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I've been squatting on for years. I saw the film Zero Days and was completely captivated.

Stuxnet is theorized to have been the first piece of weaponized computer code. It was (is?) malware that infected Iran's nuclear enrichment centrifuges in 2005. Specifically, it caused mechanical failures that resulted in costly physical damage to the infrastructure, setting their program back significantly.

Infographic about the Stuxnet worm.
Infographic about the Stuxnet worm.

This is cybergothic materialism - bits and bytes become smoke and flames. An incantation from another plane. This is not science fiction. This is now decades old history. Never mind the half century old soviet spaceships collecting dust...

A few years prior to seeing Zero Days I discovered Vatican Shadow and the photographer Trevor Paglen something really clicked, artistically. I was always curious about the intersection of technology and military but, in my experience, very few artists in any medium interrogate our relationship to the endless war. It feels taboo.

Trevor Paglen
Paglen photographs secure sites from as close as legally possible.


From a blog post I wrote in 2019:

I didn’t know what to “do” with the Iraq War. Support it? Protest it? Talk to people about it? Enlist to a military academy? Is that even a thing? Those stern looking fellas from the Army and Navy sometimes have tables setup in the cafeteria. Surely they’d know what to do?

My closest mental model was all the action and science fiction films I saw. Needless to say, it wasn’t a clean 1:1 mapping. Iraq is sorta like Arrakis and oil is sorta like the spice, right? But… then we’re the Harkonens? That can’t be right. Maybe this was more like Starship Troopers? Err, there’s some problems there too…

Studying the war in real time caused my narrative and framing of America and humanity as a whole to shift. I learned about the Iraq War before I learned about World Wars 1 and 2. With grade school only 3 years behind me, my mental history of America was largely dominated by folksy tales of George Washington throwing a silver dollar across the Rappahannock River and Paul Bunyan digging out the great lakes for his ox to drink from. Yeah. Vertigo.

9/11 quite literally coincided with the end of my childhood: I turned 13 that year. My entire adult life has been in its the shadow. I share this not to paint myself a victim, but to illustrate how I relate to the world has been utterly warped by it. It has become so overbearing and inescapable to the point of becoming forgettable.

If my life were to be made a movie, 9/11 would be the MacGuffin. That cataclysmic event or hyperobject that happens in act 1 and drives action for the rest of the ride, unquestioned, uncontested. I would venture this is true for all us millenials in the states.

I recorded the CARRIER demo while streaming on March 12th. I've been streaming nightly on I wrote a blog post about that, too:

Yet I don’t think this is “too much” experimentation at all. In an age of content, it feels really nice to turn the whole thing inside out and welcome the world along the journey with me. And why shouldn’t this be interesting? The old axiom, “it’s the journey, not the destination,” rings especially true here. I’m opening up one of my most personal and intimate experiences to the world and it is exhilarating.

There's a lot going on here. From voyeurism and self surveillance to the ache for community in the age of the pandemic. Not to mention the incredible musical possible afforded by the likes of Monome, Elektron, and "writing music with chat."


The STUXNET project will double as an educational channel. For this release, if you have the patience to learn the new internet protocol called gemini, you're rewarded with free download codes. Just visit gemini:// (Normal browsers and email clients like the one you're reading this in don't really support actual links yet. Gotta copy and paste it.)

CARRIER (demo)


Happy pi day.
Happy daylight savings time.
The ice caps are melting.

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