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Above: Jeremy Pape with the 2016 Midwinter Championship Trophy. After the awards ceremony he was treated to the traditonal dunking. All Midwinters photos by Mari Johnson, Regatta Girl Photography.

UK Sailmakers developed our MC sail designs just over two and a half years ago. We spent some cold days out on Wisconsin lakes through out the fall of 2013 testing different shapes for speed and ease of trim. Our efforts paid big dividends very quickly when our MC sails debuted at the 2013 SE Regionals, where they won the first four races on day one of the event. Winning a total of five of the six races at this debut regatta immediately caught the attention of many top MC sailors.
Jeremy Pape leading at the Rebel Rouser. Sylvia Muccillo photo.

The 2016 racing season has started and now there is a regatta almost every weekend. Over the winter and spring, UK Sailmakers’ MC sails have consistently proven their speed and performance by being on the winning boat in the SE Regionals, Trainwreck, Sarasota Bay Regatta, Midwinters and the Rebel Rouser. There is no doubt our sails are fast, but we recognize the credit to these victories also goes to the great sailors using our sails. Top sailors are always looking for an edge in performance and they have found one with UK Sailmakers’ MC sails.
Tommy Harken 2016 Midwinter Grand Master Champion and finished 3rd overall.

Congratulations to Jeremy Pape 2016 MC Midwinter Champ. Jeremy went down to Florida a week early using the Sarasota Bay Regatta as tune up. He showed consistent speed and point winning this regatta also and his tuning partner, Stefan Schulze, finished third. Congratulations also goes to Tommy Harken who ended up in a three way tie for 2nd ending up 3rd in the tiebreaker at the Midwinters. Tommy also received the Top Grand Master  trophy at the Midwinters.  Dave Helmick sailed a strong series finishing seventh and finishing second in the Grand Masters.
Dave Helmick totally stoked after getting two seconds in a row at the Midwinters.

The Rebel Rouser featured a showdown between 2014 Midwinter champ Ron Baerwitz and current Midwinter champ Jeremy Pape, who was sailing on his home lake. Ron was dying to sail as he was not able to participate in any fall or winter regattas. Ron showed no signs of being rusty as he sailed consistently in the tricky conditions at Lake Lanier to earn the victory. At the Rebel Rouser, UK sails finished 1,2,4,5 and each race was won by a UK Sailmakers customer. Our PS1 and PS2 designs each won races at this regatta.


Zack Clayton testing the H Design mainsail. 

Initially, when we began making sails for the MC Scow, we intended to have one single design to serve the class. With the flexibility of the rig, different sized sailors and crew combinations, and different sailing venues, we quickly recognized the need for a powerful sail for bigger sailors/teams and choppy lake conditions. We designed our PS2 sail, tested it and it has been winning races ever since. The first victory for the PS2 was at the 2015 George Dorn regatta where 1st & 2nd place boats used this design. John Porter, the 2016 Trainwreck winner, used the the PS2 design exclusively in his victory.

We were asked by several sailors to come up with another design to meet the needs of lighter sailors. There are many smaller sailors that never add a crew and most of the designs are too powerful to sail effectively at the mid to top range without extra crew weight. To meet this need, UK has designed a heavy air sail for those who like to sail alone. The sail is flatter but has enough luff curve to prevent over-bending and allow the sail to twist off in the big breeze. This sail was used and tested by Zack Clayton at the 2016 Midwinters. This regatta had some big breeze and Zack felt the sail allowed him to hang with the heavier guys and give him a chance where he normally would have been flushed out the back.

Since the sail we call "The H" will be a niche sail, we will not have a large quantity in stock. Lead times may be longer than you expect so if you fit in this category ordering sooner is better than waiting... 
All UK Sailmakers' MC sails are designed, developed and produced at our loft in Chicago using the finest first quality fabrics and materials. The quality in the finish and craftsmanship of our sails is clearly visible. We currently have sails in stock and ready to deliver for the coming season. Mike Considine and John Porter will be around on the regatta circuit to answer any questions you may have about tuning and trimming.
Please contact us with any questions and have a great sailing season!

Mike Considine
John Porter
Above: Ron Baerwitz on his way to winning
the 2016 Rebel Rouser. Sylvia Muccillo photo

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