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Volume 9 Issue 5   May 2016


New Member Features


Healing Waters International: Aligning the Fight Against Hunger and the Fight Against Thirst

Libbie Olson, Healing Waters International

Founded in 2002, Healing Waters International (HWI) is committed to ending the global water crisis by providing at-risk communities around the world with clean water and health & hygiene education. Based in Golden, Colorado HWI has distributed over 235 million gallons of clean water around the globe over the past 14 years. [READ MORE]

Monmouth College Joins Alliance to End Hunger in Continued Spirit of Global Community

Submitted by Ronda Willhardt, Monmouth College

Monmouth College’s decision to join the Alliance to End Hunger was a natural expression of its institutional values and its leader as an exponent of the liberating arts. As a member of an increasingly globalized world, the College recognizes both the grave consequences of food insecurity and malnutrition, as well as our community’s responsibility to work toward achieving food security locally and globally. [READ MORE]

Other News


CISANET: A Model for Civil Society Engagement in Malawi

Nathan Magrath, Alliance to End Hunger

My first thought driving the 20km or so from the airport to Malawi’s capital city of Lilongwe was how much the landscape reminded me of the American Midwest. With the notable exception of the minor outcropping mountains scattered here and there, much of the visible terrain in the immediate Lilongwe area is either medium or large scale maize farms and—surprisingly—forested areas. A more careful study of the country, however, produces a complicated picture of food security and agricultural production. [READ MORE]

Faith in Action: The Spirit of Ramadan

Mayssoun Olabi and Christina Tobias-Nahi, Islamic Relief USA

Last week Rev. David Beckmann visited the offices of Islamic Relief USA and reminded us all of all the progress made in the past decades in advancing food security both internationally and in the US with advocacy and new policies being pushed through to help the poor and most vulnerable. Yet still hunger is pervasive and visible and we must do what we can whilst the time for the will of elected officials to act and new policies to be in acted roll out. [READ MORE]

Alliance to End Hunger Raises Concerns about House Child Nutrition Reauthorization Bill

Minerva Delgado, Alliance to End Hunger

The Alliance to End Hunger is deeply troubled by harmful provisions in the newly-introduced “Improving Child Nutrition and Education Act” proposed by Rep. Todd Rokida (IN-4) of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce. [READ MORE]

Congressional Hunger Center Hosts Annual Awards Ceremony

Victoria O'Reilly, Congressional Hunger Center

Nearly 300 guests representing government and policy circles, the corporate and philanthropic sectors, and the national and international hunger communities will join CHC alumni, Board and staff to celebrate the Congressional Hunger Center‘s 2016 Awards Ceremony, June 15th. [READ MORE]

Upcoming Events:

Trends in Global Food Security: Findings from the 2016 Global Food Security Index
June 9, 8:30am - 10:00am
Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, DC

Please join DuPont, the Alliance to End Hunger, and The Economist Intelligence Unit for a congressional briefing to discuss and analyze the 2016 Global Food Security Index (GFSI) findings. The event will feature a special report on the findings from the 2016 Global Food Security Index, a dynamic tool created by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by DuPont, that considers the core issues of food affordability, availability and quality across a set of 113 countries. Learn more about the event, speakers, and how to register HERE.

CCIH Annual Conference
June 17-19, 2016
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

Faith organizations deliver anywhere from 40 to 70% of healthcare in some developing countries. We can't achieve the SDGs without FBOs! Come to the Christian Connections for International Health Annual Conference this June to learn how we can deliver more and more sustainable healthcare through faith organizations who are integral parts of the communities they serve. Keynote speakers include U.S. Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet and U.N. Ambassador Tony Hall of the Alliance to End Hunger. Our theme for 2016 is Sustainable Development from a Christian Perspective. Visit for details and to register for the conference.
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