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November 16, 2016
November 2016 Newsletter

Kids, Don't Be Like Billy Bush!
This campaign season gave parents a million teachable moments. Watch the debates and you could talk to your kids about kindness and respect. Listen to the speeches and you could suggest tolerance. Listen to the nightly news and you could talk about how women should be treated.

I talked to my kids about all of those things. 

But let’s talk about Billy Bush.

Because Billy Bush is what I most wanted to talk to my kids about; Billy Bush, other than having an alliterative name, which appeals to this writer, is very, very relevant to all of us.

Billy Bush was humiliated and fired from a job he presumably loved because of technology. His career is in serious jeopardy because he was “on record” being a jerk.

Hello, Snapchat. Well, hi there, Instagram. Twitter, you insecure social media maven, you’re in this club too. Middle-aged mom glossing up her life for Facebook? Pull up a chair, sister. 

That’s really the point that kids, and adults, need to understand. Every snarky tweet, every suggestive Snapchat, even every political Facebook rant is attached to your name, forever. Privacy as us 80’s ladies knew it is dead.

So tread very, very cautiously, regardless of who you are. You may not be in high school, and you may never intend to run for office, and you may not need another job, but we are so technology entwined – and there is so much sanctioned spying – that countless organizations, including the government, literally know how you think. And nothing—I repeat, nothing—is ever really deleted. Ever.

While I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I have to say that if I had access to that information and I was in a customer-facing role, it would influence me. The actual implications of that are anyone’s guess.

No Liquids, Guns or Samsungs
Even if your smartphone fits in a plastic bag, you can’t carry it on the plane. You can’t actually check it with your luggage, either. The Department of Transportation recently banned all Galaxy Note 7s from the air. If you evade the ban, you could face criminal prosecution.

It makes sense, given their propensity to explode. But it raises so many questions: between the hoverboards and now our phones, how safe are these lithium-ion batteries? And about the Samsung brand: are Samsungites going to wait for the shiny, new and improved Samsung? Or will they throw the baby out with the bathwater and switch to Apple, or even the new Google Pixel? The marketer in me is curious to see how this will play out over the holiday season. 

I confess that mine is a house divided; Kennon females like iPhones and Kennon males like Samsungs. (Actually, this female still really misses her Blackberry of years past.) I’ll report back on where we stand once the crisis blows over. Or up.

It’s That Time Again…
Hodgson will once again have a booth at the annual ASAE Technology Conference & Expo. This fabulous event takes place at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland on December 13 and 14. Anyone in the association and nonprofit communities will benefit from the technology, trends and education presented at this conference. Stop by booth 528 to say hi, or email us to set up an appointment in the Business Connection Lounge.
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