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Hey, <<First Name>>!

  We have juuuust enough time for a fun Cove Apple Club meeting before some of us sail away for two weeks on the Big Nude Boat on Sunday. So why not join us TONIGHT, Wednesday, February 9, 2022, when we gather again for another edition of the Cove Apple Club?

  It kicks off at 7pm sharp, in the beautiful, spacious and comfortable Clubhouse at Cypress Cove, with a half-hour beforehand set aside for Office Hours, where you can probably get your Apple-related tech questions answered starting at 6:30pm.

  Can't make it in person? Then feel free to join us virtually on Zoom -- read on for the deets.

How to Zoom in from wherever else you may be:

  If you can't join us in person at the Clubhouse tonight, you can pop in virtually from your iPhone, iPad or Mac -- or, if you have a friend who hasn't come over from The Dark Side yet, it's even possible for them to jump in from a Windows PC, or an Android smartphone or tablet.

  Best of all, you don't have to bother dressing up, whether you're coming to the Clubhouse or Zooming in from afar! Here's how:

  First, read full info on how you can get set up and ready before the meeting right here. You'll need a fairly-recent Mac, iPhone or iPad and a good, fast internet connection.

  Read all the details in the link above, then keep the following info handy for the meeting tonight: 

Fun, interesting and useful:

  • 1Password to the Rescue: By now, every self-respecting Cove Apple Club member knows of our decade-long love affair with 1Password, the time-saving, hassle-saving, security-tightening password manager we've been using and evangelizing since 2005. But few use it to its full potential, and we'll address that tonight when we show-and-tell all about 1Password Categories. Far beyond just keeping your website logins secure, Categories lets you collect, securely store, fill-in and keep handy ALL KINDS of other mission-critical info. And tonight, we'll show it off with live demos, which will leave you blinking in stunned disbelief and wondering why you haven't been using them for the past 17 years!
  • QR Codes -- They're EVERYWHERE! The pandemic shoved the adoption of QR codes ahead by a decade, and now we see them everywhere: on TV ads, on household products, on restaurant tables -- heck, even on the sides of busses! Tonight, we'll take a deep dive into these now-ubiquitous little digital pockmarks, and show you the easy way to scan them, use them and even create them!
Office Hours -- The Doc is IN!

  For Cove Apple Club Office Hours, we set aside the 30 minutes prior to our meeting for anyone to pop in who needs an answer to a quick question or two, or a bit of advice on all things Apple.

  So bring your device and your question(s) and be ready to queue tonight starting at 6:30pm when we throw open the clinic doors and Dr. Mac tries to answer your wacky questions!

Please help keep the Club fun & hassle-free!

  Our club is 100% donor-funded by those who enjoy the Cove Apple Club and want to keep the fun going. If that sounds like you, we'd really appreciate your support -- in any amount, anytime, and by any method -- to help us pay the bills and keep the Club fun and hassle-free.

  YOUR donation -- as little or as much as you're comfy with -- keeps the Club fun and healthy for everyone, and if everyone just gives a little bit a few times a year, our money needs will be easily under control.

 To make donating easy and safe, we've set up secure, easy ways for you to donate online, right from your Mac or iPhone, using Zelle, PayPal or Venmo. You can even choose to automatically donate $3, $5 or even $10 per month, automatically, through a new subscription donation program through Patreon.

  See complete details and step-by-step instructions for each method on the Donate page on the Club website. Or just hop on over to If you'd rather mail a check, email for instructions on how you can do that.

  See you tonight!


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