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Sunkist NewsBites
MAR 2017 Sunkist NewsBites
A Word From The Editor
If you live in Southern California lately you probably have grown tired of the constant gloomy and rainy weather that we have been experiencing lately. Traffic is worst during bad weather. Driving from and to work becomes harder and dangerous. When it is raining most of the time we have to stay at home because it is wet everywhere we go. Couple of my neighbors even complains of leaking in their roofs. And of course, leaking in the roof caused your carpet or floor become wet and you probably need to have some buckets to contain the leaking. Not to mention with leaking repair would cost us some money. It is fair to say that most Southern Californians are not used/ready to this wet and rainy weather.

Just as most Southern Californians are not ready with this wet weather, we as Christians sometimes also not ready with trials and hardship in lives. When we are used to sunny and enjoyable lives, it is never fun when hardship and difficulties enter our lives. Whether it is unmet expectation, loss of jobs, unexpected accident, critical illness or even loss of loved ones, all of these can happen in Christians lives. Experiencing these difficulties are never easy. These difficulties can bring even the most devoted Christians to their knees. In these difficult situation, let us remember that we have God in Heaven who had experienced all of difficulties in this earth. He who had suffer loss of friends, hardship, persecution and even death on the cross can comfort us. Let us remember to seek comfort in these difficult times by praying and fellowship from other brothers and sisters in faith. For those of us who are not suffering, let us look at those people around us who are going through valleys in theirs lives.

As we go through these rainy, wet, winter season in California, let us remember at the end of Winter season is Spring season. The bright and sunny Spring season will replace the winter and rainy season. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. At the same time hardship and difficulties will not last forever. Whether in this live or the next live, as Christians, God will free us from our troubles. At the end of the rain the sun will come out and at the end of the hardship, hope will come from our God of Heaven. Happy Spring Season.

Gamas Sugiarto Chang

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