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Warehouse is now open!

It’s been a busy few weeks, but the warehouse is now officially open - and orders have now begun shipping out. Thank you for your patience, we couldn’t have wished for a smoother move and everything there is looking great.

Speaking of great, Golem got one or two Greatax sprues from the folks at Renedra and, since all next week is going to be Orc Week on the Blog, here's a teaser shot of just one of the great pieces we have in the run up to the Orc Krudger’s Gang, Greatax and the awesome Gakamak’s Green Tide Orc Army Deal being released!
Orc Greatax
Next week we’ll have even more previews, videos, painted miniatures and more, so make sure you check out the Mantic Blog all next week!

The Abyssal Dwarfs are also getting reinforcements in the shape of Abyssal Dwarf Berserkers and the Storm of Steel (which is currently the only way to get the Half-Breeds) are also shipping on the 23rd May!
Abyssal Dwarf Berserkers
If you’ve been looking at the Abyssal Dwarfs thinking, I want a piece of those, then the best way to get an an army is to check out Kharnakh’s Nightmare Legion, which contains over 75  figures, ships post free and contains free printed Kings of War rules.
Dwarf King's Hold: Green Menace coming in July!

After the phenomenal success of Dwarf King’s Hold: Dead Rising, we can announce it’s partner is coming in July. Dwarf King’s Hold: Green Menace, whilst still a complete game in it's own right, adds two new races to the Dwarf King’s Hold series - the Elves and Orcs, introducing new rules - such as shooting bows (with Elves - surely some mistake!), and also includes new rooms and artwork.

Featured on Beasts of War, check out this awesome new concept artwork from Tears of Envy, who once again takes the artistic reigns on the tiles that were so popular in the first game, which is just about to sell-out!
New Tile Concept Art
Upcoming Events
Sheffield Triples (next weekend) is fast approaching and Mantic will in attendance with all the latest releases, including the new Orc Krudger’s Gang and Greatax which were in massive demand at the RPC and Falkirk shows. Why not let us know you’re attending via our Facebook Events page and check out the Mantic Stand at Triples!

Two weeks later is UK Games Expo (June 4th & 5th) where, not only will we have all the latest releases, painted miniatures and juicy gossip, but we’ll also have the magnificent 3-UP Dwarf King’s Hold demo game! This was a massive success at Salute back in April and is a must-play.

If you’d like to pick up an order at either event, just send us a contact form via the website after you make your order and we’ll get it boxed up and will bring it with us for you to collect!

Check out our events diary for more details!

Open Day News
Following last week's announcement of Mantic's next Open Day on 9th July, tickets have been fast selling through our web shop. More guests and activities will be announced soon, but don't forget that current prices are special pre-order price!

Get yours whilst they are newsletter orders only, you've got until the 1st June before they go up!

Clubs Focus: Chelmsford Bunker
Club Nights are a great way to get involved in the hobby and in April, the folks at the Chelmsford Bunker held a Mantic Night. Well, they’ve written us a report on the night, as well as sent us some shots of the event in action, so why not check it out?

And, if that's inspired you, why not hold your own Mantic Night or visit out Open Day where you can get involved with Mantic first hand!

Like Us!!
We like to be liked, so why not like us on Facebook? We’re looking to give away a £50 army set of your choice for every 1000 likes, drawn randomly from the list.

Why like us? Well, besides the cool freebie you could potential win, liking us on Facebook let’s you keep up to date with what’s going on in Mantic Towers – you can also show off your miniatures and armies too as well as chat about all things Mantic!
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