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Issue 13

The Socarrat

A selection of what inspired us recently
and occasional updates from the studio.

Envision Glasses make everyday life more accessible

We’re in the middle of an exciting new project where we’re researching and designing for Mixed Reality glasses. When looking for relevant references, we came across this project that powerfully uses smart glasses to make everyday life easier for people with visual impairment. They work as an aid that can scan text to turn it into speech instantly, describe the environment, and recognize faces, objects, colors, light, and more. Its features give more autonomy to do specific tasks that otherwise usually require another person to help. 👏

GT Planar

Swiss type foundry Grilli Type is known for its creative and fun mini-sites it makes for each typeface, and they’ve done it again for their new GT Planar font. The extraordinary fonts transition in a 90-degree range from -45° retalic to 0° upright to +45° italic. Because of these angled styles, the typeface feels like it would feel right at home in the opening scenes of the next big science-fiction space movie. Leaning on that idea, the website for GT Planar looks like a retrofuturistic interface used by a space engineer on a journey in outer space.

Polestar O₂ electric roadster concept

Earlier this year, car manufacturer Polestar presented their new electric roadster concept—the Polestar O₂. It’s a new type of sports car, namely one without the typical engine noise or pollution. Admittedly, it kind of looks like a regular sports car, but what makes this one even more special is that it comes standard with an autonomous cinematic drone that can lift off and land while driving.

Space Shelter game teaches how to stay safer online

Together with Euroconsumer and non-profit Techsoup, Google made Space Shelter. It’s a game that teaches players how you can be safer online through a journey to the stars. Your mission is to navigate the spaceship safely across the galaxy. To do this, you must test your skills in the ship’s security systems, protect your access code, and operate the defenses to avoid space pirates.

We became students of the Patata School

Fridays are a playground for our self-development, and most recently, we all became students of the Patata School! 🥔 With the resources and well-put-together course of studio Cabeza Patata, we use Spline to explore designing in 3D. What’s interesting about this relatively new design tool is that you can model interactive 3D scenes that can be exported into web projects. Follow along on Instagram for the results and more things happening around the studio.