If your clients have late year gift and trust-related valuation needs, it's not too late to call. However, the clock is ticking.

It's Not Too Late to Call

If your clients have late year gift and trust-related valuation needs, it's not too late to call. However, the clock is ticking. 

As a 40-person, multi-disciplined valuation firm, we have significant professional and data resources that smaller, less experienced practitioners lack. Fortunately, that puts us in a unique position of being able to handle your late year valuation needs. Mercer Capital’s internal review and quality control processes are designed to generate expedited results that minimize common mistakes in process and analysis, particularly in situations where service and delivery needs are high.

Act now to get the engagement process defined and settled and work on information collection. Contact any of our senior professionals to help design a process to capitalize on the current wealth transfer opportunities or complete a proposal request form at the link below.

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"Wait and Formulate" as an Expert Witness

by Z. Christopher Mercer, ASA, CFA, ABAR

I have been an expert witness in the business valuation and corporate damages areas for many years. Lawyers are always trying to impeach expert witnesses. That’s a fairly benign way of saying that they seek to catch experts, through a process called cross-examination, in inconsistencies, errors, changes to prior testimony, or even untruths. What is bad is that even when an expert is telling the truth, attempting to be consistent and avoiding mistakes, a good attorney can, through skillful questioning, provide the appearance to the judge or jury that the expert has done one or more of those “bad” things. This appearance can be almost as damaging as the reality.  So it is to be avoided. To help me withstand these potentially damaging lawyerly techniques, I devised a little pre-testimony routine to help me stay focused.  



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Veteran Bank Analyst
Jeff Davis
Rejoins Mercer Capital

Veteran bank analyst and SNL Financial editorial contributor Jeff K. Davis, CFA has rejoined Mercer Capital as Managing Director of the Financial Institutions Group.

Prior to rejoining Mercer Capital, Davis spent 13 years as a sell-side analyst providing coverage of publicly traded banks and specialty finance companies to institutional investors evaluating common equity and fixed income investment opportunities. 

Financial services represents Mercer Capital’s largest sector concentration. The firm works with banks, thrifts, asset managers, insurance companies and agencies, BDCs, REITs and financial technology companies for purposes of mergers and acquisitions, internal shareholder transactions, capital raising, employee stock ownership plans, impairment testing, tax compliance, purchase price allocations, loan portfolio valuation, litigation and other matters.

Davis said, “Mercer Capital has a comprehensive suite of transaction and valuation-related services for financial institutions. My charge is to bring the collective know-how of the firm together for our clients in order to help them through this current environment and benefit from future opportunities. That means different things for different clients. For some, opportunity may result in a renewed interest in acquiring; others may look to sell due to regulatory, revenue and/or other challenges. However, many more will continue to evaluate an evolving landscape while planning a potential move. Value-related matters will run the gamut from ESOPs to setting an exchange ratio for a merger. I’m here to help clients determine their best course of action and then execute on that.”


From Mercer Capital's Financial Institutions Group

Understand the Value of Your Trust Company


Understand the Value of Your Insurance Brokerage


Mercer Capital on the Road

October 8, 2012
American Society of Appraisers
  Business Valuation Conference 

"Non-Compete Agreements"
Matthew R. Crow, CFA, ASA
"The Banking Industry"
Andrew K. Gibbs, CFA, CPA/ABV

October 15 - 19
Southern Federal Tax Institute
Atlanta, GA
Matthew R. Crow, CFA, ASA
Laura J. Stevens, CFA

November 8 - 9
ESOP Association Conference
"Advanced Topics in ESOP Valuation"
Las Vegas, NV
Timothy R. Lee, ASA

VOLUME 2012-05

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