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Last Days & Classes of 2016 at BBS&I
Last day, last class and last final of the 2015-16 BBSI school year.  My Travel Epistles guys were really reeling because I gave them a really hard test to finish it all up.

At one point near the end I saw Asher Puyao turn and sort of stare at one of the bulletin boards in the room. I guess he was reading it, but I know he was really tired too and so his hands went to his face, which told the whole story!


He just completely went into the "End of Seminary Twilight Zone" for a good 10 minutes.  We all got a good tension relieving laugh out of it as I showed him/them his picture.

Next is graduation for a lot of these guys and then Internship ministries. Thanks for praying for us and these wonderful young pastors.

The Clarks

Congratulations to the BBS&I Graduates!

We are truly amazed at the Lord's blessing in being able to teach and train men and women at BBSI.

Last Sunday night we celebrated the graduation of over 150 students out of 415 enrollees (the highest count of enrollees ever for BBS&I)! 

These students graduated from 1 of 4 different degree programs each having various emphases (Masters, Bachelors, Diploma and Basic Bible Course)!

A Full House - So many family members and friends attended the 66th Commencement Celebration at BBS&I!

We were waiting to get into the commencement line and I had just finished talking with the speaker, Dr. Marvin Brubacher of ABWE North America and Canada and I turned around to find a good amount of my students standing in line in the shade.

So, I started going down the line talking with them, telling them how proud I was to have worked with them. In return, I was so encouraged as more than 10 students expressed their thankfulness for our time together these last 3 years.

Some of my guys graduating from the B.A degree in Pastoral Ministry & Missions (L to R) = Christian, Felimon, Frejunico. Plus, B.A. degree in Theology grads Orville and Jhunrey (who won the BBSI Leadership Award)

Me with Paul Jason Adad and Christian Lauron before the ceremony

Most of my students were quite overwhelmed, because I gave them such tough requirements for Hermeneutics 2 years ago. Yet, it was also these same guys that were turning to me and joking about the assignments of the Exegetical Process Papers (EPPs) and saying too that they learned so much from doing them!  I also had a number of the future Bible women of local churches express appreciation when they took Biblical Hermeneutics as well.

Most of the 2016 BBS&I graduates and some faculty

As we talked there before the ceremony, I simply joked that hopefully when they dream about EPPs (I really drummed this concept of exegesis into their brains) it will be a true dream and not a nightmare!  To this we all laughed together as it has been a constant joke while I've been teaching here.

One of my best students, Criswell Alumit, and his family
Criswell is named after Pastor W.A. Criswell who preached expository sermons for 50 years at First Baptist Church of Dallas.
Criswell won 4 awards for academic excellence: Expository Preaching Award, OT and NT Award plus, Systematic Theology Award. He will go on to an internship this next year.  

His family was very excited!  Kim and I are excited for him as well!  I look forward to possibly connecting with him and many of the almost 300 students I've taught and mentored in these last 3 years.  

Wouldn't it be great if I can bring the Approved Workmen Training events to their area of ministry now that they are dispersed and sent out to serve throughout the Philippines?

Please pray for these students as they embark upon the journey of internship this next year.

I rejoiced to learn that one of my students from last year, Leorenzo Cruzin, was voted the Best Internship Award!   Leorenzo hails from the island of Mindanao and is a transfer from the Bukidnon Baptist Seminary.  He will most likely serve there in that region in the future.  

Thanks for praying

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