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Issue 3

The Socarrat

A selection of what inspired us recently
and occasional updates from the studio.

Alex Proba’s painted swimming pools

This hot August edition of The Socarrat kicks things off with a refreshing bit of inspiration. Designer Alex Proba painted pools with beautiful murals, featuring vibrant shapes and playful colors that showcase Proba’s signature style and patterns.


Fingerspelling is an interactive browser-based app that teaches you American Sign Language (ASL). Through computer vision and your webcam, the tool helps you with the movements of your hand and fingers to spell each letter. The machine learning game makes it fun and intuitive to learn the basics of this manual alphabet while showing how powerful it can be to use technology for education.

Dead Startup Toys

Collective MSCHF recently released Dead Startup Toys — five ambitious startup products that failed to see the light of day find new life as parody toys. Among others, you’ll find the famous One Laptop Per Child project and crowdfunding disaster Coolest Cooler in the toy collection. If you’re looking to buy one, you’re out of luck as they sold out within a day. However, you can still pay respects to capitalism by pressing F.

TECLA: 3D printed house of clay

Eco-sustainability research by Mario Cucinella Architects and the 3D printing technology of WASP made it possible to turn locally sourced, shapeless earth into a home. This unique prototype made of clay took form in Massa Lombarda, Italy. Inside of the peanut-shaped house there’s a living area with a kitchen and a space for sleeping and bathing. Very interesting to see how this innovative model could play a role in future housing.

Our new office

Before the summer break, we moved into our new office in the exciting Ruzafa neighborhood. Some finishing touches are missing, but it has already proven to be a great creative workspace for our team. When the pandemic is under control, there for sure will be an office warming party!