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Today is probably the children's last day of school for you.  Today Amanda and I are going to Wales to see her family for Christmas.  Christmas is a time for family, for sharing and for giving.

But please amid all the things going on do not forget that we are celebrating Jesus.  When Jesus was born, Joseph was told to name Him Jesus because: "he shall save his people from their sins." (Matt. 1.21).

When you celebrate Christmas remember Jesus has already saved you from your sins.  It is not a future event anymore - it is a done deal.  Jesus Christ paid the full price for every sin you have ever committed and for every sin you will ever commit.

You are forgiven, redeemed, righteous and pure.  You are holy and clean and blessed and filled.  You have the spirit of Christ inside you.  God Himself lives inside you.  You have peace with God.  You have been declared righteous.  You have been made righteous.  You have been saved from your sins. 

Every time you hear the name Jesus this week translate it: "The One Who Has Completed Rescued Me From my sins."

You are free from the penalty of every single sin you have ever committed and ever will commit.  You are eternally redeemed. 

Sin has been completed and totally dealt with.  You don't need to be afraid of God.  He is not angry with you, He is not at war with you.  He is not upset with you.  He loves you and He likes you.  He is your Father and is rejoicing over you with singing and dancing.

It doesn't matter if you went and wasted your life in sin, He simply wants you to fellowship with Him and give you a robe and a ring.

It doesn't matter if you publically denied Jesus in front of everyone.  In weeks you could be preaching at the next revival.  That's how Jesus restored Peter.  Why?  Because on the cross Jesus totally dealt with every sin Peter every committed and every would commit.

And Jesus has totally dealt with your sin.  This Christmas enjoy His love and goodness.

If you want to reply to this email and wish us Merry Christmas and let us know your prayer requests for 2011, we will pray for you in our Watch Night service this year!