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February 2017 Health News & Views
Blue Monday, Sunshine & Avocados
Welcome to my February 2017 newsletter. I personally know how annoying it is to receive emails that you haven't signed up for. If you are receiving my newsletter for the first time it will be because at some point you have contacted me regarding treatment, healthTALKS or for skincare advice. My hours of practice and the ways in which you can contact me have recently changed (see details below) and you have been added to my mailing list to make sure you are aware of these changes. I hope you would like to read on but if not then please unsubscribe below and you will never hear from me again!

 Blue Monday
Phew, it's officially over. Blue Monday, which occurred on the 16th January this year, has since its 'inception' in 2005 been heralded as the day of the year where we are most likely to feel depressed. Chronic depression and occasional low moods and sadness are very different things but there are good reasons that all of us may feel a little deflated at this time of year. An Xmas overspend on the credit card and general overindulgence aside (sort yourself for next year, you know it makes sense), now is the time to review your Vitamin D levels and implement changes that begin immediately and become habit so that at this time next year you sail through the winter months with high energy levels, good immunity and buoyant spirits.
Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin primarily absorbed through the skin during the summer months from regular but safe sun exposure. It is responsible for healthy bones and benefits both the immune system and general mental well-being. As winter progresses our levels naturally decrease which makes us more prone to viruses and more likely to feel down. There are foods we can eat to help bolster our levels but these are limited and include oily fish, liver, egg yolks, butter, cheese and sunflower seeds so you can see that those on a restricted diet (e.g. vegan or dairy-free) could have some issues here.
So sunshine is the best source of Vitamin D but during the winter months we simply don't get enough in our climate which is why it's important to build up our reserves between April and September. Winter sun exposure does count though even in a minor way and the more fresh air and exercise we can get will always help us to feel better in ourselves generally. It's good to start now so that by the time the weather warms up we have made a positive habit which we can build on as the year progresses.
Supplementation with Vitamin D is a possibility if you feel that you are unable to obtain adequate amounts through natural processes. Questioning and improving lifestyle first and supplementing later if necessary is usually a good mantra, and as always, do your research and only buy high quality products such as Cytoplan's Wholefood High Potency Vegan Vitamin D3 
For a 10% discount off your first Cytoplan order enter WF0009 under practitioner code and WF10 at checkout.
So, how do avocados fit into the equation? Well, firstly they contain oils and vitamins (including D & E) that keep the body's cells naturally healthy and vital. Healthy cells allow nutrients in and toxins out and are better at absorbing and preserving Vitamin D. Dry skin is a particular nuisance during the winter for many people and those affected by eczema are even more likely to suffer. Regular use of commercial soaps, bath and shower gels, creams and lotions and working in air conditioned environment leaves the skin very dry and oil-less and the drier the skin, the harder it is for it to produce Vitamin D.
When formulating my skincare range I have carefully taken all this information into account and the Rather Lovely Facial Serums Love Winter and Love Spring/Autumn both contain high quality, cold-pressed, organic avocado oil which is easily absorbed through the skin to promote benefits both inside and out.
For a one-off 20% discount on the above products until 28.2.17 insert code FS20 at checkout.
The Rather Lovely Affiliate Programme is now up and running and if you would like to earn a commission for recommending our products then please register here. If you are a health practitioner recommending our products to clients then please contact us to find out how you can benefit and we can work together to spread the Rather Lovely word.

Your Best Self
For those of you who have read my previous newsletters you will know that I have been using my Best Self Journal to help keep myself on track with all my health goals for 2017. I have found it to be a great tool for recording progress and maintaining motivation. It's fun, inspirational and flexible. You can start it any time so if your year hasn't got off to the flying start you would have liked then you can reset, reaffirm and begin again from today. Check it out here

Tissue Salts
Nat Mur is the tissue salt indicated from January 20th - February 19th.
Tissue (or cell salts as they are also known) have been prescribed since their discovery in the late 1800s to naturally correct mineral deficiencies in the body which result in symptoms of sub-par health. They are a safe and inexpensive way of bringing the body back into balance.
There are 12 tissue salts which can be taken individually or in combination and homeopaths often prescribe them alongside constitutional treatment to help with acute complaints. One of the best books on the subject is Natural Healing with Cell Salts by Skye Weintraub, ND.
I use them a lot in my practice to good effect but also find it useful to take each one of the salts during their indicated astrological months. The prime function of this months indicated salt Nat Mur is to maintain a proper degree of moisture throughout the system and it can be effective in cases of exceptional dryness or excessive moisture. A 30ml bottle costs just £11. Adults can take 3 tablets 3 times daily and children 2 tablets twice a day. They are gentle yet effective, safe to use and suitable for all ages. Building up a first aid kit of tissue salts throughout the year will cover many acute complaints including coughs, colds, headaches, muscle spasms, hay fever and much much more.
I strongly recommend you purchase a good book on the subject (such as the one mentioned above) which contain a repertory of complaints.
To buy 30ml Nat Mur 6x please click here

Below is a reminder of changes in my practice which have taken effect from the New Year
Lifestyles have changed so much in recent years and I feel it's now time for me to catch up. As such, there are some important changes to my working practice that I need to make you aware of. 
  • I will no longer be offering Open Morning sessions on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • Instead, you can now book 15 minute sessions via my website to discuss ongoing treatment or acute complaints, and to arrange times to buy Rather Lovely and other products.
  • The best way to contact me is by email and I will no longer be able to respond to text messages.
  • All homeopathy and Bowen appointments can now be booked online. This means that as a client you can see availability at any time of day and book a time to suit you. You can also change your booking yourself if necessary.
  • I have been gradually been implementing these changes over the past few months with good effect and promise that I will always respond to you as quickly as I possibly can.
  • Rather Lovely products can be ordered and paid for online for collection from my porch as previously.
  • I will continue to remind you of these changes and hope that you will find it easier in future to contact me at a time to suit you. Some further changes may be needed to make sure that you continue to receive the best service I can possibly give as a sole practitioner.

I hope you have a happy and healthy February 2017.
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