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Issue 15

The Socarrat

A selection of what inspired us recently
and occasional updates from the studio.

New website for BIOagradables

BIOagradables is a non-profit organization that aims to return nature to a healthy state through environmental protection activities and education. In celebration of their 10th anniversary, we worked on a website design that could help them carry out their mission in the future.

We took inspiration from the Valencian coast that they take care of and their innovative movement by combining a soft color palette with bold looks. The new website is a place to discover exciting projects they’ve worked on and is the starting point to join the next beach clean-up activity.

Runway – Online video editor with AI tools

Professional video editing seems reserved for people with access to a powerful computer running Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. This makes it even more refreshing that nowadays, there are tools like Runway that fully run from your browser. Like other modern tools, you can collaborate in real-time with others, but AI tools are what sets this tool apart. You can remove video backgrounds or objects in a few clicks, and soon you’ll be able to type to describe your video edits, as shown in this tweet. 🤯


When designing branding or digital applications like business cards, apps, and websites, mockups help to give a better context of the final product before production. However, they’re often unrealistic, showing floating phones or spotless bus stops with blue skies. Dutch designer Wytze Hoogslag created a realistic set of mockups called Fockups, made from real-life situations where wind, rain, time, graffiti, and human stupidity take over and develop unfortunate cases to show our designs realistically.

100 Days of Art History Jinjins Gallery

A few years ago, Adobe designer Jinjin Sun started a 100-day project to digitally paint herself into 100 historical paintings. From the famous Mona Lisa and the Girl with a Pearl Earring to works by Rousseau, Caravaggio, and more that might be lesser known to most people. Jinjin explains that it was a great exercise to improve her skills, relax, and explore her identity.

Deleting apps, Katamari Damacy style

Apple’s Keynote is happening this week, with the new iOS coming up soon too, introducing exciting new features. One update that software engineer Robb Böhnke would like to see is an efficient way to delete apps, inspired by the classic PS2 game Katamari Damacy. Collect apps with a sticky snowball interaction and dismiss to delete them all. 🤽‍♀️