Ever wondered who's behind the Awesome at Awesome Bars? Here's a peek inside the granola factory

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The sisters behind the awesome

It all started about 7 years ago when Leah was tired of eating overly processed snacks post workout and throughout the day.  With her culinary background, she set out to make herself something delicious - and that was when the Coconut Pecan bar came to be.  Since peanuts are high in protein, and also delicious with chocolate, the Salty Peanut bar came next. 

Leah's sister, Stephanie, moved to San Francisco right around this time and helped her put together Christmas boxes with awesome goodies for family & friends.  Everyone responded telling Leah that she should try selling the bars, they all agreed this was a snack the world needed! With a lot of help & encouragement from friends, Leah attended her first food market in San Francisco. 

People came by the booth, tried a bite, and exclaimed "mmm this is awesome!" After hearing this enough times, Leah thought it was rather appropriate to name them "Awesome Bars." 

For a couple years, this was just a little hobby with Leah making the bars in her spare time in her home kitchen.  Before long, word spread and the demand for awesome grew. While Leah was busy crafting in the kitchen, Stephanie would sit at the computer capturing Leah's ideas and began writing a business plan for a sister business based on awesomeness. 

Our motto is
"you can't fake awesome" and we live by it! With our awesome team, we do everything by hand; from rolling out the batches, cutting the bars to size, and carefully packaging each bar.  We put a lot of love in our bars and we know you can taste it!

We now sell to coffee shops from Santa Rosa, down to Los Angeles with our home base still in San Francisco.  And, of course, we ship directly to you, our wonderfully awesome supporters.

But we need your help!
We're still a really small company and we need your help to grow so we can reach the next level of AWESOME!  So we ask of you this favor:  Please pass this email along to 10 of your friends and ask them to send it to 10 more. 

Help us spread the word about our Awesome Bars and get
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Leah & Stephanie
the granola sisters

Our bars are handcrafted with all natural, vegan ingredients. High in protein and fiber, they make for the perfect breakfast, post workout snack, or for whenever you need a boost of awesome.


Whether you’re running up mountains, running the world, or just running to catch the bus, it is our goal to ensure you have a tasty snack in hand for a happy belly!

*Offer applies to online orders only at from 6/27/14 - 7/6/14

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