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March 16, 2016

March 2016 Newsletter

Table of Contents

1. Holy Cow!
2. Mind Games
3. Content Management System News

Holy Cow!

By Julie Kennon
We received some metrics from a client, and they really illustrate how a website redesign can impact your bottom line. This organization hired Hodgson to redesign their website and choose a new content management system. We completed the project, and after a few months, we asked for some feedback. This is what we heard:
  • New site visits are up 41%
  • Average pages visited has risen from 3 to 5 pages
  • Average time spent on the site has increased from 5 minutes to 7½ minutes
  • Requests for information and tours have risen 197%
  • The rate of visits to application has risen 70%
We think this is due to our unique Project Methodology, which includes a very collaborative approach. We develop websites with the primary users in mind and create a seamless and engaging experience that draws users deeper into the site. If your website is looking a little outdated and you want to talk to us about freshening it up, email us!


Mind Games

Here’s a blog title that caught our collective eye: “Apply Psychology to Meet Attendee Needs.” Really? We needed to hear more.

Brand experience agency Freeman XP recently released an Insights paper that transfers Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to attendees at association conferences, and explores the ways associations can meet the high expectations of attendees by applying similar principles.

Following the theory that people are motivated according to a hierarchy, the author looked at the most basic need conference attendees have: guidance. They must know where they’re going, and how to get there. Once they’re secure that need has been met, they move to the next level. How can this help you? Anticipate the needs and meet them. For example, after the "guidance" step, move to the next level and start to think about the value attendees are relevant is their experience? The hierarchy continues through the levels before reaching the ultimate state, which is growth.

Take a look. If nothing else, it might reframe the way you write a speech or mentally plan your next event!

Content Management System News

Ektron/Episerver Licensing Update
Episerver (formerly Ektron) clients, take note: there’s a licensing change coming down the pike, and you’re going to need to make some decisions. In short, Episerver, Inc./Ektron, Inc.'s Wireless Universal Remote Resource File (WURFL) data repository license with Scientiamobile, Inc. will expire on April 3rd, 2016. At that time, any usage of the WURFL data repository in deployments shall be unlicensed in its current state.  So you’ve got two choices: first, you may contact Scientiamobile, Inc. to obtain a license directly. Second, you may disable the WURFL data repository in your deployment. If you want more information beyond this announcement, click here.

Sitefinity Improvements
And just for our Sitefinity customers: you will want to hear about recent improvements the company has made to its self-service license management. Customers now have access to features that allow them to manage Telerik® Sitefinity™ licenses and register domains within their Telerik account; this will make completing these tasks faster and simpler than ever before. Check out the link for details.

New from OmniUpdate
As OU says, spring has sprung…and they’ve released version 10.4 of OU Campus™. Updates include enhancements to LDP Forms, a Tag Management feature, and two new gadgets to enrich your user experience. They’ve also released OU Campus™ for Mobile, which gives you functionality on the go. For more information, click here.