CSW 59 FAQ   from UN Women

How many participants are coming this year?
1100 organizations have preregistered 8600 individuals to attend CSW 59. There are 188 UN side-events.
(The NGO CSW Forum has registered 450 parallel events—a record number).
Will there be secondary passes this year?
There are no secondary passes this year. However, each organization will only be issued one special event ticket to attend the opening ceremony, and one pass for each of the ministerial roundtables
Where will the Opening Ceremony be held?
The opening ceremony will take place in the General Assembly and the entire first day will be in the GA. Overflow rooms will be conference room four and conference room one (for Opening ceremony only).
After the first day, CSW 59 plenary sessions will take place in conference room four and conference room one will be the overflow room.
Can I get in with my annual UN badge?
If you have an annual UN Pass you can enter the UN building. However, you are encouraged to register (preferably after the first few days) so that your organization is credited with your attendance.
There will be a separate line with pre-printed badges for everyone who has attended CSW within the past three years. When you enter the building you need to let the greeters know that you attended before.
Do I need to bring a copy of my letter for Registration?
You must bring a copy of your letter of confirmation and the grounds pass form. There is no printing on site. You must also, have a government issued photo ID to register.
When will registration start?
Registration at the UN will begin on Thursday, 5 March in the afternoon. For Friday, Saturday & Sunday hours will be expanded until 8:00 pm. Registration will continue throughout the CSW.
Can I substitute pre-registered delegations for the UN?
Deadline to make changes to delegations is: 12 February 2015.
How can I sign up to speak during the Panel General Discussions (Q &A)? 
NGOs will be allowed to sign up to speak during the general discussion portion of the panels. There will be 6 sign off sheets, watch the website for the lists.
NGO written Statements are now available on-line (
What are some highlights of the UN Women events?
Sunday, 8 March - Public March hosted by the City of New York, UN Women and NGOs to celebrate the International Women's Day.
Tuesday, 10 March - Public concert at the Manhattan Center
Friday, 13 March - All day Intergenerational Dialogue
All plenary sessions will be webcast:
For updated schedule of UN events see:

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