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Issue 1

The Socarrat

A selection of what inspired us recently
and occasional updates from the studio.

Project Starline by Google

During this year’s Google I/O event, the company showed its latest technology concept: a ‘magic’ window that helps people feel like they’re physically together in the same space, even when they’re far apart. The technology concept combines advanced hardware and software to enable a life-size 3D FaceTime session with your family or friends.

2ºC Earth

Global temperatures are rising, and the climate crisis we’re in is changing every part of the world as we know it. 2ºC Earth is an impressive guide that visualizes the devastating consequences if our world continues to warm. The interactive website shows how five locations around the globe could look soon, together with resources on how to take action.

Artist Em Emem fills streets with mosaics

The anonymous Lyon-based artist quite literally fills the streets of France with beautiful mosaics. Any damaged wall, pothole, or crack in the asphalt becomes a canvas for the sidewalk poet – as he calls himself.

Artist turns pet memes into funny sculptures

Japanese artist Meetissai creates sculptures from hilarious animal memes. The results are often cute, pleasantly weird, and even funnier than the original picture. It’s for sure worth it to follow along on Twitter to see the latest masterpieces.


Parmesan, Gouda, or Manchego – we love cheese! 🧀 However, cheese production takes a heavy toll on our planet. We’ve worked with Willicroft, an Amsterdam-based brand that makes plant-based cheese, to create their upcoming website. Combining their roots in dairy farming and a passion for the planet, they know how to make delicious vegan cheeses without sacrificing taste or texture.