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From the Desk of Janet Barclay
April 2021

What have you been up to this spring?

Several new career service entrepreneurs were recently planning their first websites. Realizing how much they needed to learn, they invited me to lead a session as their website subject matter expert.

They asked some great questions, including:
  1. What are the main things we need to think about when selecting a theme or design for our website?
  2. What WordPress widgets and plugins have you found particularly effective?
  3. If I decide not to do the set up and design a website myself, what is a rough idea of cost? What can I do to decrease or manage the costs?
You can read my answers in my latest blog post, Your First Website: Are you ready to dive in?
Janet's experience and insights on web design and management have been incredibly helpful to me.

I attended a session Janet conducted for a small group of new entrepreneurs looking for web savvy advice and “know how” on website creation. She provided useful tips, links to resources, and answered a ton of questions without geeking us out. Her understated professional and personal approach really appeals to me.

If you are looking for value and expertise with website requirements, I can happily recommend Janet.

Barb Penney, Winning Resumes by Design

Away from my Desk

When the pandemic hit, I read about lots of people keeping busy with baking, hobbies, or other projects at home. I was envious because I didn’t feel like doing any of that.
But then I won a virtual organizing session with Linda Samuels of Oh! So Organized. We've been reading each other’s blogs for years, and we’ve even met in person a couple of times, so I was excited to have an the opportunity to work with her. 
I knew right away I wanted Linda to help me organize my kitchen cupboards. My cooking and shopping routines have changed over the past year, so I often have more groceries on hand than I used to. In addition, many items were stored wherever I found room for them instead of with any logic.

During a one-hour Zoom session in my kitchen, when Linda asked to see not just the problem areas, but the rest of the kitchen and other potential spots for storing items that don't fit well there. She came up with great possibilities that had never crossed my mind. 

After the session, she emailed me a detailed summary of our discussion, complete with product recommendations and suggested action steps. I loved that they didn't all need to all happen at the same time.

One of her suggestions was to transfer my spices from their cellophane envelopes and mismatched containers to matching jars, and store them in a drawer instead of a cabinet. I even treated myself to some cute labels from Etsy!
Clearing drawer space for the spices meant moving my table linens to the linen closet, which makes a lot of sense but brought another problem area to light. However, after eliminating the items I’m unlikely to use and organizing what’s left - placing small items like batteries and shoelaces into a three-drawer unit (which I already had) - my linen closet is now neater than it’s ever been.

This has jump-started me to keep going, both in my kitchen and other areas of my home. And now that I know how much can be accomplished in a one-hour virtual organizing session, I won’t be afraid to schedule another one when I get stuck.
Learn more about Linda’s Virtual Organizing services

Meet More Virtual Organizers:

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Hazel Thornton - Organized for Life
(family records and keepsakes)

Kathy Stone - Calgary Photo Solutions
(large photo collections)

If you need to get organized, don’t want someone in your home right now (or ever), but didn’t think virtual organizing could help, let me tell you: it can!

What's on your mind these days?

As always, I’d love to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to post a comment on my Facebook page or reply to this email.

Janet Barclay

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