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March, 2011

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.”  
~ Pablo Picasso


Some interesting bits from around the web to inspire and feed your creative spirit:

A beautiful post from the Collage Diva on using art to help work through feelings:
"Soul Collage(R) Daddy's Girl"
Check out these inspiring stories from the Art Saves archives at


Make a list of small creative activities, especially those that you can do a bit mindlessly as a sort of artistic meditation. Keep this handy for those times when feelings are overwhelming you and you need to do something to deal with them but don't quite have the energy for a full- on creative project.

Creative Extras:

Join us for the launch of Everyday Writers, a place to set goals, cheer each other on, talk with other writers about your ideas and dreams and goals and get some writing done.  Sign up now (it's free!) to get your April goals down and get your writing life started.

I'm looking for reader submissions (feel  free to let your friends know, too). Personal anecdotes, photos, art journal page scanse, anything to do with your
creative life and creativity in general that you would like to share with others, that you think might be inspirational or informative, is welcome.  If you have something you'd like to share that was sparked by something in the newsletter or from my blog or FB page, that would be fantastic!  Let me know if that's where your submission is from so I can mention it.

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Creative Busy Work
by Kim Switzer


I wasn't going to write an article this month. Instead, I was going to send out a brief note with apologies and promise to see you all in April. See, it's been a really hard two months, and March has been the worst of it. Two months ago, we found out my mother has cancer. She spent the first three weeks of March at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, and we weren't hearing good news. All of this came to a head with me making an emergency trip out there (39 hours each way by train!) to be there for her surgery last week because they weren't sure she would pull through. Happily, she did way better than they expected, we have some hope now, and I've been home for a few days and am feeling mostly human again.


  Nourishing Dreams
  by Anna Alexander

In a desperate attempt to stave off boredom, I picked the latest copy of O Magazine yesterday. Oprah had an article on how to de-clutter your home and make your life almost, but not quite as glamorous as hers. A couple of times a year I feel our house is getting too cluttered and go on a mad cleaning spree. This means my husband has to hide everything that’s important or not nailed down or face having to rummage through the recycle bin to see what I threw away.  So, I read Oprah’s article and got nothing out of it I didn’t already know. Most of the tips were more things I wasn’t willing to do and involved money I didn’t have.  Thanks Oprah.


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