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Glow Up Your Paddle with a Snappy Personalized Silicone Paddle Band - And Save with Our Group Buy!

Hey, <<First Name>> --

  Maybe you've seen some in the queue rack at beautiful Cypress Cove, or have a friend who's sporting one on their paddle: a cool, colorful silicone paddle name band, securing the grip tape at the neck of their paddle and making their paddle stand out in the crowd.

  Don't know what we're talking about? Click here to see an example.

  They're pretty cool, and only $6 each -- IF you order at least four to get the discounted price, and then you've still got to add in shipping as well. And really, who needs four?

  So we're going to try to put together a group buy of these My Padl Bands (or as they call them, "Banz") for paid-up members of the Cove Pickleball Club who are hanging around here right now, and if it all goes well, we'll do another group buy during Snowbird season early next year.

  Here's how it's going to work:
  1. Visit and browse the color band you want from their choices. To make our order easier, we're going to limit your choices to Red/White, Royal Blue/White, Pink/White, Green/White and Black/White. 
  2. Bring $8 cash or check for each band you want to order to the pickleball courts on any Wednesday or Saturday between now and July 11th, and have your color choice in mind.
  3. We'll take your money and enter your order into our group buy supercomputer.
  4. On July 11th, we'll submit the order.
  5. When our order arrives, we'll send you an email to let you know so you can pick up your band.
  The eagle-eyed reader will have noted that we're charging $8 each for something that lists for $6 when bought in quantity. Yes, we are.

  We're larding a bit into the deal to make it worth our while, cover the shipping for the whole order, and then whatever few cents per band is left over will go into your Club treasury so we can squander it in some fun way sometime soon!

  With enough players jumping into the group buy to make this worthwhile, pretty soon ALL the cool kids will be sporting a neat name band on their paddle!

  See you on the courts!

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