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Forge Father
For such little guys, the Forge Fathers sure are making a lot of noise!
Our ardent blog followers will have seen all of the new kits, including the Iron Ancestor (yes, it really is only £12.49!) throughout this week’s blog feature, capped off with this latest video!

All of August’s kits are now available to pre-order, with three new Forge Father Army Deals that bundles in large numbers of troops (want three Iron Ancestors?) and Mantic Elite!

Signing up to Mantic Elite guarantees you all of the different kits from August and September, in two nice packages. Sign-up ends at the end of July, by which point everything will have been shown off!

Warpath 2.0
The Warpath 2.0 is coming out in September, reworking and reshaping the rules to create a more dynamic sci-fi experience. 
Below is your free copy of the 2.0 beta rules, introducing new features such as an alternate activation system.

Download Warpath 2.0 Beta

Download Corporation 2.0 Beta

Download Marauders 2.0 Beta

The Betas are rough and ready versions of the rules that will ultimately become the new booklet and we would like you to read and playtest it, giving us your feedback on anything that doesn’t work or feel right.

Please send us all of your feedback via our forum (thanks Matt!) by the 3rd August and we will implement the changes ready for print to show off in September! And why not take pictures of your playtest games and post them on our forum and Facebook page?
Enforcer's Week
Enforcers Week – 23rd July on the Mantic Blog. Don't miss it!

July Pre-orders
We’ve got some great pre-orders for July, including:


- Spitter Horde
- Spitter Regiment
- Rabble Regiment
- Sharpsticks Regiment
- Goblin Paint Set
Abyssal Dwarf
- Abyssal Halfbreeds
- Slave Orcs
-Angkor Heavy Mortar

Check out all of our July pre-orders and our great range of value for money army deals!

Clash of Kings
Clash of Kings is Mantic’s premier Kings of War tournament – a once in a lifetime opportunity to win cash prizes!.

These tickets include two days of gaming and lunch on both days at Maelstrom Games’ excellent Eye of the Storm Facility.

The Clash of Kings UK Tournament Tickets are now available!

The Dragon Tongue
Among the many great authors and editors we get to work with is Andrew Thornway who has just released his first novel – Rispin Quill, The Dragon Tongue.

The small town of Ravenswood Bridge has a problem - a large, scaly, fire breathing problem. Once a year a huge green dragon turns up and decides to fly around setting fires left, right and centre. This year however will be different; a prophet has spoken, the monster will be no more and the good people will be saved for they have a champion, a chosen one, a hero... or at least, that's how the plan was meant to go before Rispin Quill got involved.

If you’re looking for a new book to read or like getting stuck into fantasy action-adventures, then check it out - highly recommended!
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