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The Update: September 7, 2017 


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The Scope

Put Down the Phone:  Teens Need at Least One Good Friend
Recent trends show that kids are getting into less “trouble” than their parents’ generation in terms of teen pregnancy, drinking and drug use, but the effects of social media may prove to be another health risk.  Since the advent of smartphones, there has been a significant rise in anxiety and depression among 10 to 25-year olds. Because many kids have found their community through online venues, they have lost the skills that go along with spending time in the presence of actual friends. In this opinion piece, psychologist Lisa Damour, says that one of the most important predictors of an adolescent’s emotional success is whether or not they have at least one close friend.  Encourage your kids to put down the phone and instead spend time building real friendships!

National News

Failure of the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program
While the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPP) would like to take credit for the drop in teen pregnancy, this article points out that the decline in teen births began decades before the creation of TPP, and that advocates of the program are confusing correlation with causation.

State News

California:  Kindergarten Parents Protest
After a kindergarten teacher read a book about a transgender child during story time, parents took to social media to express their outrage.  The controversy surrounding the Rocklin Academy Gateway School, has become so heated that the district hired a public relations firm to help handle the fallout.  According to school officials, the book will be on the agenda for the Sept 18 board meeting.  Find out more details here.

Nevada:  Controversial Sex Ed Program Cancelled
After widespread outcry by parents, the Washoe County School District has abandoned its plan to replace the current SRA curriculum with the proposed SHARE program.  SHARE is a product of Advocates for Youth, and according to this article, community members felt that it focused on topics that were broached too early in a child's life, or should be left to a parent's discretion.

Pennsylvania:  School Board Rejects New Sex Ed Program
By a vote of 5-4, the Reading School Board turned down a proposed reproductive health program at Reading High School.  The program would have been implemented by AccessMatters, an arm of Planned Parenthood Keystone.  The reasons for rejection were varied, with some citing that AccessMatters failed to prove its effectiveness in other schools.  Read more here.


Earlier Drinking = Earlier Sex
According to a new study, onset of drinking before age 14 more than doubled the odds that adolescents of either gender would have earlier sexual encounters. For females who had their first drink at 13 or younger, the likelihood of early sexual initiation quadrupled.  Dr Arielle Deutsch of Sanford Research in Sioux Falls, South Dakota says, “When teens talk about things like drinking, sex, hanging out with their friends, and partying, it’s all interconnected...We should be talking to teens about how to make good choices overall and have the experiences they want in life.”  Read more here.

Teens Doing Good!

Young Entrepreneur Invents "Smart Cane"

14-year-old Riya Karumanchi spent the summer perfecting an invention she hopes will improve life for the blind and visually impaired community: A "smart cane" that vibrates to alert users of objects in their path.  Karumanchi originally came up with the idea for the cane after a visiting with a friend's grandmother who is visually impaired.  Armed with a great attitude, the young entrepreneur said, "I guess I have always had the desire to help people.  Someone has to do it, right? So why can't it be me?"  Read the rest of Riya's story here.  Our young people have so much potential.  Let's encourage them to make healthy choices so that they can tap into it!
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