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It's that time of year again! 

We had such a positive response from attendees and speakers alike at our inaugural Event Safety Conference last February that we decided to do it all again... and then some! 

Actsafe's 2018 Event Safety Conference
February 21-23, 2018
Delta Hotels Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre


Plan to join us for the only conference in the Pacific Northwest focused on sharing knowledge about making live events and performing arts workplaces safe for workers and audiences alike!

This year's event is set to be twice as big as last year's conference! Registration includes:

  • Two Days of Sessions (32 in all, including workshops, panel discussions, live demos and lectures on a range of safety-related topics)
  • Industry Training Courses (Space is limited!)
  • 20+ Trade Show Exhibitors
  • Three Social Evening Events
  • Two Lunches and Six Coffee Breaks

Free industry training courses include:

  • Occupational First Aid - Level 1 
  • Joint Health & Safety Committee Fundamentals Training 
  • Performing Arts Safety Awareness Workshop 
  • Firearms Safety Training, or 
  • Safety for Supervisors Workshop

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Join us for Canada's largest conference dedicated to safety in the live event industry. Over the course of two days, subject matter experts will discuss topics such as:

Risk Fundamentals (interactive discussion/roundtable)
Fernando De Melo & Scott Lescak of Pacific Safety 

Learn some of the fundamental aspects of risk in your workplace; understand how to ensure your risk is suitably assessed and managed.

Harm Reduction: Application of Principles at Events (workshop)
Dr. Samuel J. Gutman, MD CCFP of Rockdoc Consulting Ltd.

General principles of harm reduction will be discussed, including substance use, safety, and messaging, with an underlying approach focused on planning, proactive messaging, peer engagement and reactive support.
Keeping To Code (workshop)
Greg Yellenik

Ensure your special event setup is safe and isn’t at risk of being shut down for code violations! This interactive session will delve into building and fire codes, including requirements for seating, space organization, and emergency egress.

Communicating to Crowds (workshop)
Eric Stuart of Gentian Events Ltd.

Will your audience and workers understand what to do in the event of an emergency? How useful is signage when people are so crowded they have to look at their feet? Learn best practices in preparing for an emergency shutdown of your event. 
Not in OUR Space! Respectful Workspaces for Live Performance Professionals (workshop)
Canadian Actors' Equity Association

An overview of the national anti-harassment and respectful workplace campaign which seeks to ensure healthy and productive working conditions for workers in live performance across Canada.

Bullying & Harassment (workshop)

Understand WorkSafeBC's regulations concerning the rights and responsibilities of employers, supervisors and workers with respect to bullying and harassment in the workplace.
Equal, But Not The Same (interactive discussion/roundtable)
Heather Lamb of Simon Fraser University (SFU Woodward's)

This discussion aims to brainstorm ways to assist workers and employers to create a more empathetic and supportive environment which encourages career longevity for women in the events industry.

The Forgotten Piece of the Safety Puzzle: Respect in the Workplace (workshop)
Anne Nickerson of City of Vancouver

Learn worker/employer responsibilities pertaining to bullying and harassment, and how safety professionals can weave non-physical aspects of safety into training and communications to staff.
Opioid Overdose Management In The Workplace (panel discussion)
Keith Tyler of St. John Ambulance

This interactive session will guide participants through the legal and practical steps to creating and adopting a naloxone treatment arm to your existing first aid program.

Festival Sexual Assault Prevention (workshop)
Stacey Forrester & Ashtyn Bevan of Good Night Out Vancouver

This workshop, based on a toolkit developed by Good Night Out Vancouver, discusses identified gaps and recent research on sexual assault and mass gatherings like festivals and concerts to help bring sexual assault prevention into the mainstream. 

Handling Impairment on the Job (workshop)
Tom Yearwood of Denning Health Group

Whether hung over from last night’s activities or using drugs or alcohol on the job, impairment in the workplace is a serious threat to the safety of everyone involved. This session will provide tools to help managers understand how to legally and properly manage situations with workers whose impairment creates a threat to the safety of themselves and others.
Changing Culture: #MeToo (workshop)
Matt Lees of Riggit Services Inc.

Does the #MeToo movement resonate with you? Learn strategies for fostering a more open employer/employee relationship regarding harassment and safety.

The Music Festival Chain of Survival: A Multi-Stakeholder Approach to the Opioid Crisis & Event Safety (panel discussion)

The current, international opioid crisis has implications for event safety, across most, if not all, event types. In this facilitated panel session we present a multi-stakeholder “Chain of Survival” using the opioid crisis as a case example of interagency collaboration on an issue.

Event Production: Colin Mathie of Live Nation Entertainment
Security and Policing: Aaron Billesberger of Guardteck
Festival Health: Munroe Craig of Karmik
Event Medical: Sheila Turris, Medical Direction Lead of Odyssey Medical
Emergency Medical Services: Nicholas Mann of EHS
Emergency Department: Dr. Adam Lund, Emergency Physician
First Aid & Medical Emergency Planning (workshop)
Dr. Samuel J. Gutman, MD CCFP of Rockdoc Consulting Ltd.

This session will review issues, risks, and common problems that occur at events and will provide practical approaches to reducing risk.

Engineering Panel (panel discussion)

An expert panel discusses topics related to site structures including tents and temporary staging, inspections, and the role that engineers play.

Andrew Boettcher of aDB Engineering
Isaac Kinakin of Scene Ideas Inc.
Geoff McEvoy of Riggit Services Inc.
Cindy Sypher of Sypher & Associates Field Engineering Ltd.

Event Crisis Response (panel discussion)

Unfortunately, bad stuff happens: fire, earthquake, flood, extreme weather, and other crises. An expert panel will discuss best practices and available resources to help you to be prepared no matter what. 

Daniel Doan of BC Emergency Health Services
Allison Good of Surrey RCMP
Dr. Samuel J. Gutman, MD CCFP of Rockdoc Consulting Ltd.
Bernadette Jahn of BC Event Management
Colin Mathie of Live Nation Entertainment
Eric Stuart of Gentian Events Ltd.
Only the Lonely: Festivals and Events in Remote Locations (interactive discussion/roundtable)
Angela Drainville and Josh Jansen of Atlin Arts & Music Festival

Do we have enough water? Do we have enough helicopters? Do we have enough toilet paper? Join the discussion about the unique challenges and risks of hosting a large-scale event in the middle of nowhere.

Event Planning (panel discussion)

Careful planning and management are fundamental to the success of any event. Experts in their fields will discuss some of the big issues for organizers to consider, including site layout, municipal involvement, and infrastructure (ie. water, power, and sewage).

Daniel Doan of BC Emergency Health Services
Allison Good of Surrey RCMP
Dr. Samuel J. Gutman, MD CCFP of Rockdoc Consulting Ltd.
Isaac Kinakin of Scene Ideas Inc.
Colin Mathie of Live Nation Entertainment
Eric Stuart of Gentian Events Ltd.
Cindy Sypher of Sypher & Associates Field Engineering Ltd.
Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace (workshop)
Keith Tyler of St. John Ambulance

One in three Canadians will experience a mental health issue at some point during their life. In this discussion-based forum participants will be guided through the complexities of mental health and wellness in the workplace from a first aid and first responder perspective.

A Balancing Act: Safety in Aerial Circus Arts (workshop)
Peter Boulanger of The Underground Circus

The popularity of aerial circus arts professionally and recreationally is on the rise, and with that comes the risk of questionable or dangerous practices. This session will discuss the issues that contribute to circus accidents including training (or lack thereof), quality of equipment and suppliers, trivialization of danger, and other safety concerns. 

Preventing Violence in the Workplace (workshop)
Sheila Moir of BC Federation of Labour

Workplace violence can affect both physical and mental health of workers as well as job satisfaction. For employers, it means reduced productivity and increased losses. Learn how to prevent violence in your workplace and what to do if you encounter it.
Being Awake Is Not Enough: Organizational Strategies for Management (workshop)
Mike Harnett of SIX Safety Systems

Understand why fatigue is a fit-for-duty issue and learn organizational strategies to mitigate risk and protect your workers.

Concussions in Performing Arts Workplaces: Let’s Look After Our Brains! (workshop)
Dr. Jeff Russell of Ohio University

Learn to recognize possible concussions, understand preventative measures, and prepare to promote implementation of concussion management protocols in your performing arts workplace.


Check Your Head! Panel Discussion on Concussions in the Performing Arts (panel discussion)

How are workers' head injuries handled in your performing arts workplace? Bring your questions, experiences, and stories! Panelists will discuss how and when concussions are happening in varying areas of the arts community, how organizations are handling concussion-related situations, and what plans - if any - are in place.

Dr. Jeff Russell of Ohio University
Lori Stewart of UBCP/ACTRA Health & Safety Performer Advocate / Stunt Committee
Peter Boulanger of The Underground Circus
Harrison Brown of HeadCheck Health
Incident Investigation (workshop)
Michael Bertrand of M. Bertrand & Associates Inc. 

Understand the responsibilities and WorkSafeBC requirements of employers and joint occupational health and safety committees in performing quality incident investigations.

Return-To-Work Development: What Employers Need to Know (workshop)
Al Bieksa of BC Federation of Labour

What are the steps you should take to plan for an employee returning to work after an injury or disability leave? Learn the elements of structuring and implementing an effective Return to Work plan.

Putting the Pieces Together: Crafting a Health and Safety Program For Your Theatre  (workshop)
Janet Sellery of Sellery Health + Safety

Overwhelmed by the responsibility of keeping your people and productions safe? You may already have some of the pieces to start a health and safety program for your theatre. By harnessing the skills you use to put on shows, you’ll learn how to determine what you need, what you’ve got, and where to start.

Rated Hardware: What, When, and Why? (interactive demo in a truss structure)
Geoff McEvoy of Riggit Services Inc.

Learn from the experts how hardware ratings are determined, where to find them, and which ones you can trust!

Load Cell Technology (interactive demo in a truss structure)
Geoff McEvoy of Riggit Services Inc.

Check out the latest editions of load cells and learn how they'll be applied to the safety scene, live rigging and entertainment events.

Carleton Rescue (interactive demo in a truss structure)
Mason Fulton of Carleton Rescue Equipment Ltd. 

Leveraging Traditional Wisdoms with Artist Technology (interactive demo/workshop)
Garry Oker of Symbols Design Corp.

His 'Safety Warriors' session was one of the most popular at our inaugural conference last year, so Garry's back! Learn the principles behind Kema, his mobile art exhibit and safety program designed to train people in implementing safe thinking and teamwork in the fields of production design and technical arts through collaboration, open discussion, and connecting people, land, and spirit.


Crowd Safety Workshop: Combining Math, Physics, Psychology
and Behaviours to Achieve Safe Outcomes

Special add-on offer for delegates!

Register for the conference and receive a discounted rate on a two-day workshop with UK-based crowd management expert Eric Stuart of Gentian Events Ltd.Crowd Safety: Combining Math, Physics, Psychology and Behaviours to Achieve Safe Outcomes (February 24-25; save $50).

Click here to learn more about Eric's workshop. Add the workshop to your conference registration at the Eventbrite checkout here.
Questions about the workshop? Email us at

This is the ONLY conference in the Pacific Northwest that brings together stakeholders from festivals, performing arts and live event venues, event production suppliers, educators, municipal workers, health and safety representatives, and labour unions to network and learn about event safety.
You won't want to miss it! 

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