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The Dog Days of Summer

“The dog days of summer” seem at last to be upon us, and I must say England and London are at their best! Though this is written early in the week so things could change by Sunday of course! I wonder if the days of summer in this day and age are actually as lazy as they used to be? Or is it only in one’s  imagination  that lolling around on deck chairs, playing tennis, strawberries and cream in the garden, “summer reading” and a gentler pace all exist with little relation to what we actually did or did not do in summer days? There does seem to be some slackening of the pace, and this was true in the frightful, stifling summer months of Washington Dc where I spent 15 years. There as here I have found the break between Academic years to be a time for reflection and thoughtful, prayerful, mindful planning for the year ahead. And so it is that our clergy and lay leaders, and encouraged further last Sunday by the Vicar’s sermon all of us I hope, are reflecting on our common life as it has been and at the same time praying to discern what God is calling us to be and do in the months and years to come. Fr. Alan specifically mentioned last week the vital areas of Christian Stewardship and outreach as our response to the abundant generosity of God. In  addition to those I am also looking at a methodical, comprehensive and faithful approach to the formation  (as opposed to education) of Christian adults here at St. Paul’s that will offer different opportunities to a variety of people at different stages in their Christian pilgrimage throughout the week. I believe we are well placed to offer a vital school for discipleship in a very comprehensive way, all centred on our corporate worship which is the source and goal of all that we are about here. Along with a welcoming fellowship and warm hospitality, we are able to offer a ‘safe place’ on every level where people can explore the belief and practice of the Christian faith, perhaps for the first time ever, or the first time since the days of their confirmation classes many years ago, and perhaps especially those who have never been formed in the Christian Faith. A place where difference and diversity and integrity and intellect are respected and at the same time a place that is rooted in catholic and apostolic Faith and practice. Some of my musings in these summer days then, among others and I am delighted to hear your own. I wonder if each of us could use the weeks ahead to reflect quietly and prayerfully on God’s call to us, a call that if authentic must issue in witness and ministry and bear fruit. Where, when and how is God calling you and me to allow God to nurture that seed of Faith that is God’s gift? “Be transformed through the renewal of your minds” St. Paul’s urges us- and, dare I add, hearts. Yes for the sake of our own souls, but also for the sake of those whom God calls through our own witness and ministry. Nurtured and empowered both at the same time do you see? Empowered for what? For a whole host of ministries of every possible stripe and shape, a great tapestry that gives a glimpse of the fullness of God’s abundance. Wherein lies God’s call to you to minister in God’s name, and where is the fruit that comes from those ministries together and severally? 

Fr Andrew Sloane

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This Wednesday sees the final session in our five week series on St Benedict on Wednesday evenings. Many thanks to all who attended so faithfully, who helped with our offering of hospitality and who contributed in the lively and edifying discussions. Father Andrew is going to use this mini-series format as a basis for a programme of five four-to-five week mini-series to run on Wednesday evenings on and off, between September 2013 and May 2014. Thus, Wednesdays evenings will continue to provide us all with the golden opportunity for transformative discipleship through Word and Sacrament, fellowship and study. Watch out for more details over the summer. Wednesday evenings will be just one part of a new, comprehensive and methodical approach to Christian formation for adults here at St Paul's.  
Fr Andrew Sloane.

Our Wednesday evening series exploring the spirituality of St Benedict continues on  10th and 17th July 2013 at 6.45pm. 
This week, on our last get-together before the summer break, we focus on what we can take from the Rule of St. Benedict in application to our own spiritual journeys corporately and personally. All welcome.


In our desire as a parish to reach out beyond ourselves, we are all invited to a special FORUM ON MISSSION which will be held on Wednesday, July 24 following the 6.45pm Mass. This will be an opportunity for us to have an initial conversation together as we seek to discern the opportunities that could lie before us in God’s call to us here to engagement in mission both at home and abroad. In preparation, please do email any suggestions for projects that you think we should consider. We shall be looking for projects not only that we can support financially, but also with which we can build and sustain meaningful and prayerful relationships. We will also look at opportunities for us to join in partnerships for outreach with other organizations. We shall be looking to the strengths and passions of our own congregation and matching those with  needs around us and overseas. If you have any ideas, please do email them in advance to Fr. Andrew Sloane at or mail them to his attention at the parish office.
Fr. Alan and Fr. Andrew are very happy to hear from anyone about this as we lay the ground work for substantial outreach and mission, and they hope that you will be part of our conversation on July 24th.



On Thursday 12th September we will hold our annual Garden Party in the Vicarage Garden, from 6.30pm till 9.30pm.  The Garden Party is a great occasion on which to welcome in neighbours and guests from the parish and further afield – and we hope that you will use it as a chance to expend hospitality to any who might enjoy an encounter with the life of St Paul’s Knightsbridge.  

Drinks, music, food and some stalls – and all in the best company!  Please note the date now!



If you are visiting us this Sunday morning, welcome! If you are here from another church, please let us know. All who are in good standing with their own churches of whatever tradition and who are regular communicants are welcome to receive the sacrament at the altar today. Afterwards, we hope you will join us for refreshments – and if you will, pause to fill in a Visitor’s Card: we will be glad to add you to our mailing list and to make contact if that is what you’d like.
And if you simply wish to visit and slip away, that is fine too!








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