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The Manila E-quipper

"Equipping the next generation of Filipino church leaders for Christ"
New Website Launched!
After much technical toil and trouble, we finally  have our website launched!  You are invited to go to or click on the image below to be directed there.  

At our new website you will find:
  • Prayer lists on the Home page and the Pray page
  • Descriptions and pictures of our recent term of service.
  • Pages explaining in word, pictures & video of our work during our first term in Manila in 4+ Ministry Venues.
  • Ministry opportunities on the horizon for when we return next March.  
  • A link with descriptions on the country of the Philippines
  • A Ministry Blog known as "Eagle's Wings" will be up and running soon.
We would invite you to check back to see what changes have occurred along the way.  The Website will be a great source for you to remain connected.

When you join us in prayer and by way of your financial partnership, then you are contributing to the equipping of a new generation of Filipinos and helping to establish local church leadership throughout the Philippines.  

In addition, you are investing in the church to help it hold fast to the truth of God's Word and to hold forth the gospel (Phil. 2:14-16).  

To invest financially in the work of the Clarks and Equip Manila, simply click on the donate now button on the right side bar.  

Or, go to our website and click on any donate button or the Donate page.  You will be directed to the secure online giving page of our mission, ABWE, International. All donations are tax-deductible.

At present we need 40 new supporters at $25/month to reach full monthly support again.  

Plus, an estimated
$15,000 in one-time funds to return to continue the work in this vital mission field.

Our Furlough So Far:
A Time of  Many Obvious Blessings

We have been blessed on furlough in so many ways, which are perhaps too numerous to chronicle here.  Here are some of the highlights to praise the Lord about:
  • Blessed with places to stay or people to stay with... during the extremely hectic summer we were able to get help with housing by house-sitting for vacationing supporters or staying with family or supporters. 
  • Blessed with Kaitlyn receiving a wonderful invitation to live and work in Sydney, Australia
  • Blessed in July to be able to care for our grandsons and serve during the HS Youth Camp ministry of  Community Bible Church of Vallejo.  This was while Jason and Tiffany served during camp.
  • Blessed to have visits to SF Bay area in July with family.  Also, for visits again to family and supporters in September and October.
  • Blessed to see Jason and Kelly begin as students at Liberty University... Kim and I went with them in August to Lynchburg, VA to help them get situated.  We attended various orientations just before the semester began for parents of students who are MKs .  
  • Blessed to see that there are a number of Liberty U students who our kids know from childhood when we lived and served in the Czech Republic.  
  • Blessed with a more permanent housing situation at the end of August until our departure back to the Philippines next March.  A house came available at a reduced rate and we share it with a pastor and his family who are from the Czech Republic and studying at our church's Training Center.
  • Blessed to be serving Monday and Tuesday nights as a mentor to men who are in this same FBC Training Center.
  • Blessed to have opportunity to be refreshed, retooled and reconnected with brothers and sisters through Community Groups and Bible Studies.
  • Blessed to be able to visit with so many of our supporters and potential supporters already. Many more are getting scheduled as well.  
  • Blessed to have Filipinos both in Manila and here in CA, who are praying for us to return and thanking us for serving in their country.  
  • Blessed, finally, to have a group of churches and individual supporters who are praying for us and investing in this vital work to go forward.  
Sanay bumuhos ang pagpapala ng Diyos sa inyo.  
(May the Lord richly bless you),  Robert & Kim Clark
Stay Connected, Join the Team & Serve as our Senders.  
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