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New workplace bullying and harassment policies

On November 1st, 2013, three new Workplace Bullying and Harassment policies will go into effect. To help employers, supervisors and workers better understand and comply with the new policies, WorkSafeBC has released the following factsheet:

What is the definition of workplace bullying and harassment according to WorkSafeBC’s policies?

Bullying and harassment includes any inappropriate conduct or comment by a person towards a worker that the person knew or reasonably ought to have known would cause that worker to be humiliated or intimidated, but excludes any reasonable action taken by an employer or supervisor relating to the management and direction of workers or the place of employment.

What do these policies mean?

The Workers Compensation Act sets out the general duties of employers, workers, and supervisors to ensure or protect the health and safety of workplace parties.

The OHS policies identify the steps that WorkSafeBC considers reasonable for workplace parties to take in order to prevent and address workplace bullying and harassment.

What do I need to do as an employer?

Understand your duties as an employer to prevent and address workplace bullying and harassment.

Your duties include the following:
  • not engaging in bullying and harassment of workers and supervisors
  • developing a policy statement for your workplace
  • taking steps to prevent or minimize bullying and harassment
  • developing and implementing procedures for workers to report incidents and complaints of bullying and harassment
  • developing and implementing procedures for dealing with incidents and complaints
  • informing and training workers and supervisors
  • annually reviewing the policy statement and procedures for reporting and dealing with incidents and complaints

What do I need to do as a supervisor?

A supervisor’s duties include:
  • not engaging in bullying and harassment of other workers, supervisors, or the employer
  • applying and complying with the employer’s policies and procedures on bullying and harassment

What do I need to do as a worker?

A worker’s duties include:
  • not engaging in bullying and harassment of other workers, supervisors, or the employer
  • reporting bullying and harassment observed or experienced in the workplace
  • applying and complying with the employer’s policies and procedures on bullying and harassment

Why are these policies important to the workplace?

There are negative effects of bullying and harassment on workers and workplaces. Not only can bullying and harassment impair work performance and lead to increased absenteeism, it can lead to depression, anxiety, and post‑traumatic stress disorder. It not only affects workers subjected to this behaviour, but can negatively affect witnesses and bystanders as well.

What is WorkSafeBC’s role in the enforcement of these policies?

There is no planned “enforcement blitz.” WorkSafeBC prevention officers will respond to enquiries and concerns about bullying and harassment in the workplace through existing inspection practices. Prevention officers will engage in inspection, consultation, and education activities with respect to workplace bullying and harassment as they would for any occupational health and safety requirement.

WorkSafeBC has created a package of tools and resources to help workplace parties prevent and address workplace bullying and harassment. Access the online tool kit and OHS policies by clicking here. 

To assist employers and supervisors in implementing a Workplace Bullying and Harassment policy, Actsafe has adapted a form from the British Columbia Municipal Safety Association that helps guide organizations through the process of creating said policy.

If you have questions, comments or concerns about complying with the new regulations, do not hesitate to contact Actsafe at 604.733.4682 or email Marty Clausen, our Health and Safety Consultant for Film and Performing Arts, at

Actsafe membership program

Actsafe Membership is open to professional, trade or industry groups, unions, associations or corporations engaged in the following classifications:

  • performing arts
  • live performance venue
  • organizing or conducting live performance special events, and
  • motion picture, television or commercial production.

Membership is also open to individuals in the motion picture and/or performing arts industries who are not represented by a member professional, trade or industry group, union, association or corporation.

For further information about Actsafe membership, please refer to Section 2 through 4 of our bylaws.

Membership benefits include:

  • Access to MSDS Fetch, an online database of MSDS information for thousands of products, including those commonly used in film and performing arts.
  • Access is by request.
  • Access to free services, such as respirator fit testing.
  • Actsafe Membership card (by request).
  • An invitation to and vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Memberships must be renewed each calendar year.

Apply online for your Actsafe membership.

If you have further questions about Actsafe Membership, please contact us at or 604.733.4682.

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Meet Actsafe's new Executive Director: Geoff Teoli

Catherine Roome, Chair of the Board of Directors of Actsafe is pleased to announce that Geoff Teoli has been selected as the organization’s new Executive Director, effective September 23, 2013.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors of Actsafe, I wish to welcome Geoff,” said Ms. Roome. “His selection comes after a rigorous and thorough search by our Board, lead by our Search Committee Don Parman and Tracey Wood. Geoff was clearly the most qualified candidate when it came to his passion for safety, motion picture and performing arts experience, and leadership ability. The Board is excited for Actsafe’s future with his leadership.”

Geoff has worked in film location and production management for eighteen years, as a freelance location and production unit manager for major Canadian and US studios and networks such as Warner Bros., MGM, Sony Pictures, Miramax, NBC Universal, Fox Television, ABC Television, Disney and CBC Television. His roles included strategic planning through to logistics, safety and risk assessments, and outreach. Most recently, he held the Film Coordinator and Consultant role in the City of Vancouver’s Film and Special Events Office. He has volunteered in the performing arts including public relations for the Vancouver International Jazz Festival.

“Since its start, I have watched Actsafe grow to be an invaluable resource to British Columbia’s entertainment industries,” said Teoli. “I am very excited to now be asked to lead the organization as it moves into a new phase of increased collaboration with our stakeholders and continued delivery of innovative safety solutions to the industries we represent. I look forward to working with the Actsafe team and all of our stakeholders to build on our strengths and keep workers safe.”

Actsafe partners with B.C.’s entertainment industries to keep workers safe. Actsafe is where people in the industry connect with others who share their safety concerns and is governed by the industries it represents. We operate through two standing committees that represent the motion picture and performing arts communities respectively. Membership in these committees includes both employer and worker representatives.

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New Actsafe website!

New boss and a new website? What’s happening?!?!

At the beginning of the October we launched our brand-spanking new website to coincide with a new direction for Actsafe.

Over the past year, we’ve been analyzing how you interact with our website and, using that information have built a new site that places importance on ease of use -- while looking swanky. The menu has been moved to the top of the site and prioritized by frequency of use.

As always, we would love to hear your feedback on the new design. If you have comments, questions or concerns then please drop us a line at

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