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Simon Norton at a demonstration

Remembering Simon Norton

Hello <<First Name>>

We were deeply saddened last month to learn of the passing of Simon Norton, who was - amongst many other things - a passionate and dedicated local campaigner. He coordinated Cambridgeshire Campaign for Better Transport, where his deep conviction and extraordinary wealth of knowledge illuminated campaigns for rural buses and against car-dependent housing developments. 

Our tribute to Simon can be read on our website.

We need a national programme of rail reopenings

If you're campaigning for a local rail line or station to be reopened, you'll know just how just how laborious and time-consuming the process can be. 

Despite hundreds of reopenings being proposed, few reach construction, due in part to a lack of national oversight: identifying and promoting projects is currently left to local authorities and investors. This needs to change. Last month we published The case for expanding the rail network, which calls for a national programme of rail reopenings. We want to see the Government committing to short and medium term funding for reopenings, and we've identified 33 lines that should be first in the queue. 

You can find out more about our proposals, as well as our 33 'Priority 1' lines (and 80+ 'Priority 2' lines) in The case for expanding the rail network.

The case for expanding the rail network

Rural areas must not be transport deserts

Rural transport campaigners will recognise the picture: year-on-year cuts to local authority supported bus services have left many older people, younger people and those on low incomes stranded. Perhaps there's an occasional bus that meanders around far-apart villages, but it's not attractive enough to tempt drivers out of their cars. 

We say there's another way. If you missed our report at the end of last year entitled The future of rural bus services in the UK, it's worth a catch-up. It contains a wealth of ideas that we hope will help your local campaign. 

At present rural services are run and funded by a variety of different operators, with little or no coordination between them. Our report recommends a focus on knitting existing transport operations into a single network.

We also need to make much better use of technology. With mobile technology ever more ubiquitous, the ability to target and join up services so they support even the most sparsely populated of regions is getting easier to achieve. 

The future of rural bus services in the UK

Grants and opportunities

There's just time for my usual round-up of grants and other opportunities that could help your local campaign...

Good bye till next time



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