewing Company
Indeed Brewing Company has a penchant for adventure, both in the beers we brew and the way we go about brewing them. Founded in 2011 by three friends, and backed by an award-winning brewer, Indeed produces fine craft beer from the heart of Northeast Minneapolis.



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