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The Sovereign Grand Master had the opportunity to attend the Annual Session of the York Rite Sovereign College in Kansas City, and even made a visit to the Kansas City Valley A.A.S.R. SJ!

2022 Pennsylvania Ingathering a Success!!!

By: Rt. Ven. Bro. Seth C. Anthony, Grand Superintendent
On Saturday, June 25, 2022, the Allied Masonic Degrees in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania held an Annual Ingathering at the Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center. This was the first time that an Ingathering had been held in the Western portion of the state, drawing much attention and interest from the membership. Attendees came from neighboring states as well, including Ohio and Delaware. The event was hosted by Lynn C. Burtner Council No. 545.
The day commenced at 9:00 AM with attendees participating in the monthly all-Masonic Fellowship Breakfast being held that day. The Ingathering was called to order at 9:45 AM, which included the induction of a new Brother into the Allied Masonic Degrees, as performed by the Grand Superintendents present - Right Venerable Brother Jason F. Craig, Grand Superintendent for Pennsylvania – West; and Right Venerable Brother Seth C. Anthony, Grand Superintendent for Pennsylvania – Central.
The first presentation of the day was provided by Rt. Ven. Bro. Anthony, who shared his research into the rise, spread, and fall of the Cerneau Rite and Irregular Freemasonry in Pennsylvania in the late 1800’s. The original paper for this presentation under consideration for a future issue of the Miscellanea. Following was Ven. Bro. Richard F. Muth, who offered a presentation that compared the commonly accepted first three degrees of Freemasonry with those of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. Both presentations generated much discussion and were well received.
After a break for lunch, the officers and members of Odyssey Council No. 550 performed the degree Master of Tyre in full form, with appropriate furnishings and regalia. It was an incredible presentation, complete with precision floorwork. The team is commended for such a fine ritualistic display!
Unfortunately, due to personal health issues, the team originally scheduled to perform the Knight of Constantinople degree was unable to attend. But, this did not stop the day! Bro. Thomas Anke stepped up and shared his paper on Freemasonry and the Noahichidae. Further discussion on this topic was held before the conclusion of the event around 3:00 PM.
In addition to a fine day of education, each attended received a commemorative “lapel jewel” which can be worn with a ribbon as a jewel or the drop individually, as a lapel pin.
This was an excellent first Ingathering for the Pittsburgh region and we look forward to more events in the area. We, in Pennsylvania, thank all of those who joined us for the festivities and look forward to our 2023 Ingathering, to be held in the Eastern part of the state (dates to be determined.)
New Jersey Annual Ingathering 2022
By: R.V. Moises I. Gomez Grand Superintendent of the Allied Masonic Degrees of New Jersey
On August 6, 2022, New Jersey held its Annual statewide AMD Ingathering in South River, NJ, hosted by our newest council, Delphi Council No. 568. Delphi offered to host this year's Ingathering soon after being chartered in 2021. The council, led by V.B. F. Michael Loiacono SM, Bro Mohammad Al Zubaidi SW and Bro Robert Davis JW, organized what was an incredible day for New Jersey Freemasonry.
The day's agenda was to exemplify two degrees, the Order of the Secret Monitor I & II, two lectures, and the consecration of a new council, Magistri Lucis Council No. 580.
After the opening, M.V. Mohamad A. Yatim PSGM, R.V. Michael S Neuberger PGSup for NJ, and R.V. Yasser Al-AlKhatib Grand Director of Ceremonies presided over the consecration of Magistri Lucis Council No. 580, the obligation of its new members, and the installation of the officers. Delphi exemplified the Order of the Secret Monitor I and members of Da Vinci, Voorhis, and with the help of a few other NJ councils exemplified The Order of the Secret Monitor II. V.B. Michael Czech presented his lecture, “Next to Godliness: How Close Can You Get?”, and M.V. Mohamad A. Yatim presented his lecture, “Freemasonry and the Pursuit of Happiness”. This was truly a great day for NJ AMD.  We had over 80 people in attendance, including Most Worshipful Robert V Monacelli, Grand Master of Masons of the State of New Jersey and R.W. David L. Tucker, Deputy Grand Master of Masons of the State of New Jersey along with other members of the Grand  Staff, several Grand AMD Council officers, leaders from the York Rite and Scottish Rite, and brethren from four jurisdictions, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Many felt it was almost like a mini AMD week! I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Delphi Council for pulling off such a fantastic day and topping it off by presenting one of the two degrees. I congratulate the members of our youngest council, Magistri Lucis, led by V.B. Michael Czech SM.
I am in debt to M.V Mohamad A. Yatim, R.V. Michael Neuberger and R.V. Yasser Al-Khatib for stepping in and assisting with the day, as our M.V. Aaron M. Shoemaker SGM of AMD of the USA could not attend because of other obligations. As Grand Superintendent of New Jersey, I was not able to participate due to a work injury. I managed to make a sneak appearance for the lunch break (don't tell my doctor), just to say thank you, and to greet all the brethren in attendance.
I am extremely proud of the work being done here in New Jersey by the brethren of the Allied Masonic Degrees, and how quickly our newest members and newest councils have stepped up and have offered to host our Ingatherings. We have great outstanding leaders here in New Jersey and we are blessed with having two PSGM’s in M.V. Thurman C. Pace, Jr and M.V. Mohamad A. Yatim, and a wealth of past Grand Superintendents who not only guide us but mentor and assist us even when they have long left office. With kindest and warmest regards R.V. Moises I. Gomez Grand Superintendent of the Allied Masonic Degrees of New Jersey

Indiana hosted its Annual Ingathering at Prather Council #510 on June 11th, 2022, in Lawrence, IN. With over 200 hundred members in attendance, it was an eventful day as the following councils conferred these degrees:

Prather Council #510 – Degree of Excellent Master
Thespian Council #464 – Grand Tyler of Solomon
Saint Johns Council #541 – St. Lawrence the Martyr
Pokagon Council #147 – Knight of Constantinople

The first three grades of the Order of the Scarlet Cord (1st Grade – Ostiarius or Doorkeeper, 2nd Grade – Lector, and 3rd Grade Fellow or Healer & Exorcist) were conferred on worthy Companions.
Twins!  Two New Councils in Massachusetts
By Rt. Ven. Robert Y. Chan, Grand Superintendent for New England
On July 9, 2022, with the assistance of Ven. Daniel J.T. Daley and Bro. John W. Ruggles, two new Allied Masonic Councils were constituted in Massachusetts:
Dr. John Dee Council No. 578 in Feeding Hills, Mass. and William Dawes Council No. 579 in Brockton, Mass.

The journey was officially constituted at 8:30 AM, and after fighting through traffic going to Six Flags, we finally reached our destination at 12:05 PM.  Dr. John Dee Council was approved in January 2022 but was not constituted until six months later because of the significance of having the Council constituted as close as possible to July 13th, which was the birth date of John Dee.

A luncheon was held at noon and an emergent communication of the Grand Council was opened at 1:10 PM.  Dr. John Dee Council was officially constituted at 1:30 PM. 

Paul Revere Council, the first Allied Masonic Council in Massachusetts, was originally chartered in Westfield, Mass., but have now since relocated east to Newtonville, Mass, with the constitution of Dr. John Dee Council, we see the light of Allied Masonry returning to Western Massachusetts. 
Photo credit: Ven. Daniel J.T. Daley (401)
At 3:44 PM, we departed Feeding Hills, Mass. and arrived in Brockton, Mass. at around 5:53 PM.

A second emergent communication of the Grand Council was opened at 7:00 PM and William Dawes Council was officially constituted at 7:15 PM. 
Photo credit: Bro. Richard F. Lynch (429)
My heartfelt gratitude to the Brethren from Renaissance Council in Cumberland, Rhode Island and Elias Ashmole Council in Newburyport, Mass. for taking their time out of their day and joining me on these two historical events, particularly Bros. Daley and Lynch for taking photos!

Both Councils are excited to be officially set to work, and I look forward to seeing what they bring to our region and our Order.

James Butler Bonham Council #576 
Constitution Ceremony

The Grand Council of Allied Masonic Degrees was pleased to see the newest Council in Texas constituted, and the Consecration ceremony was the highlight of a wonderful day of Masonic Fellowship for the A.M.D.. Pictured below are the members and officers of James Butler Bonham Council No.576, as well as Senior Grand Warden John C. Elkington and Grand Superintendent Roberto Sanchez. Congratulations to all!


At its most recent Annual Communication, the Grand Council bestowed the rank of Knight Grand Cross of the Red Branch of Eri on eight distinguished Brethren.  Among those receiving this honor was Rt. Ven. Bro. Theodore B. Korn, who retired this year as the Grand Superintendent for northern Ohio.  Rt. Ven. Bro. Korn was recognized at a recent meeting of Key to the Sea Council No. 112 in Toledo, Ohio by the current Grand Superintendents of Ohio, Rt. Ven. Bros. Douglas W. King and H. Jeffery Shaw.  Also at that meeting were held a nice dinner and a reading of a degree.

Order of the Red Branch of Eri - Seneca Falls

Seneca Falls, NY- At noon on June 1, 2022, Knight Commander of The Red Branch of Eri, the Ven. Jamie J. Kaim Jr., Past Sovereign Master of Finger Lakes Council #40 Allied Masonic Degrees of Geneva, NY, preformed the ceremony of Man-at-Arms of the Red Branch of Eri on Distinguished Members Bro. Chris Fox and Bro. David Pritt. The Brothers were honored for their support and research in Finger Lakes Council #40 AMDUSA.  They were joined by fellow Man-At-Arms, Brothers  Anthony Quentin Vaughan, Ven. Richard Fowler,. Garry Hutcherson, and Don Kunego.  Picture By Comp. Steve Goebert
MVBAaron M. Shoemaker, K.G.C.
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