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Volume 8 Issue 8   September 2015


Convoy of Hope Responds to the Refugee Crisis

Molly Erickson, Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope and Convoy of Hope Europe (COHEU) are working with partners in Europe and the Middle East to bring disaster relief supplies and more to refugees. “We are actively working responses in both regions,” says Mike Clark, senior advisor and senior policy director of International Program for Convoy of Hope. [READ MORE]

Ramadan in the Goshute Reservation

Minkailu Jalloh, Islamic Relief USA

Standing outside the Goshute Tribal Headquarters in Ibapah, Utah, surrounded by snowcapped mountains and vast expanses of the most beautiful landscape I had ever seen, it seemed unfathomable to me that a human being could want for anything in this place. [READ MORE]

How Financial Tools Can Help Feed A Family

Opportunity International

Elizabeth Afrakome’s family was producing and selling enough cocoa to provide for themselves – until Elizabeth’s husband suffered a stroke three years ago. As the family’s sole provider, Elizabeth struggled to maintain the farm and keep the family fed... [READ MORE]

Ending Hunger, from Dadaab Refugee Camp to the USA

Tony Hall, Alliance to End Hunger

This article was originally posted on the Huffington Post as a series of posts related to the SDGs.

We can end hunger in the United States and around the world by 2030. This may sound like a rather fantastic and unobtainable goal to some, but in my years of tackling he issue of hunger as a Congressman, Ambassador to the UN Food and agricultural agencies, and head of an anti-hunger advocacy organization, I have become more and more hopeful. [READ MORE]

Alliance Members AARP and Outreach Program Pack Over 1.2 Million Meals on 9/11

Rick McNary, Outreach, Inc.

Two Alliance to End Hunger members – AARP and Outreach Program – engaged more than 5,000 volunteers and employees on A Day of Celebration 2015 to package over 1.2 million Outreach Program Rice and Bean Casserole meals in Washington, DC on Friday, September 11 to help feed hungry seniors, veterans and first responders in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland area. [READ MORE]

Upcoming Events:

September 29, Chicago, IL
3:00-5:00pm CT

Standing up for Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids
Greater Chicago Food Depository, Bread for the World and Alliance to End Hunger invite you to discuss how you can help move Congress to protect and improve nutrition programs for children and families.  Learn the basics of organizing and advocacy and discuss current opportunities for Congress to improve the nutrition of children and families. For more information, visit here.

October 7-9, Waco, Texas
Together at the Table: Hunger & Poverty Summit
The Together at the Table: Hunger & Poverty Summit is an opportunity for leaders and practitioners from across the country to share their knowledge and expertise on addressing poverty, with a specific emphasis on food insecurity. The Summit provides evidence-based research and best-practice models for groups and organizations working in these fields. Summit speakers and attendees come from a wide range of backgrounds, areas of service and fields of study, each bringing a unique perspective to our collective effort. Learn More and Register.

October 13, Des Moines, IA
2:15-3:00pm EST
The Hunger Advocates Toolkit Workshop
What comes to mind when you think of the word “advocacy?”  Who is involved?  What activities constitute advocacy? Who is an advocate?  All of these questions may have broader definitions, implications, and applications than someone may think. Join the Alliance to End Hunger as advocacy is discussed on a personal, organizational, and community-wide level.  Learn how you can do your own small or large part to advocate for a nation free from hunger, and explore a newly-released “Advocacy Playbook” that can help guide anti-hunger workers into anti-hunger advocates. For more information visit here.

October 14-15, Chicago, IL
9:00am-9:30pm; 9:00am-4:30pm CT

Communities First Association 2015 Fall Gathering
Communities First Association (CFA) invites you to learn, grow, share, pray and celebrate together at their semi-annual Fall Gathering. Perfect for community-based practitioners and intermediaries interested in the principles of faith-based Asset Based Community Development (ABCD).  This year's gathering will feature: Practical Workshops on Systems Thinking, Dinner, Entertainment & Discussion on Race Relations, and Much More! For more information and to register, visit here.

October 14-16, Des Moines, IA
2015 Borlaug Dialogue
Referred to as the "premier conference in the world on global agriculture", the Borlaug Dialogue will feature expertise and diverse perspectives of governmental leaders; policymakers; farmers; CEOs and executives form agribusiness and non-governmental organizations; and scientific, academic and development experts from around the world. The Alliance will once again be holding a side event on the morning of the 15th. Learn more and register at

October 15, Des Moines, Iowa
7:00-8:30am CDT

SDG 2 From Commitment to Action: Addressing Hunger & Agriculture in the US
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal, counry-owned, broad-scoped and interconnected development agenda resulting from a series on inter-governmental negotiations. SDG 2, on "ending hunger, achieving food security and improving nutrition and pormoting sustainable development," is of particular interest to the work of the Alliance to End Hunger and its partners.
On the morning of October 14 the Alliance to End Hunger, in partnership with FAO, will host a breakfast and panel discussion highlighting the universality of SDG 2 by offering a discussion on how SDG 2 will be addressed in the United States. For more information, visit here.
This newsletter was compiled by Nathan Magrath, Manager of Communications and Outreach at the Alliance to End Hunger. Comments and questions may be directed to
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