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Issue 12

The Socarrat

A selection of what inspired us recently
and occasional updates from the studio.

Gusta goes OFFF: Recap

For this issue of The Socarrat, we're looking back at our annual inspiration trip to OFFF—a creative art and digital design festival. We packed our bags and spent a week in Barcelona with the Gusta team. After 3 years, it was finally possible again to come together in the Disseny Hub to hop between stages, the exciting marketplace, and the sunny outdoors to soak up inspiration from fellow creatives coming from all over the world. And, of course, we had to get some good food and drinks outside of the talks. Here's a recap of our favorite moments! 💙

"We use the power of imagination to realize new worlds"

The talk by Territory Studio is probably my favorite of the week. It was an excellent start to the festival. Territory Studio specializes in graphic design, VFX & title designs for movies. The most interesting thing was seeing how they created the interfaces and graphics to support the narrative of films that we all know, such as movies from the Marvel universe and Ready Player One. They have the challenge of designing for technology that does not exist. They have to reimagine the technology of the future. As they say, "We use the power of imagination to realize new worlds." Gusta's trip to OFFF and Barcelona has been a great success! We have come out of our bubble from Valencia, and we have been able to see what other designers do in their studios around the world. We also had a lot of delicious food, especially at Gringa & Can Dendê! 😋 – Sara

Relatable stories, paper planes, and gasoline experiments

There are too many things to mention here. Overall the trip was super inspiring! The time that we spent together, with several fun moments, walks, and laughs, was amazing. I also have lots of energy to experiment with creative things away from the screen, trying to nurture the creativity at Gusta. My favorite talk was from State Design with Marcel Ziul. Apart from the awesome visuals and projects, the presentation welcomed everyone to a personal journey full of victories and failures. Battles between ego and soul, finding purpose and your own voice. These were things that most professionals in the creative industry can relate so much with! I really loved the honesty and vulnerability in which Marcel portrayed his growth as a designer and studio owner. Other memorable moments were... ✈️ When everyone threw paper planes at the main stage during Vallée Duhamel. 🧪 When Tina Touli showed the recipes for her colorful gasoline experiments. 😻 Seeing our friend Yasmine from Amsterdam. 😂 And breakfast at Gringa, lunch at Gringa, and dinner at Gringa. – Mar

A look inside the day to day of other creatives

Everything was super inspiring, and it gave us a look at what other creatives do in their day-to-day. My favorite talks at OFFF were by Territory Studio, Malika Favre, and Pentagram's Paula Scher. I loved the holograms and futuristic movie UI from Territory and the engaging presentation style from Malika. From Paula Scher, I especially loved two projects: the branding and signage she designed for Quad Cinema in New York and the environmental graphics for the Children's MuseumLab of Pittsburgh. This last project was impressive, as the old building was falling apart, and there was no budget for renovations. She designed the graphics and signs to contrast with the old building, enhancing it and making its worn-out look seem intentional. Apart from the talks, we had some time to wander around Barcelona and had a lot of delicious meals, including several yummy visits to our beloved Gringa! 🍔 – Paula

Inspiration, delicious food, lots of laughs, repeat

Preparing for our trip, we made our own schedule for the festival, marking some "can't miss this!" picks. However, looking back, other talks from our selection or that we randomly attended inspired me the most. It's the surprise effect of the whole festival—there's so much to see and do, but you'll leave inspired either way. It's what keeps us coming back each year. We've seen Malika Favre in 2019 and are familiar with her work, but her personal way of presenting by highlighting important people in her life made it one of the best talks. DIA Studio's Mitch giving a jazzy explanation of the motion behind the typography systems for clients like Squarespace and Nike blew my mind. And the list goes on. Another thing on our schedule was going to... you guessed it, Gringa! 💯 (This is not an ad, it's actually that good.) It's easy to get overwhelmed by all of the talks... So going for delicious food at some of our must-visit restaurants, discovering new places around the city, and having fun together made it a great trip! – Kevin

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