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Issue 2

The Socarrat

A selection of what inspired us recently
and occasional updates from the studio.


There's a big chance that if you have LEGO in your house, they are all mixed up in one big container. The impressive Brickit app scans your pile of bricks so you can build new creations from them. Choose from hundreds of ideas to get assembly instructions tailored to your collection. The app even has a brick finder to quickly spot that specific brick you need. Our minds got blown when we saw this. 😱

Camo: Standing out and blending in

In her Camo series, Kenyan photographer Thandiwe Muriu creates an optical illusion where the models blend in completely with the background yet stand out simultaneously. The vibrant photos show lively patterns, hairstyles, and styling that celebrate her culture.

The Museum of Annoying Experiences

Zendesk introduced a digital exhibition filled with examples of bad customer service from a 'primitive' time. Solutions such as waiting in line on the phone or CAPTCHA tests are on display in the museum. The small interactive experiences surely will make you think of how silly some of these practices are.

Plastic in the Air

Giorgia Lupi, Talia Cotton, and Phil Cox from Pentagram collaborated with Google Arts and Culture to create an interesting visualization of all of the invisible plastic that's around you. It's a lens to see the microscopic plastic particles coming from the everyday objects that we own or buy. Showing how these microplastics are created and travel based on certain conditions gives you a better idea of their impact on the environment and human health.

Hovers, Cursors, and Cute Interactions

Gusta co-founder Kevin's website got featured in the Awwwards collection Hovers, Cursors, and Cute Interactions for its smudgy mouse effect in the header. Awwwards honors the best websites from across the globe with awards and community-based reviews. We're very thankful and proud of the feature! 💙