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WMC is a 100% Conference

The Conference Council on Finance and Administration has good news to share. West Michigan will pay 100% of all General Church apportionments and is able to do so because of record-setting payment of Ministry Shares.... READ MORE

The simple art of singing together

After hearing her cabinets' voices raised in song, Bishop Deb offers guidelines for how we can work together – "as Christians unified in the love and message of Christ."... READ MORE
Dialogue on trust and leadership 
Susan Beaumont, a principle speaker at the quadrennial training in Nashville said, “My hope for the event is to give people a shared language.” Eighteen leaders from West Michigan returned home with an action plan.... READ MORE 

Is clutter blocking your ministry?
Pastor Bonnie Escobedo-Frank suggests the best way to re-start the church is to stop worshipping our stuff and to start worshipping our God. "There’s hope for clutter­dwellers, hoarders, and memory-storers," she says.... READ MORE from 'Leading Ideas'

General Secretary of the United Methodist General Board of Church & Society
The General Secretary is responsible for coordination of the total program of the board, supervision of staff, and administration of the headquarters office. 
More detailed information is available at GBCS General SecretaryMarch 18 is the deadline to apply. Applicants must send a cover letter accompanied by their resume and responses to the initial questionnaire to: Bishop Robert Hoshibata,  assistanttothebishop@desertsw.org. READ MORE

Director of Annual Conference Relationships
This position directs the work of the General Board of Discipleship agency in linking appropriately to annual conferences for the purpose of strengthening United Methodist connectional vitality. To apply: send a cover letter, resume, completed GBOD application and appendix questions to recruit@gbod.org or via fax at 615-340-7565 by February 28, 2013. Direct inquiries to 615-340-7107 or 615-340-7108. For full description, application and appendix questions READ MORE.

General Board of Discipleship offers free monthly webinars
Registration is required; people may register through http://www.gbod.org/webinars

January 31, 6:30-7:30 PM (CST)

Cultivating Adult Faith
Participants will consider key elements involved in adult faith formation, reflect on how each of the elements are present in their congregation/setting, and identify how to strengthen adult faith formation.
February 19, 6:30-7:30 PM (CST)
Engaging Adults in Service
Participants will reflect on the role that engagement in service experiences plays in adult faith formation and will identify ways of increasing the impact of service in individuals’ lives, as well as the quality of service to the community.

United Methodism 101 Online
Registration open through Thursday, Feb. 14. Cost: $9.99. Dates: February 20 - April 3. Register here now! READ MORE
Lent to go
Last year Marcia Elders, pastor of South Wyoming UMC, took Ash Wednesday out of the church and into the world. Learn how visitors to the YMCA exercised body and spirit, thanks to her ministry.... READ MORE
Sandy recovery barely begun 
Two months after the storm ripped through the northeast, the United Methodist Committee on Relief reports that donations for Sandy relief are "less than hoped for."... READ MORE

Millenium hunger goals within reach
The Millennium Development Goals have become a well-publicized vehicle for discussing hunger and poverty, but “did not necessarily translate into lasting achievements.” 

Sustainability is the key," says Liberato Bautista, an executive with the United Methodist Board of Church and Society: “Sustainability ensures no one is dependent on the other people’s charity. Empowerment points to the enablement of peoples to find meaningful ways to participate in the civic, political and economic life of their communities,” explained Bautista. “What we’re encouraging United Methodists to do is move beyond charity,” added June Kim, UMCOR executive, noting that Americans love their own rights but don’t think about the fact that basic human rights are violated in other places every day. “Can we talk about global development absent those conflicts and absent those root causes?” ... READ MORE

They are missionaries: Be one too!
Young adults may now apply for the 2013 class of Mission Interns and US-2s. Feb. 15 is the deadline to submit the application.... READ MORE

2013 Conference petitions due Feb 1!
Click this link to take you to the form and instructions. Email Greg at pastorgreg@unitedchurchofovid.

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