2021 • Vol. 1 • Issue 3

Most Venerable
Grand Master’s Message

To Travel and Receive Wages

Brethren of the Allied Masonic Degrees:
These past few months have been very busy for us at Grand Council on the domestic and international fronts. Here at home, the vacancy in the Grand Council officer line, caused by the passing of our beloved Right Venerable Michael Cecil, has been healed. After time for mourning, I exercised Article VII Section 7, which allows advancement of all officers and appointment of a new Grand Tyler. Not an easy task. There are many worthy and well qualified leaders from around the Grand Jurisdiction who could serve, and with the unanimous support of the Board of General Purposes, the Deputy Grand Master, and Senior Grand Warden, I have appointed RV John A. Bridegroom as Grand Tyler. John has served Freemasonry with distinction in many leadership roles, including as our first Grand Superintendent of Indiana. He is the Junior Grand Deacon of his Grand Lodge, and, if elected, he would serve as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Indiana in 2026. I have full faith in John and believe he will serve you well. Furthermore, I have appointed RV Robert H. Johnson as Grand Superintendent of Illinois. Robert is well known about the apartments of the Temple for his work on the Masonic Roundtable and Whence Came You? Podcasts, as well as his duties in the Grand Lodge of Illinois as a District Deputy Grand Master and District Education Officer.
In recent months, we have been travelling in representation of your Grand Council. In Ohio, we attended the Scottish Rite Supreme Council session. In Texas, Most Venerable Larry Tucker represented you at DeMolay’s Annual Convention. We have participated in the AMD Ingathering in Boston, Massachusetts for the New England Region, and at Michigan’s Ingathering in Detroit. We have visited Gnothi Seauton Council 501 in Pennsylvania; traveled to Chicago to constitute Edward A. Rund 571; and we also represented AMD at the North-East York Rite Leadership Conference in New York, where I was hosted as guest speaker.
Internationally, we attended the Grand Council of AMD in Canada’s annual meeting in support of both outgoing Most Venerable Sovereign Grand Master John Hayes and his successor Most Venerable Robert Dupel. Congratulations to these two fine brethren and our sincere thanks for bestowing on MV Glen A. Cook and myself the title of Honorary Past Sovereign Grand Master of Canada. Also, our congratulations and best wishes to the Canadian leadership of the Grand Conclave of the Order of the Secret Monitor. It was a pleasure being with you at your annual meeting.
Finally, my sincere thanks to my mother council, Da Vinci 477, which hosted a reception and homecoming on my behalf in New Jersey, and to the brethren who traveled near and far to be with us on that special day. Thank you!
In closing, as we resume our labors post-pandemic, I ask each of you to stretch your cable tow a little bit longer to support and revitalize your AMD councils. There is desire for the Masonic Light of education, and the AMD has the talent, knowledge, and resources to satisfy that hunger. I urge you to please get your councils back to work, and I charge you to use your talents and knowledge to support our Craft lodges so that no Worshipful Master struggles to provide his lodge “good and wholesome instruction.”
Travel safe, and I look forward to seeing you in the quarries.

Yours in the Mystic Tie,
MV Mohamad A. Yatim, KGC
Sovereign Grand Master

A Change of Seasons:

A Memorable Homecoming for Our MVGM


By V. Raymond Ortiz, II
Da Vinci Council 477, New Jersey

As the temperature changes ever so slightly at the beginning of Fall, we are reminded that this represents change. The trees shed their leaves, ultimately remaining bare and exposed before the harshest season arrives. Yet they stand firm, confident, prepared, even resilient. Perhaps this is an allegory of the necessity to reflect and shed old burdens prior to facing the challenges of winter. On September 29, just one week into this season of reflection, New Jersey Freemasonry welcomed home one of its very own.
A dedicated family man. A businessman. A Masonic leader and educator. A diligent worker in the Craft of Freemasonry. Yes, he is all of these things, but for this auspicious occasion he was received as Mohamad Ali Yatim, Most Venerable Sovereign Grand Master of the Allied Masonic Degrees of the United States of America.
As guest of honor at this reception, he was greeted by Venerable Jeff Boland, Sovereign Master of Da Vinci Council 477, and the council’s officers and brethren. A “Who’s Who” of Masonic dignitaries from across New Jersey and around the country welcomed him, including:

New Jersey brethren:

Most Worshipful Robert V. Monacelli, Grand Master; Right Worshipful David L. Tucker, Deputy Grand Master; RW Gary J. Olsen, Senior Grand Warden; RW Leonard Vander Horn, Junior Grand Warden; MW Douglas R. Policastro, Grand Treasurer; and MW John Ryan, Grand Secretary. They were joined by Past Grand Masters Roger B. Quintana and Dieter B. Hees, and District Deputy Grand Master C. John Lashley. From the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons: Most Excellent Dennis Huey, Grand High Priest; and Right Excellent Matthew McCreedy, Grand King.

Dignitaries of the Allied Masonic Degrees:

Right Venerable W. Berry Rigdon, Senior Grand Warden; RV Douglas R. Knauer, Senior Grand Deacon; RV E. Oscar Alleyne, Grand Director of Ceremonies; Yasser Al-Khatib, Grand Marshal; and RV John Bridegroom, Grand Tyler. They were joined by Past Sovereign Grand Masters Matthew D. Dupee, Gary B. Hinson, and David D. Goodwin, with RV Moises I. Gomez, Honorary Past Senior Grand Deacon.
In addition was a team of Right Venerable Grand Superintendents: Robert Chan, New England; Jason F. Craig, Pennsylvania-West; Corey F. Curtiss, Michigan; Anthony J. Dintino, III, Pennsylvania-East; Christopher Gamblin, Indiana; and Michael S. Neuberger, New Jersey.

Dignitaries of other Masonic Orders also attended, including:

Very Excellent Russell E. Bridges, Grand Junior Warden of the Grand Council of the Order of Knight Masons of the USA, and Right Illustrious Junior Vice-Chancellor of the Grand College of Rites of the USA; and Right Excellent David Cashion, Grand Scribe of the Grand Council of Knight Masons.
The evening was filled with laughter, joy, and excitement as we welcomed our brother and celebrated his amazing achievement. But this homecoming was different in scope and magnitude, not just for this deserving brother but also for the jurisdiction he calls home. As MV Dupee reminded us, Yatim’s journey began well before that point in 2013 when he was appointed to the Grand Council officer line. His zeal, encouragement, and humility set the tone for his elevation. And for Yatim, this certainly was not the first and only recognition of his dedicated service to Freemasonry, as MW Monacelli described Mohamad as a mentor and leader in New Jersey Freemasonry. MW Policastro hailed Yatim’s work across the York and Scottish rites, especially for his work on the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction’s education program, the Hauts Grades Academy, as well as for receiving the 33° in 2019.
Few can match the accomplishments, awards, and accolades of this esteemed brother, yet what we see is the culmination of many years of dedication, and commitment. Every titan has his start, and thanks to Mohamad’s brother Bro. Najib Yatim (truthfully, the more handsome of the two) and Worshipful Master Michael Czech, we were told of a young man who joined Atlas-Pythagoras Lodge 10, eventually became Worshipful Master, and who, to this day, continues as a guiding light and inspiration for Masons young and old.
Mohamad thanked everyone personally, and saluted many for their long-standing work and commitment to the Allied Masonic Degrees by presenting them with Distinguished Service Awards. The honorees included RV Neuberger, V. Michael L. Canavan, V. Howard Kanowitz, and V. Raymond Ortiz, II. He also recognized those who have been elected to receive the Knight Commander of the Red Branch of Eri, which included V.Vander Horn, V. Michael Loiacono, V. Boland, and V. Tony Abano.
While these receptions typically signal the winding down of one’s tenure and often act as recognition of accomplishment, Yatim spoke of a path forward that will see more effective communication, showcasing our best efforts in Allied Times, and continuing to grow our invitational body organically by taking our greatest strengths back to our Craft lodges. A strong foundation is being cemented and the trestleboard has been laid out with significant plans that will enable AMD to overcome the challenges of an ever-changing world, and to continue to promote that knowledge and education that is a critical need to all of Freemasonry.
We started this conversation with the allegory of the changing seasons and with the trees standing bare, exposed to the elements, awaiting the perils of winter. The leadership of our fraternity is much like the changing seasons. We have an idea of what to expect, but we never know the true impact until it hits us. Masonry is the forest, and Masons are the trees. Our strength and resilience are revealed by how we handle the pressures of the elements and how we support each other until that renewal and growth of the vigorous Spring illumines the way. The mark of a great leader is not just what he accomplishes in his season, but what he inspires and helps prepare for future seasons. What MV Yatim has accomplished in his time has been a credit to his dedication and vision–and it is just the start of something even more incredible. He has empowered us to stand tall and acknowledge that what we have here is bigger than each of us individually and to know that regardless of the change of seasons, we can be confident in ourselves, be well prepared, and be resilient enough to overcome any and all challenges we may encounter.

The Chartering of

Edward A. Rund Council No. 571

By RV R.J. Johnson
Grand Superintendent of Illinois

On September 24th, 2021, under a waning gibbous moon, an intimate gathering of Freemasons formed a new Council of Allied Masonic Degrees--Edward A. Rund Council No. 571. Earlier this year, a few current members of the Allied Masonic Degrees had been curious about the requirements and the necessary steps to create a new AMD Council for the purpose of doing more. What kind of “more?”


More degrees, more education, more fellowship, and to do this in a geographical location that would be more suited for the members. Some of the members were traveling for over an hour. With these goals in mind, the Brothers got in contact with R:.V:. Bro. Schoolfield, who guided the members through the process, and in short order, things came together. 


Almost immediately, we were put into contact with Sovereign Grand Master, Mohamed Yatim, who worked with the new council to come up with plans for consecration. The Brothers gathered at the historic Medinah Shrine Center in Addison, IL. AMD members from various councils, including a contingent from Indiana. Delegates aside from Sovereign Grand Master Yatim were the Grand Tyler, John Bridegroom, Superintendent of Indiana, Chris Gamblin, and a member of the new council and Superintendent of IL, Robert H. Johnson. 


The new Sovereign Master, Kris Caldwell, was installed in due form and was placed in the East. The first gavel of Edward A. Rund Council No. 571 was a special one. Both Kris and Mohamed brought the gavel down together in a historic moment. After the impressive ceremonies of installation and consecration, SGM Yatim had poignant remarks. 


“AMD is special.” He said. “AMD is the thinking man’s Freemasonry. It is exclusive and serves a great purpose.” That purpose, he explained, was the upholding of Masonic Education in all its forms and the preservation and conferral of our various degrees. It was an inspiring talk which left the Brothers there in the room with a sense of fundamental importance in the work. This was no supper club.


After all was said, it was followed by a standing ovation from those present. The Brothers then shared fellowship and good tidings before departing for the evening. The Allied Masonic Degrees are extraordinary. Not just the degrees themselves, but the mission and precedent it sets are in a class on their own. “AMD is the thinking man’s Freemasonry.” I will remember that for the rest of my life.


Edward A. Rund Council No. 571 will meet quarterly and typically complete a degree, education, and an activity for the members. They can be reached via their website More on the namesake of the council can be found there as well. 

Michigan Hosts
Annual Ingathering

RV Corey F.G.L. Curtiss
Grand Superintendent of Michigan

On June 25, the third annual Michigan Ingathering took place at the Detroit Masonic Temple, hosted by the Detroit Masonic Temple Library Archive and Research Center. Eight of the state’s ten councils were represented, and visitors from four states attended. Most Venerable Sovereign Grand Master Mohamad Yatim brought remarks, enjoyed fellowship, and served as the keynote speaker.
Guests enjoyed a tour of the Temple, and a social hour, known as the Superintendent’s Club, where guests enjoyed premium cigars, drinks, and fellowship. Next, Thistle and Rose Council 27 of Detroit opened and welcomed a new member, who was obligated by MV Yatim. Thistle and Rose then exemplified the American Secret Monitor Degree, and Kalamazoo Valley Council exemplified the Royal Ark Mariner Degree. The Grand Master presented Grand Superintendent Corey Curtiss with a certificate of appreciation, and gave his closing remarks, thanking the degree teams and volunteers.
Right Worshipful Brother Eugene Abbaticchio, Junior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge of Michigan, brought the greetings of Most Worshipful Grand Master Larry A Inscho, and the event was closed. The attendees adjourned to the Commandery Asylum for dinner and a presentation by the Sovereign Grand Master on Freemasonry and Mystic Schools of the East. Everyone finally retired for several more social hours of cigars, fine drink, and stimulating conversation.
Michigan’s AMD brethren gratefully donated the proceeds of the event to the Detroit Masonic Temple Library, Archive, and Research Center, and expressed thanks Rob Moore, Executive Director, for ensuring the Ingathering was a success. East Lansing Lodge 480 is to be commended for its very generous donation for a third consecutive year. The fourth annual Michigan AMD Ingathering is scheduled for Friday, June 24, 2022 also at the Detroit Masonic Temple.

Neuberger speaks in
Virtual Lecture Series

By Bro. Mike Czech
Harold V.B. Voorhis Council 260
New Jersey

On July 20, our Grand Council hosted the second presentation of its Virtual Lecture Series of 2021, but with a surprise guest.
The scheduled speaker was Michael Kearsley, of Quatuor Coronati Lodge 2076, and the United Grand Lodge of England’s Prestonian Lecturer of 2014, who was to present “The Roberto Calvi Affair.” This exciting lecture explains the scandal of Calvi’s interactions with the Vatican Bank and the Italian Masonic lodge Propaganda Due. Unfortunately, twenty-four hours before showtime, Bro. Kearsley became seriously ill (thank God he is fine now) and had to postpone his lecture. But our Most Venerable Sovereign Grand Master has a deep pool of talented brethren to call upon, and he asked Right Venerable Michael Neuberger, Grand Superintendent of New Jersey, to stand in.
The brethren were entertained with his thought-provoking lecture “Is Arguing with God Good for the Soul?” Neuberger highlights the lessons of the Mark Master Mason Degree, asking can we question authority, can we question God, how do we reconcile the rebellious actions of our great American Revolution heroes with the Entered Apprentice’s Charge to be a quiet and peaceable citizen? Neuberger discussed the balance between submitting to authority and being a man capable of independent thought. That evening we debated the nature of evil and what man’s response should be when facing evil.
From the glowing comments after the lecture, it was clear this audience was quite happy with the performance of an understudy. We thank RV Neuberger for being able to step in on such short notice. Kearsley was rescheduled for Autumn.

Virtual Lecture Series: The Roberto Calvi Affair


Bro. Adam Lee Buffington
Grand Master’s Council A

On October 7, Grand Council’s Virtual Lecture Series hosted Mike Kearsley for his presentation titled “The Roberto Calvi Affair.” Brother Kearsley is the Provincial Grand Orator for Middlesex. He was initiated in Hawera Lodge 34 in Hawera, Taranaki, New Zealand, and was passed and raised in Mairehau Lodge 391 in Christchurch, New Zealand. He later joined Bonner Lodge 9678 (the musicians lodge of Middlesex), becoming Master in 2010 and then Secretary. He is Senior Warden of Quatuor Coronati Lodge 2076 in London, and was a member of the correspondence circle of Masters and Past Masters Research Lodge in New Zealand. He has produced many papers and presentations for Masonic audiences. In 2011, he was awarded QC2076’s Norman Spencer Prize for his paper on the formation of the Grand Lodge of New Zealand.
Kearsley’s presentation on the Calvi Affair focused on banker Roberto Calvi, his mysterious death, and his association to Propaganda Lodge 2. The Calvi Affair was one of the major scandals of Rome and London in the 1980s, and it had Masonic connections. Before proceeding into the story, Kearsley presented some historical facts about Italy and how its current atmosphere came to be. Before 1870, Italy was a collection of rivalrous states, papal politicians, and rule by various foreign powers. The states sought Italian unity without monarchy and with the removal of foreign rulers and diminished Catholic Church influence. In 1805, the Grand Orient of Italy was formed, and it had some very influential leaders, such as Giuseppe Garibaldi, Adriano Lemmi, and Francesco Crispi.
In 1895, Propaganda 2 was chartered and began to be infiltrated by political agents and other organizations. Soon after came World War I, the birth of fascism, and the rise of dictators who suppressed Freemasonry with violence and criminal charges against members. During World War II, Licio Gelli was initiated in P2 Lodge. Gelli had many criminal and military contacts; and he worked with the Central Intelligence Agency to counter communism in the country. During this time, he leads the P2 Lodge, and it becomes apparent to the Grand Orient that P2 is not holding regular meetings. The “open” meetings happen in the Excelsior Hotel in Rome, with only some of the less than reputable members. The Grand Orient investigates P2 and decides to remove its warrant. The lodge continues to meet anyway, and the Grand Orient expels Gelli in 1981, but this has no effect on the clandestine meetings.
Other questionable members of P2 included Bettino Craxi, a prime minister convicted on fraud charges; Michele Sindana, a banker connected to the mafia; and Silvio Berlusconi, another scandalous prime minister. The P2 Lodge had a membership of about 962. In 1981, the Finance Police raided Gelli’s house and obtained the membership list, which contained names of many politicians, including members of the parliament, as well as personnel in intelligence agencies, and 37 who were in the Finance Police. A second list of 121 more names of members with associations with the Catholic Church was found. A journalist who published it died in a car accident.
Robert Calvi’s bank was on the edge of collapse in 1982. He was charged criminally after the bank was found to have illegally exported several billion lire. During this time, the Holy See lost an estimated $30 million, and it was shown that Calvi’s bank siphoned some of that money, adding more criminal charges against Calvi. Sindana was imprisoned, where he was poisoned fatally with cyanide-laced coffee. Due to lack of evidence and missing witnesses, the charges against Calvi were dropped, and he was sentenced to house arrest. He soon disappeared and secretly traveled to England on a false passport under the name Gian Roberto Calvini.
In London on June 17, 1982, a milkman on his route saw a body hanging from a noose underneath Blackfriars Bridge. The body’s clothes were found stuffed with bricks. The police labeled it a suicide, but the press, knowing about Calvi, found his association to the P2 Lodge and asked questions about it. They claimed that the members of P2 Lodge called themselves “Black Friars” and it was no coincidence that Calvi was found under Blackfriars Bridge. This led to more claims being made that the P2 Lodge caused the death of Albino Lucinni (alleged assassin of Pope John Paul I); that Gelli escaped jail time and criminal charges because of the Freemasons; and that Freemasons have connections to the Vatican and the mafia.
In 1993, the United Grand Lodge of England withdrew recognition of the Grand Orient of Italy, when a new regular grand lodge was formed. The Grand Orient of Italy still operates today, as does the P2 Lodge. More recently, a P3 Lodge has been formed by Fabio Garboni under the Grand Orient.

Texas Allied Masonic Degree Association

Brad Billings - PSM Grand Arcanum
Photo credit Jeff Haven PSM Grand Arcanum

The annual meeting of the Texas Allied Masonic Degrees Association (TAMDA) was held on June 11-12, 2021, in Waco, Texas. There were 88 companions present, constituting one of the largest Masonic gatherings seen in post-pandemic Texas.  Since the 2020 Ingathering had been canceled, many acknowledged how grateful they were to be able to meet again in person.  Among the smaller-than-usual crowd, there was definitely a renewed sense of fraternalism; like a breath of fresh air.

In addition to the great fellowship, the annual meeting continues to be an excellent way to see several AMD degrees expertly conferred.  This year, 5 degrees were conferred, 13 Brothers received courtesy obligations, and 14 Sovereign Masters or Past Sovereign Masters received the degree of Installed Sovereign Master.  Other degrees offered were Ye Antiente Order of Corks and Grade 3 of the Ancient and Masonic Order of the Scarlet Cord.

This long-standing Texas tradition continues to be our most anticipated AMD Ingathering of the year!


Grand Master visits Paul Revere Council
RV Robert Y. Chan
Grand Superintendent for New England

On July 31, Paul Revere Council 401 held its 61st Regular Meeting for what was supposed to be its first in-person meeting after the pandemic, with an agenda obligating candidates who had been waiting more than a year, a casual catch-up on administrative work, and the reception of papers, but that soon quickly turned into also receiving Most Venerable Brother Mohamad A. Yatim for a visitation.
With representatives from Anchor and Ark Council 499, Elias Ashmole Council 563, both in Massachusetts, and John Harris Council 458 in New Hampshire, the Sovereign Master of Paul Revere Council, Venerable Brother D.J.T. Daley, received our Sovereign Grand Master with full ceremony and by a committee of eight current Venerable and Past Sovereign Masters.
Four worthy Royal Arch Masons were obligated into the AMD and joined the ranks of Paul Revere Council: M.P. Barrett, E.A. Bean, R.A. Maslak, and N.R.J. Ulrich.
Venerable N.A.J. Collins, Junior Deacon of Paul Revere Council and Charter Master of Elias Ashmole Council, was officially presented his Grand Council certificate certifying him as a Knight Commander of the Royal Order of the Red Branch of Eri. Collins was presented his collar by our Sovereign Grand Master.

New Grand Tyler Appointed

MV Mohamad A. Yatim, KGC

Sovereign Grand Master

With the unanimous support of the members of the Board of General Purposes, Deputy Grand Master Right Venerable Aaron Shoemaker and Senior Grand Warden Right Venerable W. Berry Rigdon, I hereby appoint Right Venerable John A. Bridegroom as Grand Tyler of the Grand Council of Allied Masonic Degrees of the United States of America. 
R.V. Bridegroom has served Freemasonry with distinction in many leadership roles. He has served the Grand Council of Allied Masonic Degrees of the USA as the first Grand Superintendent of Indiana from 2016 to 2019. In Indiana, he is the sitting Junior Grand Deacon of the Grand Lodge, and if elected, he is expected to serve as its Grand Master in 2026. John served the appendant bodies in Indiana as Potentate, Most Illustrious Grand Master of R&SM and presided over several local bodies, including Red Cross of Constantine, Knight Masons, York Rite College, Knights of the York Cross of Honor, and the Allied Masonic Degrees.  On the national level, John was the Provincial Grand Secretary of the Masonic Order of Athelstan from 2015-2019 and received the Grand Rank of Past Grand Banner Bearer. He served as the General Grand Sentinel of the General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons International from 2017-2020 and received the Grand Order of the Secret Vault.  He was also awarded with the Grand Rank of Past Grand Cellar in the Commemorative Order of St. Thomas of Acon. 
I have full confidence in Right Venerable John A. Bridegroom, and that his skills, leadership abilities, experience, and general love for the Allied Masonic Degrees will well prepare him to lead our Grand Council in the future.

Ohio Superintendents Aim to Visit 42 Councils

RV H. Jeffery Shaw, Grand Superintendent Ohio South 

Over the past year, I have been able to visit twenty-five of the forty-two councils in Ohio, sometimes with Right Venerable Theodore Korn, the Grand Superintendent of Ohio-North. Each seemed very appreciative that someone from Grand Council visited to support them.

All were very cordial and many have added us to their bulletin distribution lists. While our statewide In-Gathering this year had to be postponed due to several conflicts, we already are busy planning for 2022. Hopefully over the next year or so we will have been able to visit all forty-two AMD councils in Ohio.

Da Vinci Council Contemplates Coffee
V. Jeffrey Boland, Sovereign Master
Da Vinci Council 477, New Jersey

On June 16, Da Vinci Council 477 held a joint meeting with Union Chapter of the Order of DeMolay at Atlas-Pythagoras Lodge 10 in New Jersey in the presence of Most Venerable Mohamad Yatim, Sovereign Grand Master; and Right Venerable Michael Neuberger, Grand Superintendent. Da Vinci Council was opened by Sovereign Master Jeffrey Boland and Union Chapter was opened by Master Councilor Roman Montalto.
Following a short business meeting, Bro. Nestor Ramirez delivered an outstanding presentation titled “A Ritualistic Brew: A Discussion about Coffee, Roasting and Preparation and the Caffeinated Trinity.” This focused on the use of coffee in rituals and ancient meditation practices, the different types of coffee bean, ways of preparation and a specific focus on the business aspects of coffee to include sourcing beans from growers, fermentation, distribution, and the machinery for roasting and brewing. Ramirez gave practical, hands-on demonstrations of roasting, grinding, and brewing that the young men from Union Chapter were able to participate in.
MV∴ Mohamad A. Yatim, K.G.C.
Sovereign Grand Master

Grand Council of the
Allied Master Degrees
Of the United States of America
Right Venerable
Clyde H. Schoolfield, Jr., KGC
Grand Secretary
Right Venerable
Aaron M. Shoemaker

Publications Committee Chair
Venerable Jay Hochberg
Right Venerable
John A. Bridegroom

Art Director
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