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Just one more week to save $100 on your conference pass! 

We've extended the early bird deadline so you now have until January 14th to purchase your full conference pass for only

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Join us for Canada's largest conference dedicated to safety in the live event industry.

Following on from the success of our first conference in February 2017, the 2018 Actsafe Event Safety Conference is set to be twice as big. Don't miss your chance to learn and network with all aspects of the live event industry.

Over the course of two days, subject matter experts will discuss topics such as:

Concussions in Performing Arts Workplaces: Let’s Look After Our Brains!
Learn to recognize possible concussions and preventative measures.

First Aid & Medical Emergency Planning
This session will review issues, risks, and common problems that occur at events and will provide practical approaches to reducing risk.

Harm Reduction: Application of Principles at Events
General principles of harm reduction will be discussed, including substance use, safety, messaging and planning.

Changing Culture: #MeToo
Learn strategies for fostering a more open employer/employee relationship regarding safety.

Being Awake Is Not Enough
Understand why fatigue is a fit-for-duty issue and learn organizational strategies to mitigate risk and protect your workers.

Opioid Overdose Management
This interactive session will guide participants through the legal and practical steps to creating and adopting a Naloxone treatment arm to your existing first aid program.

Mental Health First Aid

Learn the skills to identify the signs, understand, and guide someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis.

Only the Lonely - Festivals and Events in Remote Locations
Join Angela Drainville and Josh Jansen for a discussion on the unique challenges and risks to hosting a large-scale event in the middle of nowhere.
View more sessions and schedule here

Bonus Offer: Conference delegates receive a discounted rate on a two-day add-on workshop with UK-based crowd management expert Eric Stuart: Crowd Safety: Combining Math, Physics, Psychology and Behaviours to Achieve Safe Outcomes (February 24-25; save $50). Click here to learn more, and register here.

New Price Introduction

As of January 1st, 2018, respirator fit testing now costs $200 (+ GST) per hour.

Due to rising cost and increased demand, our free fit testing model is no longer sustainable. This new fee represents cost recovery only and 
passes on an industry rate to our members that is significantly below market.

This service is provided to all members of Actsafe Safety Association and any corporation, organization, or associations that are engaged in the production of motion pictures and performing arts in British Columbia. 

WorkSafeBC regulations specify that when respirators are required the employer must provide an appropriate respirator and ensure that the worker uses an appropriate respirator in accordance with section 8.34.

To protect you, your respirator must fit properly and form a good seal on your face. A fit test is done to check that contaminated air cannot leak into your respirator and be inhaled. To ensure a good fit, nothing, including eyeglass frames, head coverings or beards, sideburns, or stubble must come between your respirator and your skin where your respirator seals with your face.

When must you do a fit test?
  • Before you use your respirator for the first time
  • At least once a year
  • If you experience physical changes, such as weight gain or loss or broken facial bones, that could affect the respirator's fit.
To book your session, or for further information, call
Reliable Mobile Hearing Testing 604 596 8414 or 604 834 8444.
The best thing you can do during cold weather is to be prepared and provide your workers with everything possible to keep them safe and healthy. Here are some of Actsae's tips on working during the cold weather:
  • WorkSafeBC pamphlet Hypothermia: How To Survive The Cold. This pamphlet provides a basic understanding of when and why hypothermia occurs, how to recognize and give first aid to victims of hypothermia, and, most important, how to prevent it from occurring.
  • Read and share our safety bulletin: Guidelines on working in extreme cold temperature conditions
  • Grips and electrics, do you have adequate traction on your tailgates to prevent slips, trips and falls?
  • Check your vehicle for safety issues before you depart using the Circle of Safety vehicle check.
  • Follow #shiftintowinter on Twitter for BC's Road Safety At Work tips on winter driving and road condition updates in the province.
Propane Radiant Heater Safety:

: Take our Propane Awareness course to learn to work safely with and around propane. This awareness course is designed for those responsible for coordinating, using and/or lighting
propane-fired heaters or other propane related equipment or vehicles. Learn about the appropriate use and associated risks of propane, including safe handling, storing, transporting and installation of propane cylinders as well as safe use of direct and indirect fired portable heaters. Learn how to keep yourself and others safe!  

This course is offered onsite upon request. Call the Actsafe office for more details 604 733 4682.

Print our propane safety poster or download our information card on the signs & symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

In conjunction with motion picture industry unions and guilds, along with the Canadian Media Producers Association BC Producers Branch and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, Actsafe are pleased to announce the Safety for Supervisors Workshop will launch on January 18th.
Who should take the workshop? 
Every supervisor in the motion picture industry should take the Safety for Supervisors workshop. According to WorkSafeBC OHS regulation: A “Supervisor” is “a person who instructs, directs and controls workers in the performance of their duties”.
The workshop is not only for workers who are new to a supervisory role but also those with career experience who have never had formal supervisor education or need a refresher to stay up to date on current safety regulations.

Course Details:
This workshop is designed to provide all motion picture industry supervisors with a fundamental understanding of current WorkSafeBC regulations and their safety obligations. Filled with group activities and relevant discussion, Safety for Supervisors provides supervisors with the knowledge base to supervise their staff in a safe and effective manner.  Topics include:
  • responsibilities of a supervisor
  • risk assessments and hazard identification
  • responding to workers concerns and work refusals
  • incident reporting and investigations
  • correcting unwanted behaviour
  • due diligence
  • how to conduct safety meetings and toolbox talks
Each union and employer will develop their own requirements for who needs to take the Actsafe Safety for Supervisors workshop, but the eventual goal will be to have every supervisor in the industry working with the same level of understanding and knowledge.

The course will be delivered every two weeks beginning January 18th.

Register now through the Actsafe STAR System.
Actsafe is a proud sponsor of WorkSafeBC's 2018 Student Safety Video Contest. The theme for this year's contest is Listen to your Gut.

Submit your video and you could win a cash prize! WorkSafeBC is looking for creative and original video productions that explore the topic of listening to your gut and trusting your instincts to stay safe at work.

The contest is open to all students in British Columbia enrolled in grades 8 to 12. One video will also be forwarded to the national Focus on Safety Youth Video Contest for high school students.

Bonus Prize! One lucky creative team will win the Actsafe Aspiring Filmmaker Award, which includes lunch with a prominent Canadian filmmaker, a behind the scenes tour - and more!

Deadline for submissions: 5 pm, Wednesday, March 28, 2018.

Find the entry form and contest details here
WorkSafeBC First Aid Advisory - Naloxone

Released in June 2017, WorkSafeBC's First Aid Advisory provides information about the drug called naloxone and how the provision of naloxone may fit into an employer’s workplace emergency response plan.

WorkSafeBC recognizes the significance of the opioid overdose crisis and understands that employers may want their first aid attendants to be able to respond to a suspected opioid overdose at the workplace. The advisory covers what naloxone is and why it is used.

For more information about naloxone and opioid overdoses, visit 

Safety Bulletin Working In Extreme Cold Temperatures Addendum;

Wind Chill Chart.

This chart shows the estimated wind speeds and the air temperature with the equivalent chill temperature, indicating acceptable working conditions given proper clothing is worn and precautions are taken.
Motion Picture Bulletins
Performing Arts Bulletins
   Monthly Video Spotlight: Philip Moessinger - High Rigging Specialist

Our Spotlight this month shines on Philip Moessinger, Aerial Rigging Specialist with Riggit Services Inc.

For more Actsafe video resources:
Actsafe Videos
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