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Are you ready for the Play-offs?
Ingram Micro and Proofpoint have partnered to create a program to help our partners be incentivised by growing their Proofpoint business. We have the G-League where partners can score giftcard vouchers ranging from $100 to $750 for registering new deals with Proofpoint. Register now
Earn $300 for deals worth $25,000 - $99,999. $100 when approved, $200 when closed. Earn $750 for deals worth $100,000+. $100 when approved, $650 when closed.
But we also have the Pro-League. This league is for those serious partners who want to lift their sales game. Whilst also being able to take advantage of the deal registration rewards, they’ll be able to compete with each other on quarterly leaderboards with rewards ranging from basketball tickets to $1,000 giftcards.
Want more? The Top 3 Sales Reps for the year will receive an exclusive invitation to a once-in-alifetime tailored basketball experience, and be recognised as the Pros they truly are.
How's It Work?
To be considered for the Pro-Leagure, your company will need to do Proofpoint Sales of $250,000 p.a., and have at least two staff sales certified by Proofpoint. Provided you meet these minimum requirements, your company (and its team!) will be invited to be part of the Pro-League.
Companies and Individuals will have a chance to compete in several different quarterly leaderboards, by scoring points. Those with the most points per quarter win!
How do I earn Points? For each dollar sold of Proofpoint, one point will be granted to the individual and the company they work for.
However, they can also gain accelerators and gain more points by: - Selling into a New Customer: This is selling into a company which has no Proofpoint business (earn x2 Accelerator per deal). - Cross-Selling into an Existing Customer: This is selling a new Proofpoint solution into an existing Proofpoint Customer (Earn x1.5 accelerator per deal).
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