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August 20, 2015

August 2015 Newsletter

Table of Contents

  1. Google Responds to Concerns about Android Security
  2. Join Hodgson at EPiServer Ascend 2015 – Ektron & EPiServer User Conference

Google Responds to Concerns about Android Security

By Brendan Magee
After raising the alarm in last month’s newsletter, I think it’s worthwhile to provide an update on the “libstagefright” vulnerability affecting Android devices. If you’ll recall, a security consulting firm called Zimperium had identified a flaw in the Android OS that would allow hackers to commandeer a user’s phone just by sending an MMS message with malicious video content. The problem was not only that there was an exploitable vulnerability; it was also difficult for Google to provide security patches to the majority of Android devices on the market.

Thankfully, Google began rolling out OTA (over-the-air) updates to Nexus devices on August 5, which means that I myself am now in the clear (Huzzah!). Although this may be cold comfort to those of you with non-Motorola phones, don’t despair—NPR’s Aarti Shahani reports that Google is providing fixes for the following devices as well:
  • Samsung: Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S5, Note 4, and Note Edge
  • HTC: One M7, One M8, and One M9
  • LG Electronics: G2, G3, and G4
  • Sony: Xperia Z2, Xperia Z3, Xperia Z4, and Xperia Z3 Compact
In order to improve the overall security of the platform, Google’s Adrian Ludwig, Lead Engineer for Android Security, has promised that “Nexus devices will receive regular OTA updates each month focused on security, in addition to the usual platform updates.” Again, this doesn’t really solve the problem for users with other Android devices, but it is an indication that Google is starting to take the lead in formulating a clearer plan for mobile security (Samsung, for example, is taking a cue from Google and setting up a process for monthly security updates).

Anyway, I think it’s safe to stop panicking about Stagefright now. In fact, I feel pretty good about my Nexus 6, in spite of its massive size. I suppose the only issue is that I’m having trouble finding trousers with pockets big enough to accommodate my phone (cf. the almost equally large iPhone 6 Plus), which is more of a sartorial challenge than a technological one. Should I try wearing a zoot suit, à la The Mask? What about Hammer pants? Clearly I am open to suggestions on this one, especially ridiculous ones.

Join Hodgson at EPiServer Ascend 2015 – Ektron & EPiServer User Conference

By Garry Sittig
EPiServer Ascend '15 is the first ever combined EPiServer and Ektron event. More than 50 educational sessions, hands-on labs, customer case studies, and product demonstrations are planned alongside keynote presenters showcasing best practices in agile marketing, customer journey engagement, and use of digital experience delivery platforms for success in digital transformation.

Join Hodgson and over 600 digital marketers, developers, and business and technology leaders from around the world at the digital event of the year!
EPiServer Ascend '15
November 8–11, 2015 | The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
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Unlike other user conferences, Ascend provides a fresh new take on customer experience management with transformative strategies, case studies, and inspirations from marketing pioneers—not followers. This conference will help your organization realize your digital ambitions by marrying marketing and tech.

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