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Preachers' Fraternity Begins
at Emmanuel Baptist Church!

We are excited to share with you a new development at Emmanuel Baptist Church.  At the end of January we had our first meeting of what we are calling our Preacher's Fraternity!

Yutaka and I have met together many times for mutually encouraging one another in the crafting and improving of our sermons.  

Following on the heels of our successful 2-part series from Philippians 2 last December, the 4 preachers scheduled for the month of February came together for prayer, encouragement, and to resource one another.

This fraternity meeting happened because of the vision and proaction of Yutaka.  He realized that since we all are to preach the Attributes of God series in February, then it would be good for us to come together.  

So, Yutaka contacted Pastor Roi and brother Nelson Badar and myself for this early Friday morning meeting in January.

In that meeting we determined our order of the Sunday messages and which of the many attributes of God will be our focus.
  • Kuya Nelson will preach the introductory Sunday, 2/7 and focus on the Mercy of God.
  • Yutaka has the obvious attribute for Valentine's Day, February 14th, the Love of God.
  • I will take the Holiness of God on 7/21.
  • Pastor Roi will summarize the series for February and preach about the Faithfulness of God on 7/28 .  
I was overjoyed to hear Pastor Roi say he's going to meet in February with the preachers who are scheduled in March to give them what we enjoyed this month.

He envisions now a fraternity type of gathering in the month ahead for those men scheduled to preach in the upcoming month.  The plan is to look at the calendar and begin to prepare well in advance, pray together and mutually resource one another.

We would ask you to pray for the success of the future Preachers' Fraternity meetings at EBC.

Pray for the impact and inspiration these gatherings can have on EBC's preaching ministry for spiritual growth and proclamation of truth of the gospel.

Thanks for praying!  

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